Home smokehouse with his own hands. Home smokehouse for gas stove

To enjoy the amazing taste of smoked fish or meat, it is not necessary to give a lot of money for the purchase of the smokehouse. Household smokehouse, collected by his own hand, is more than real. So you gain experience, and do not have to spend money. If there is also a gas stove, then consider that the task is simplified even more. But let's get everything in order. And let's start with the basics.domestic smokehouse

A good smokehouse is ...

You can endlessly say that the dishes obtained by smoking are very tasty. But besides that, such food is harmless, of course, if it is eaten by a person with a healthy stomach. In the process of smoking, be it fish or meat, pathogenic bacteria are destroyed, etc. At the present time, smokehouses are not very common in our country. For example, liquid smoke is used in any industry. This approach, though it gives its results, so to speak, the effect of smoking, but, believe me, such a product can never be compared with real smoked meat or fish.So, a good smokehouse is one that is properly assembled. It allows you to cook really tasty food. To do this, you must comply with a number of requirements. The main ones we now consider.smokehouse at home

About the most important thing

Before the smokehouse is made at home, it is worthwhile to deal with the main nuances, on which, in fact, the process of smoking is kept. First, the processed product must be heated and smoked evenly. This means that smoke and heat should act on the semifinished product from all sides, as if enveloping it. Secondly, it is necessary to provide light smoke. What does the term "light smoke" mean, you ask? We are talking about the absence of heavy fractions of smoke, which in the process of generation should condense and precipitate. In any case, pyrolysis gases should not be allowed to get into the semi-finished product. Therefore, the smoke enveloping our future goodies, should be not only light in color, but also strongly diluted with oxygen. Well, the last requirement - the gradual penetration of smoke. In this case we are talking about the delay of smoke around the semifinished product.This will ensure uniform penetration and, as a result, the expected result.

Cold and hot smoked

Cold smoking is good because it gives an incredible keeping quality of the prepared product. For example, a pork ham can hang in a dry and cool room for about a year. Yes, yes it is. During this time, it will not lose its flavor and taste, although it will decrease slightly in size. Cold smoking occurs at a temperature of 30-50 degrees. The key feature is the duration of the process. By this method, small fish is cooked for about 5-6 hours, and boar ham up to 2-3 days.

But hot smoking takes place at a temperature of from 70 to 120 degrees. In this case, the preparation of fish lasts no more than 15 minutes, and weighty ham - about 4 hours. In addition, it is not necessary to pre-prepare the semi-finished product, as in cold smoking. Well, now let's talk about how to make a smokehouse at home. There is nothing difficult, but you will need diligence and patience.home smokehouse do it yourself

Home smokehouse do it yourself

In most cases, the concept does not differ. In fact, it is a closed metal container, the lid of which should close very tightly. A metal grate is installed in the upper part of the smokehouse.It is necessary for laying the semi-finished products that we plan to cook. By the way, that does not matter, it is the size of the smokehouse. Here be guided solely by your own preferences.

Directly under the grate, it is necessary to install a pallet, because fat will flow there. The bottom of the smokehouse is covered with fine wood chips. In the process, it will slowly fester and release an appropriate amount of heat. Today, home craftsmen make a variety of smokehouses. Some of them are more than excellent, while others have significant drawbacks. We'll talk about how to do a classic home smokehouse with your own hands.home smokehouse for gas stove

Cold smoked

At the initial stage, we need to find the appropriate metal barrel, which then cuts the bottom. As noted above, its dimensions are not significant. We decide on the place of installation and dig a trench under the chimney. After that, in the place of installation of the future smokehouse we dig a small depression under the hearth. From all sides, the hearth is surrounded with bricks. By the way, the barrel is also installed on them. Metal sheets are attached to the chimney and hearth (directly during smoking).

Then you can go two ways - put rods or bars.For cold smoking it is best to take rods and lay them across. The processed product is suspended to them, the upper part is tied with sacking. In general, such a smokehouse for home smoked is very effective, the main thing is to perform everything qualitatively and not to exceed the temperature. For this, the distance from the source to the semi-finished product must be appropriate.smokehouse for home smoking

Home smokehouse for gas stove

The device in this case is somewhat more complicated. Here, the smoke is much faster, as well as smoking, so the technology must be fully observed. As a chimney, we will use our hood, and the hearth - a gas stove. All that remains for us to do is to take care of observing the appropriate temperature and the actual structure.

The smoke chamber should be placed in a special smoke jacket, which should taper slightly in the upper part. In this case, the bottom of the chamber is deaf, and the side walls must have openings on both sides for uniform penetration of smoke. It is also extremely important to take care of the outflow of fat. This is almost the most important requirement, as it contains all hazardous substances.It is desirable that the fat remained in the smoke chamber. You can think of something for his outflow, if you do not, then you will have to scrub it yourself at the end of the process.

A little bit about the intricacies

Domestic smokehouses for gas stoves should be sealed and durable. It is also worth noting that the process of smoking does not begin with the ignition of chips placed on the bottom of the smokehouse, on the contrary, it is strictly prohibited, but with the ignition of the gas burner. In the process, it will heat the bottom and start smoldering chips, which we needed to achieve. The gas stove should work all the time, and since the temperature in the smokehouse's casing is fixed by a thermometer, it will not be difficult to adjust the gas supply accordingly.how to make a home smokehouse

Another feature of hot smoking is the presence of a smoke generator. If we use a gas stove as heating, then there can be any fuel. The device of the smoke generator is also of no particular importance. The main thing is to create excess pressure in the chamber.

Material selection

It is extremely important to choose the material from which our smokehouse will be made. Usually there are two ways. By masonry combine brazier, barbecue and, accordingly, the smokehouse or weld the last of the sheet metal.So, brickwork has several significant drawbacks. Firstly, it takes a lot of space, and secondly, over time, an extremely unpleasant odor forms in it, which is why there definitely does not want to cook anything. Yes, and it is expensive.

Normal hot smoked household smokehouse will be obtained if you use a 4-mm metal sheet. This thickness is considered optimal. If you take less, the metal will burn out quickly enough, therefore, our smokehouse will turn out to be short-lived. If you take more, you will not be able to achieve a high warm-up rate. Although smoking fish in a domestic smokehouse can be carried out on a metal sheet of smaller thickness, as the fish cooks very quickly.hot smoked house

All ingenious is simple

Here we, in fact, talked about how to make a home smokehouse. There is nothing difficult here. Especially if you use a gas stove and hood. In this case, you can proceed as follows. To the base of the hood bind smoked products. Below we put the appropriate vessel, the fat will flow there. As a container for chips, you can use a regular can of tomato paste or something like that.We place a beam of chips on its bottom, we light the thinnest burner. First, the fire must be gradually increased, and when the wood chips give out smoke, we reduce the fire. By the way, do not forget to turn on the hood before all this. The secret of this method is that the distance to the semifinished product is such that the smoke has time to cool to the required temperature.

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