Heavy Rain: the passage from A to Z. Secrets, tips

Many computer games are published at once for all leading platforms or are ported to others in the process, having come out only on one. However, some projects are produced exclusively for a specific platform, and all other gamers can only envy, since they have no opportunity to play this or that masterpiece. For example, in one of the most striking and unusual games of our time called Heavy Rain, the passage of which did not leave any gamer indifferent. However, you can play this masterpiece only if you are the proud owner of a PS3 console. Initially, the developers planned to port the game to the computer, but then abandoned this venture due to technological difficulties. Therefore, you can only play it on her native platform. But in this case, you will most likely need some kind of instruction that will help overcome the moments where you will have certain difficulties.

Chapters 1-5

heavy rain passage

In Heavy Rain, the walkthrough will be quite long, as it consists of more than fifty chapters. However, they will carry you away so much that you will not notice how time flies by. So, at the very beginning you have to play for one of the main characters - Ethan. Get out of bed and go to the bath to wash. After that, you will need to go to the studio and finish the work, and then go to help your wife - you need to set the table. Then go down to the yard and play with the children. You will also need to go to the clown and buy a ball from him for Jason - while you search for money, the child will disappear. Go on his search - the boy with the ball will not be Jason. Go home by car - the memories will end, now you can relax, play with your child or have a beer, and watch videos in your room. Then give Sean an apple and tell him to do his homework, and then go to sleep. After that, bring the baby his bear from the bathroom, taking with him the pills. Next, control passes to Scott - you need to find the apartment Loren and interview her. When you leave, you will have an asthma attack - use an inhaler.You will hear a fuss in the apartment of Loren - go back and protect her from the raider. Now switch to Norman - you need to talk to the police and, using your set, inspect the crime scene, gathering all the evidence. As you can see, the passage in the game Heavy Rain is incredibly intense.

Chapters 6-10

 heavy rain the origami killer

In the game Heavy Rain, the passage will always occur from the face of various heroes, but their destinies will eventually intersect. Now you need to take the test as Ethan and talk to a psychotherapist, then go to the park where you can play with Sean, talk to him and buy him sweets. After that, you will have an attack, because of which you almost die under the truck. Take Sean's backpack and go home, where you will need to go into the room of the son.

Now you will need to play for Norman, who at the police station will talk to all the necessary people. Start exploring the evidence gathered at the crime scene and watch Ethan report that Sean is missing. Immediately you will have another interesting scene with Scott - go to the store Hassan to interview (he will not let you).And again, you will notice that the robber is about to rush into the store - talk to him. As soon as the corresponding option appears, ask him to drop the weapon. In the game Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer, the most tense situations still await you ahead.

Chapters 11-15

heavy rain ps3

You thought that in the game Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer you have to play only for those heroes that have already been described above? In the 11th chapter, a new character is introduced into the game - Madison. Eat and drink for her in her apartment, go to the shower. Please note that the refrigerator door is open - close it. Suddenly the lights go out - hide in a corner and try to get through the door - they will attack you. Try to resist and get ready for death - no, it's just a dream.

Now you need to play for Ethan again: read the letter, leave the house, go to the backyard, climb over the fence, go to the car and get into it. Go to the train station - there you will again begin hallucinations, which will need to fight. Do not give in to the ghost of Jason, go to the cells and choose the one you need. Go to the hotel and open the box that the maniac left you - there will be instructions for the five tests that you have to go through.When you manage with all, the phone will receive information that will allow you to find Sean. But continue to fail - control passes to Norman. Finish the study of evidence and talk with a partner and boss. The game Heavy Rain (PS3) is starting to gain momentum, and something incredible awaits you ahead.

Chapters 16-20

heavy rain ending

So, continue with the passage of the game Heavy Rain (PS3) for Norman - go to Nathaniel and call him the reasons for which he should give up. Your partner will arrest him. Now you again have to play for Scott - and again he finds himself in a strange situation. He needs to interview Miss Bowles, but the door is locked and no one opens you. Go from the backyard and look out the window - a small child in the house without supervision. Get inside and pay attention to the bathroom door - break it down, move Miss Bowles into the room and use the medical devices that you find in the medicine chest. Listen to her and help her with the baby - feed him, change the diapers and put him to bed. Take the phone and leave the house. Now you can play for Ethan again - go to the workshop and pick up the keys to the car, which you indicated a maniac.Go down to the parking lot and determine the car. Get into it - there is a GPS navigator. Go to the specified point. On the way you will get into an accident. The navigator will crash, but you will get the key to the glove compartment, where further information lies on finding Sean. Switch to Madison - go to the hotel, there will be bloodied Ethan. Help him get to your room, treat his wounds and give him pain medication. Now you are again playing for Norman, who is chasing the criminal Kord. Overcome him in a fight and arrest. Pay attention to the fact that in Heavy Rain the endings may differ, and they will depend on what actions you will perform for each character.

Chapters 21-26

heavy rain game

As mentioned above, in the game Heavy Rain, the ending can be very diverse, so be careful when making decisions. So you play as Norman again. You need to wake up - you are at your desk. Check the documents and talk with Lauren, who came to you on an important matter. Then you will need in the person of Scott to get to Gordy and interview him while Lauren distracts the guards. Naturally, this will not work forever, and you will have to fight two opponents at once.Then control passes to Ethan - you need to pass the next test of the maniac: this time you have to walk on the broken glass and on the bare wires. You can not die, but the sea of ​​discomfort is guaranteed. Now you get control over Madison - find Ethan in the room, the test hit him hard. Give him antipyretic, treat his wounds, and then talk to him. And now you're playing for Norman again - you need to talk to Miss Mars, who will tell you about Ethan's suspicious behavior. As you can see, the game Heavy Rain has already intertwined almost all the fate of the characters together. Now it only remains to wait.

Chapters 26-30

You remember that how the game Heavy Rain will end depends only on you? Playing for Norman, protect the psychotherapist from what your partner will do with him to get yourself good bonus points. Then you will need for Scott to play a game of golf with Kramer, at the same time talking with him. Well, now switch to Ethan and get ready for real horror - the third test will be that you cut off a part of your finger with improvised means. Then you can get some more information about Sean's whereabouts.Switch to Madison and help Ethan, exhausted from the pain and shock, to get out of the house, go to the subway and get down to the platform. Now you will need on behalf of Norman once again to analyze the evidence obtained. What a pity that Heavy Rain on the PC is not and will not be - you need to get a PS3 to enjoy this tense masterpiece.

Chapters 31-35

heavy rain review

The game Heavy Rain on the PC will never come out, but you can go through it on the console - it is for her that this passage is prepared. You need to play for Norman again - analyze another group of evidence, then go to the interrogation room - there Ethan is waiting for you. Interrogate him and convince to help the investigation, then hand him the cloak and handcuffs. Switch to Scott and go to Manfred in the hope that he will be able to tell something about the letter you found. Manfred will go to the back of the office, and when you finish your whiskey, you will find that he is dead. An unexpected turnaround - you urgently need to remove your prints from all that you touched for your short visit. Now you need to pass another test for Ethan - this time you are waiting for the murder.Go to the brothel, break through the guards and kill the drug dealer to get another puzzle element that will help you find Shawn. When you gain control of Madison, be extremely careful - this character can die. When Adrian offers you wine, be sure to give it up, otherwise Madison will be fine. After the doctor leaves, take the pass from the bedroom and leave the house. Now you begin to understand how you can help in the passage of the game Heavy Rain review - in the next chapter you have to play for Norman, who can also die. Go to Jack and search his workshop, pick up the metal sheet, but never for a second lose vigilance - there will be a skull under it. At the same moment Jack will attack you, and if you are not quick, Norman will die. If you are careful, you can defeat him and arrest him.

Chapters 36-40

Many people believe that Heavy Rain in Russian loses a lot compared to the original, but in fact it all depends on the quality of the translation. Naturally, it is not recommended to play such a game rich in terms of plot with a bad translation - play either the original or high-quality localization.This will allow you to easily overcome any scenes, even when you need to fry scrambled eggs on behalf of Scott, while Lauren retires to the bathroom. When she returns, talk to her. After that, you and Loren need to go to the cemetery and find the grave of Shepard - this will be easy, as it is very different from the rest. Here you will meet with the gravedigger, who tells the story of the death of John. You have to play the role of the twin John in the memories. Play with your brother, and then watch him fall into the trap. Run into the middle of the courtyard and continue the path until you find John. When the scene of memories ends, you and Loren need to get into the car and leave the cemetery. Immediately after this, the management will go to Madison - go to the club and go to the ladies' toilet, where you need to transform into a more depraved girl. Go to the pole and dance the blatant dance. Then follow to the VIP room where Paco is waiting for you. If you do not want to dance for him - stun the gangster with a lamp, tie and interrogate. Then answer the guard that everything is in order, and then accelerate, moving on to more serious interrogation methods.You are gradually getting closer to solving the mystery of the whole game Heavy Rain - who is the Master Origami?

Chapters 41-45

heavy rain on pc

Most likely, you have already noticed the main musical composition in the game Heavy Rain - Main Theme. It will allow you to relax in the process of very stressful passage. However, in the next chapter you should never relax, as Norman may die again. Go to Paco in the office and break through the barrier bodyguards. Unfortunately, the gangster is already dead, the killer got to him, with whom you have to grapple - you are getting very close. If you are not fast enough and careful, then Norman will die - do not allow it. If you can fight off a maniac, find his weapon and cartridge cases. Interrogate the bodyguard to find out about the attacker, and find Madison's prints in Paco's office. Exit the building and go to Ethan and Madison. Management passes precisely to Ethan, and again you need to act quickly, since Norman can put you in jail. Kiss Madison and forgive her for setting you on a visit to Paco. As soon as the police break into the apartment, get out through the window, run away over the rooftops and jump into the taxi.Now control passes to Scott, and again you need to act very quickly. At this time, your character can not die, but misfortune awaits Lauren. You grabbed and tied - get rid of the ropes as soon as possible and save the girl. If you do not have time, she will die. Now you need to send Lauren home so as not to endanger her again. Go to the mansion Kramer, crash into a car and start a firefight. If you kill all the guards and grab Cramer, he will tell all about his crimes. Now you can save him from a heart attack by offering medicine from a box, or allow him to die. Next you need to switch to Madison, go to Ann and talk to her to get more information. Then try to fold the origami figure and compare it with the one on the table. Then check the albums in the drawers of the table. In Heavy Rain, Madison is a key character, so it’s great if you don’t let her die before the end of the game.

Chapters 46-53

Passage of game Heavy Rain comes to an end. It's time for Ethan to pass the final test - drink a poison that will slowly kill you, and then a temporary death will occur.Waking up, pick up the last piece of information about Sean's whereabouts. In parallel with this (playing for Norman) agree to continue the investigation, analyze all the evidence and go to the location of the maniac's lair. Scott will do the same. Then another memory begins, in which you will try to help John Sheppard survive, acting as if on behalf of his younger brother. In the role of a maniac, burn all the evidence in the den. Now, switching to Madison, make your way inside - you will get to the very center of the fire. Starting from this moment be extremely careful: there is a chance that any of the heroes will die. Madison you can save if you hide in the refrigerator for the time of the explosion. Well, then all the characters and the maniac will meet at once. Depending on what decisions you made during the passage, playing the role of each of the characters, you will see which of them will die and who will survive. That's all, you just have to find Sean, fight with a maniac and not allow him to die so that he can stand trial.

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