Goose with apples in the oven: recipe

Traditionally, a goose with apples in the oven is prepared for the New Year - this holiday is more respected than Christmas. But the Christmas table "bird" falls. However, do not be upset if you forgot to submit it exactly on these holidays. In the end, there are family - birthdays, housewarming, wedding anniversaries. And no one has the right to forbid you to please the family with this dish. And in order to have plenty to choose from, we offer you a wide variety of recipes for preparing a goose with apples. Let the significant date for you be marked also by the most delicious solemn dish.

goose with apples in the oven

How can you make sure

In all recipes, it is advised to buy a young bird. However, citizens are not too strong in determining the age of the goose. Focusing only on weight is not very reliable: maybe your copy is not too calorie-fed. Therefore, if you are not sure of the final result, you can take preventive measures, that is, pickle your prey.Here are some of the most successful options:

  1. Simple, but an amateur: coat the carcass with mayonnaise, wrap in a bag and stand overnight.
  2. It guarantees a very beautiful crust and softness of the bird. Mix two tablespoons of mustard, one - honey and three - soy sauce. Further actions are the same.
  3. A very soothing marinade: sour cream (three spoons), mustard (two), mayonnaise (also two) and garlic - that's how much you like.
  4. Gourmet marinade. Scalded lemon is cut into thin circles, rubbed with salt and pepper, the carcass is covered with them from all sides (and do not forget to place inside) and filled with dry white wine. Not the cheapest way, because the goose is a large bird, and the wine will go a whole bottle. But the taste will be simply indescribable.

Whichever marinade you choose, you can be sure that the goose with apples in the oven will be extremely soft and juicy.goose with apples recipe

Just with apples

First, let us figure out how to prepare the "ordinary" goose with apples, - the recipe can be considered basic and subsequently complement it at your discretion. First of all, it is advisable to buy a fresh bird. Go and chilled, but frozen is best avoided.After gutting (if necessary), washing and drying the carcass is rubbed with salt and spices, which are especially good for black pepper marjoram. It is advisable to leave the goose in the fridge overnight so that it is salted and soaked in aromas.

For the dish “goose with apples in the oven” fruits are taken acidic, Antonovka is the best choice. Apples are washed, cleaned, the heart is removed, and fruits are divided into quarters. Most of them are laid inside the carcass, the incision is then sutured or stabbed, legs tightly tied. To prevent them from dripping, the tips of the paws can be wrapped with foil or smeared with vegetable oil. A shallow container with water is placed on the bottom of the preheated oven, a baking sheet is placed above.

The goose with apples in the oven will spend the first quarter of an hour at a temperature of 250 degrees, then it decreases to 220, and the last 45 minutes - to 180 at all. The total time a bird stays in the oven depends on its size: it will take three hours for a large carcass. Periodically, the goose must be watered with the juice that flows out, and half an hour before the time it is taken out, it is laid around the remaining apples.baked goose with apples

Goose with apples and tangerines

Having mastered the basic techniques, you can supplement the composition and get a completely new taste. Very interesting is a baked goose with apples mixed with tangerines. For a not too large carcass (about three kilos) of both types of fruit, you will need three things each. The taste sensations will be even more curious if you rub the bird with a mixture of salt, different types of pepper and crushed garlic. To make the composition “better taken”, a pair of spoons of vegetable oil is added to it. The goose is rubbed on it inside and on the skin, large slices of apples and slices of mandarins are put inside (oranges will also do), the bird is wrapped in foil and cured in it for two hours. If the carcass is weighty - and all six. In a foil, a goose with apples in the oven bakes more quickly - about two hours, but then you still need to give it half an hour to purchase a "tan" after the foil is unfolded. At this time it will be necessary to water it with the juice.

baked goose with apples recipe

Gus from Julia Vysotskaya

I must say, a rather unusual recipe. Baked goose with apples is a seemingly traditional dish, but it is cooked outside the box. The goose, washed, dried and repeatedly prickly on the skin with a fork, is rubbed with the salt crushed in a coffee grinder and put in a hot oven.After 20 minutes, excess fat is drained from it, the carcass is turned over and retracted for another hour, with the temperature reduced from 220 to 180 degrees. Two kilos of uncut potatoes are laid out to the bird - and back into the oven for another third of an hour. Then the tubers are poured with goose fat, the carcass is covered with foil - and again in the oven at the same time.

During this time, the sauce is being made: six peeled, chopped apples and slices of lemon halves are stewed with a spoon of sugar and two are water. After half an hour, the mash is removed from the contents of the bowl with a blender. In olive oil is frying from the rings of three onions. She pours in a quarter of a liter of sherry, two spoons of red currant jam, three quarters of a liter of hot water and a teaspoon of mustard in powder is poured. After a quarter of an hour, a teaspoon of corn mustard and red pepper are added. The sauce is poured into goose juice, stewed in the oven for 10 minutes, after which it is served to the bird, and apple-lemon puree serves as a side dish for it.

goose with apples up its sleeve

Goose with apples and buckwheat

Often this bird is baked in such a way as to make the dish immediately with a side dish. One of the most popular ways is cooking a goose with apples and buckwheat porridge - it absorbs excess fat and the result is very crumbly.The carcass itself, as in the previous cases, is rubbed with spices and salt and some time is cured. And the filling is done like this: a large onion is coarsely chopped and fried until golden. A glass of buckwheat is poured into it; stirring all the time, the grits are fried for five minutes with onions. Thus prepared buckwheat mixed with slices of two apples is pushed into the tum, it is firmly fixed, and the goose is placed in the oven, where a bowl of water is already placed below. Periodically, he again poured goose with apples

Goose with rice and apples

"Asian cereal" is also the best suited to eliminate excess fat. The bird is already baked in the usual way, and the filling is again prepared outlandishly. For her, in a dry frying pan, a tablespoon of sugar is added to a light brown color, a spoonful of sugar is poured into it, two vegetable spoons are poured into it and two sliced ​​apples are laid. A glass of rice is brewed in a saucepan, apple-sugar zazharka is laid out in it and a teaspoon of paprika is poured. The filling is compacted into the bird, the incision is fixed, the stuffed goose with apples is coated with mayonnaise and placed in the oven.How the crust is formed - the carcass is covered with foil and left in the oven for an hour.

Goose with potatoes and apples

First, four potatoes are cooked, cut quite large. When they cool, mixed with rather large slices of two apples, finely chopped onion and three chopped cloves of garlic. The result is a very harmonious “accompaniment” to a dish called “goose with apples”. The recipe advises to flavor the filling with sage (approximately 10 leaves), thyme (10 branches), two spoons of honey and pepper - as much as you like. The carcass rubbed with sea salt is densely stuffed with this mixture, pierced in a couple of places to drain excess juice and baked in the oven for about three hours (if the goose caught a large one, about four kilos).stuffed goose with apples

Goose with apples and dried fruit

Clearly, it does not mean dried apples and pears. A very fragrant, juicy and low-fat baked goose with apples is obtained by adding dried apricots and prunes to the fruit. The bird is prepared as in most recipes: rubbed with a mixture of seasonings and salt and left for a couple of hours for impregnation. During this time, prunes and dried apricots are soaked in cold water (in an incomplete glass).If there are bones in the plums, they are removed. Dried fruits are cut large - in half, if the berries are not too large. Three green sourish apples crumble coarsely, mixed with dried fruit; "Stuffing" is embedded in the carcass and fixed in it. The paws are tied together again, and the goose is baked. Do not forget to water it with juice! After two and a half hours, the carcass is covered with slices of three more apples. An additional flavor note will add sweet pepper quarters, put together with them. And after thirty minutes a wonderful dish can be carried on the table.

Goose with apples in the sleeve

In the oven - it is traditional. However, cooking for a long time made a lot of confident steps forward and enriched with additional devices and improvements that should not be ignored. For example, a goose with apples in the sleeve often turns out to be much more tender than cooked in the oven. Its preparation also differs somewhat from the classical one: in several places of the carcass, already rubbed with salt and pepper, cuts are made into which carrot sticks, onion slices and garlic cloves are inserted. Then the bird is poured with lemon juice (again, both inside and outside), the container with it is covered and placed in the cool hour for four hours.Pieces of five apples with slices are laid in the belly, sprinkled with leaves of laurel for aroma, and the ready goose hides in the sleeve. In an hour and a half, he is ready! It will only be necessary to open the sleeve and hold the bird for about 15 minutes in the oven so that it will find a crust.

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