Hippie style in clothes and in life

can be perceived in different ways. Some are skeptical about the appearance of strange long-haired people in society, as they believe that this movement should remain in the past. Others recall old times with delight and draw long skirts and ethnic ornaments from grandma's chests. In any case, it is impossible to remain indifferent to such a phenomenon as hippie style. Nostalgic trends in various manifestations penetrate into modern life.

Hippie style

A bit of history

The hippie movement was born in the early sixties of the twentieth century in the United States and proudly walked around the planet. Boys and girls from different social backgrounds picked up new ideas with great enthusiasm. Young people wove flowers into their hair and gave bouquets to strangers, protested against religion and war, were not afraid of Puritan morality and did not hesitate to reveal their naked bodies. They took drugs to expand consciousness and listened to rock and roll, hitchhiked and settled in communes. One can imagine the shock that society experienced when the children attacked the foundations of their parents.

The heyday of the hippie movement can be called the years 1965-1967, this period even got the name “Summer of Love”. Then a lot of people were fond of Eastern religions, vegetarianism and psychedelic music. Famous musicians, musicals, rock operas, festivals - they all promoted the hippie culture and popularized its slogans. “Make love, not war” - it is difficult to argue with this statement even nowadays, when it would seem that people should learn to live in peace with each other.

Hippie style in clothes

Hippie style in clothes

Initially, people belonging to this subculture, showed negligence to their appearance. Their hair did not know scissors, jewelry was made by themselves, and women’s makeup was practically absent. They thought any body was beautiful, and the soul was treated with even greater respect.

Until now, the hippie movement is regarded by ordinary people as a desire to fight for happiness, peace and freedom. But fashion designers and designers every year think about hippie style in clothes in a new way. And it's not just layering, baubles and Indian fringe. The hippie style is a spontaneous and bright spontaneity, a rejection of generally accepted rules.

It is clear that modern fashion brings new notes to the old traditions, and it is impossible to look stylish when dressed in worn clothes of the distant sixties.Let's try to answer the question how to embody the elements of this original subculture, while remaining in the trend.

Hippie Photoshoot


Dresses in the style of hippies are able to diversify the wardrobe of the ladies of any age and position. The fabric for this outfit should be only natural, it is best to give preference to cotton or linen. Cutting clothes should not be difficult, as the movement must remain free and unconstrained. Large patches of bright fabrics, ethnic patterns and variegation are welcome. You can use the technique of artificially aged or worn material - it will bring thoughts of a free and unencumbered life.

Accessories - a mandatory attribute for those who are not indifferent to the style of hippies. It can be bright bandanas or scarves with a folk pattern, tied on the head in artistic disarray. Beads, bracelets and earrings should be made from natural materials such as wood, stone or leather.

Shoes for women should pay special attention. It is necessary to exclude heels, hard pads and bright colors. Shoes should be simple and comfortable, you can choose wicker sandals or high boots with lacing.Hippie Dresses

Those ladies who do not accept long-skirts can be advised to turn to trousers or flared jeans.Such models periodically appear on the crest of a large-mode wave and never become obsolete.

Of course, the outfit must be supplemented with a bag. A hippie bag often looks like an ordinary fabric bag, it should be large and roomy. However, in the modern version such a thing can be made of leather or suede. Embroidery, as well as beadwork or beads will only emphasize her belonging to the hippie style.

Sunglasses do not necessarily have to turn their wearer into the likeness of John Lennon. Fortunately, modern fashion welcomes original shapes and various colors of glass and frames. So you can not be shy and experiment as much as you like.


Hippie hairstyles

Klesha is, of course, a classic. But in the men's fashion, the pants of this cut are not in use for a long time. To emphasize your knowledge of fashion trends, it is better to turn to other ways of expression. For example, you can get an original neck scarf. Such a thing should be used as a bandana, a bandage for hair, a belt and, finally, for its intended purpose - as an ornament.

Shirt is better to choose a free fit, with lacing, fringe or ornament.The image can be supplemented with a vest of suede, leather or fabric. Colors for a vest are possible any - from the muffled natural tones to bright and solar coloring. Jeans can also be both simple and dim, and stand out due to colorful drawings.

Holiday for children of flowers

Many people would like to stay constantly in this subculture, but circumstances do not allow them to do so. What to do? Can you give up your dream and keep your office dress code all your life? In no case! There is a huge number of ways to break away from the usual circumstances and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the sixties. One of them is to gather friends and colleagues for general fun.

The hippie party threatens to turn into a fun and colorful celebration that its participants will remember for a long time, if you approach the matter with inspiration. To organize this event, you should pay attention to the following details.Hippie party


Of course, you can gather friends and at home, but in nature everything will look more harmonious. In the cold season, a holiday home or tourist base is perfect for a holiday, and in the summertime - a tent camp.


Here everyone will have a chance to stand out from the crowd.For this it is enough to connect the imagination and prepare unusual bright outfits. A married couple can appear in the form of movie stars who have repeatedly emphasized their love for the hippie style. A company of friends will be glad to play the role of a legendary rock band, stylizing their outfits to its image. Lonely girls and men have the opportunity to show their individuality, show off original costumes and make a promising acquaintance.


Hippie hairstyles are welcome. Ladies can decorate their curls with all sorts of bandages, ribbons and scarves. Men suit woven beads or leather beads.


The decoration of the room should recreate as much as possible the relaxed atmosphere of the free sixties. A lot of sun, flowers and ribbons will certainly help to solve this problem. It is better to divide zones for dancing, games and a buffet table so that guests can gather and communicate according to their interests. Bonfire and guitar songs are necessary for a hippie party. However, you should consider the repertoire, otherwise the whole event will resemble a Komsomol skit.


The menu - a lot of vegetables and fruits, sandwiches, snacks.Do not turn guests into real hippies, sitting down on the floor and treating everyone from one plate. For a party it is appropriate to prepare tables, wicker chairs and benches. Drinks should be light and natural. It can be mineral water, juice and weak alcoholic cocktails. Do not forget that hippies were lovers of oriental cultures. Therefore, the tea ceremony and tasting of different varieties of tea will be very useful.Hippie Wedding


There should be a lot of them and they should last from morning to evening. It is better to divide them into blocks: a meeting and a small buffet table, games and competitions, table setting and making snacks, dancing, dinner, a musical concert, a hippie photo session and dancing again. The highlight of such a party can be master classes. For example, you can teach guests how to weave bracelets and baubles or to draw everyone into henna painting together.


Contests must match the theme of the holiday. Be sure to choose the best costumes, the best jewelry and the best hairstyle guests, made in this style. Hippie photo session is great fun. For everything to be at the highest level, it is better to invite a professional photographer. Friends will be happy to capture their bright image against the backdrop of beautiful natural landscapes.Particularly interesting are plot performances, such as a hippie wedding or a stage performance as a legendary musical group.

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