Gogol. "Overcoat", the analysis of the story

The story "Overcoat" is one of the bestthe most mysterious (in the opinion of the philosopher Berdyaev) Russian writer Gogol Nikolai Vasilyevich. The story of the life of the "little man" Akakiy Akakievich Bashmachkin, a simple copyist of one of the numerous offices of the county town, brings the reader to a deep reflection on the meaning of life.

Gogol Overcoat Analysis

"Leave me alone..."

Analysis of Gogol's "Overcoat" requiresthoughtful approach. Akaki Bashmachnikov is not just a "small" person, he is defiantly insignificant, emphatically detached from life. He does not have any desires, he seems to be telling his surroundings: "I very much ask you to leave me alone." Officials are more mocking at Akaky Akakievich, although not evil, but still insulting. They will gather around and compete in wit. Sometimes hurt painfully, then Bashmachnikov will raise his head and say: "Why are you like this?". In the text of the narrative there is social tension, to feel it and offers Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. "Overcoat" (the analysis of this short story can be longer than herself) includes complex psychological weave.

analysis of the work of the greatcoat of a gogol

Thoughts and Aspirations

The only passion of Akaki was his work. He copied the documents neatly, cleanly, with love. Arriving home and somehow having had dinner, Bashmachnikov began to walk about the room, time for him was slow, but this did not bother him. Akaki sat down and wrote the whole evening. Then he went to bed, thinking about the documents that were to be rewritten the next day. These thoughts pleased him. Paper, pen and ink made up the meaning of the life of the "little man", who was well past fifty. Describe the thoughts and aspirations of Akaky Akakievich was only such a writer as Gogol. "Overcoat" is analyzed with great difficulty, because a small story collected so many psychological collisions that would be enough for a whole novel.

gogol overcoat theme

Salary and a new overcoat

The salary of Akaky Akakievich was 36 rublesmonthly, this money was barely enough to pay for housing and food. When the frosts hit St. Petersburg, Bashmachnikov was in a difficult situation. His clothes were worn down to holes, from the cold it no longer saved. The greatcoat was worn on the shoulders and back, sleeves torn at the elbows. Masterfully describes the entire drama of the situation Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. "Overcoat", the theme of which goes beyond the ordinary narrative, makes you think about many things. Akaky Akakyevitch went to the tailor to fix his clothes, but he said that "it's impossible to repair", we need a new overcoat. And he called the price - 80 rubles. The money for Bashmachnikov is huge, which he did not have in sight. I had to save a lot of money to save the right amount.

After a while in the office were given a prizeofficials. Akaki Akakievich got 20 rubles. Together with the received salary, a sufficient sum was collected. He went to the tailor. And here the exact dramatism of the situation is revealed by precise literary definitions, only such a writer as Gogol can do. "Overcoat" (the analysis of this story can not be done without being imbued with the misfortune of a person deprived of the opportunity to simply take and buy a coat) touches to the depths of his soul.


The death of a "little man"

The new overcoat turned out for a long time - thickcloth, collar of a cat, copper buttons, all this even somehow lifted Bashmachnikov over his hopeless life. He straightened, began to smile, felt himself a man. Colleagues in vain praised the update, invited Akaky Akakievich to a party. After her, the hero of the day went home, sweeping along the frozen pavement, even struck a woman passing by, and when he turned off Nevsky, two peasants approached him, scared him and took off their greatcoat. All next week Akaky Akakievich went to the police station, hoping that a new thing will be found. Then he had a nervous breakdown, a fever started. The "little man" died. So graduated from the life of his character Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. "Overcoat", the analysis of this story can be dealt with endlessly, constantly revealing to us all new facets.

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