Green hair: optional and not very

Some shocking young ladies feel comfortable in clothes of unusual cut and color. Someone sets off the hair with unusual or, rather, atypical for a person shades of hair. They have red, blue, and sometimes even green hair. We will not understand the psychological causes of such bold actions. Let's see how the green hair in the photo presented in this article.

Most often these days, fans and fans of anime can have such an atypical appearance for society. Some characters in Japanese animation flaunt with green eyes and hair of original shades. For example, Tornado from "Vanpachmena", Myon Sonozaki from the anime "When cicadas cry."

Myon Sonozaki

How to paint curls

It is possible to paint your curls in such a bright color, using a tint for hair. You can see for yourself whether the palette of green shades is suitable for your type of appearance. What kind of eyes green hair fit most harmoniously is also of great importance.Warm skin type and cold require different shades. However, as the hair of blondes and brown-haired women with brunettes. The darker the base color of your hair, the brighter and richer choose a tinting agent. The most competent way out of the situation will be lightening the natural (dark) hue of the curls. Blonde hair can be applied a richer gamut of color.

Light green hair

Color mastery

When you find your green tone among the rich palettes, you can start staining with more stable means. Stylists suggest not to stop at a mono shade. Double or triple coloring will make your look even more interesting. Two or three shades of your green hair can make you stand out from the crowd. Feathers more light or, on the contrary, more dark greens will give dynamism to your laying. Ombre is also quite widespread among women of fashion. If possible, find a good master who can make your hair green so that you and others will like the final result and not be horrified.

Mermaid willy-nilly

However, not all ladies, flaunting with green hair (or rather, their shades),when coloring they expected such a surprise from the paint. It happens that the shade is found after the usual staining in a radically different from the green color. You would like to be blond with the help of paint, but something went wrong and now in the sunlight on your hair lurks an unexpected shade. And your green hair, of course, did not cause your joy and admiration. But to remove this shade would be very useful. At the same time, it is not superfluous to know the reason for the occurrence of such an incident.

Angry girl

Causes of shade

Why curls can get not very pleasant shade after coloring? Here are the most commonplace reasons:

  • Apparently, not quite long ago (some couple of years ago), you wanted to start to take care of your hair and dyed it with natural dyes. Basma and henna are used in changing hair color quite often. However, not everyone is suitable and not every lady will like the result. In general, you have safely forgotten about staining in the style of "naturel". You even painted your curls several times with your usual paint and chemical components. Everything went well until recently. You have decided to change the manufacturer and - surprise! So, if the above natural dyes touched your hair, this may be one of the reasons.
  • Maybe you recently persuaded your friend and went with her to the pool. The hair was very exposed to chlorine, contained in large quantities in the pool, and now, you are a mermaid with greens in curls.
  • The third reason may again be swimming in the water. Remember, if you are back from a vacation at sea, green hair may appear due to this. Namely: sea water containing a lot of iodine and hot sun, burning curls fluttering in the wind. Try to protect your head from the sun's aggressive rays and protect them from the sea waves.

How to remove green shade from hair

At home, you can try out the following methods of removing greenery on your hair:

  • Lemon juice - about a hundred milliliters mixed with a glass of clean water at room temperature. Moisten the hair thoroughly with this composition and wait some time (10-15 minutes will be enough). At this time, rub moisture with juice into the scalp. Wash off the lemon-water mask with plenty of warm water. If your hair turns out to be immune to a solution of low concentration, try increasing the dose of juice.

Water with lemon juice
  • Four tablets of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) are pounded into fine dust and dissolved in a glass of water. Moisten hair and, after waiting fifteen minutes, rinse with warm clean water.
  • If it happened that you did not have lemons or aspirin at hand, and the situation requires urgent action, try using a baking soda for a mask that removes the green tint from your hair. A tablespoon of the funds in a glass of clean water at room temperature. Some girls claim that soda masks helped them.

Watch your curls and treat them carefully. Do not try to radically change the image yourself by changing the hair color. Especially critical and unexpected may be an attempt to turn from a dark girl into a blonde. Trust the professionals.

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