Gin and tonic cocktail: recipe, proportions

Gin and tonic can rightly be considered a legendary cocktail. It is served in almost all bars. It is on this drink that most bartenders learn to make their first cocktails. On the fortress it does not exceed 9 degrees, so it is great for parties and meetings with friends. This article will introduce you to this popular cocktail, tell you the ways and secrets of its preparation.

Appearance history

Jin was first mixed with tonic British soldiers who participated in hostilities in India in the 18th century. Even then, the British drank a tonic, in which, compared with today's drink, there was quite a lot of quinine. The taste qualities of tonic were not the most pleasant. However, the drink was often consumed because it was a preventive measure against dangerous scurvy and malaria, which was then widespread. Once the soldiers diluted the annoying drug with alcohol in order to improve the taste. However, the new drink did not immediately become as popular as it is now.It took about a hundred years, until a new recipe began to be taken seriously. Since then, the drink has been improved, as a result of which the world has this most popular cocktail.

composition of gin and tonic

Gin and tonic today

Currently, the production of alcoholic beverages replenished with ready-made drink. It is worth noting that this product and the traditional cocktail is not the same thing. In the factory drink, the main ingredients are drinking alcohol that has the aroma of lemon and juniper. In a jar of such a gin and tonic there is nothing useful, while there is a negative effect on the liver.

Modern tonic contains much less quinine, but there are sweeteners. Gin and tonic is now just a tasty drink, which has a small fortress. This cocktail refreshes and tones, therefore recommended for use in hot weather.

What it consists of

Gin and tonic cocktail includes gin and quinine tonic. The first ingredient is a drink with a strength of at least 38 degrees. It is made from distilled alcohol and infusion of juniper berries. Such a composition causes another name of the genie - "juniper vodka."Tonic is a bitter-sour soft carbonated drink.

When self-cooking, it is desirable to acquire high-quality ingredients. Low-quality products have a weak aroma. In turn, this will affect the taste of the finished cocktail.

gin and tonic cocktail at home


We share the tricks of the professionals so that at home you can make a gin and tonic drink that is not inferior to what is served in the bar.

Before starting the preparation of the cocktail, it is necessary to cool its components in the refrigerator or freezer. Warm ingredients will spoil the taste of an alcoholic beverage.

The cocktail will be more harmonious and fragrant, if you first squeeze the juice of citrus (lime or lemon, depending on what you bought) into a glass, and then wipe the inside of the wine glass with a sour slice.

Of great importance is tonic, as it affects the taste and aroma of the drink. The best solution would be to buy a product that contains natural quinine, but no lime admixture. This is important because there are many tonics with flavors that can cause an unpleasant taste.

Choosing a gin, it is not necessary to buy the most expensive copy. Mixing with carbonated tonic will hide the unique taste of the product. It is better to opt for a dry London gin.

It is important to serve a cocktail in chilled wine glasses.

how to decorate a gin and tonic cocktail

Cooking recipes

Standard proportions of gin and tonic: 1 part gin and 2 parts tonic. To get a drink stronger, the ratio will be - 2 to 3 or 1 to 1; if you want less, then the proportion will be 1 to 3.

The traditional recipe.

For a classic cocktail, you will need: 50 ml of gin, 150 ml of tonic, lime or lemon, ice, a glass of highball and a cocktail tube.

In 1/3 of a cold glass it is necessary to pour crushed ice, add gin and slightly shake it all up. At the same time you will feel the aroma of juniper. Then pour the tonic, add citrus juice. The contents should be gently stirred using a cocktail spoon. In a ready-made cocktail place a straw, if desired, decorate with a slice of lime.

With a cucumber.

This interesting option is very popular in America and European countries. Prepare these foods: 60 g of gin, 120 g of tonic, fresh cucumber, ice cubes.

Using a sharp knife, cut the cucumber into thin slices, send them into a glass and cover with ice. Then pour gin and tonic. Stir the contents by gently stirring. Decorate with a slice of cucumber or lime.

gin and tonic should be served very chilled

Mint drink.

This recipe for gin and tonic will attract the attention of mint lovers. Necessary components: ½ lime, tonic - 100 ml, gin - 40 ml, several leaves of fresh mint.

Fill the glass with several ice cubes and pour over the gin. Finely chop the mint with your hands, put it on the ceiling and send it to gin. Then pour tonic, shake and garnish with a mint sprig.

Crimson gin and tonic.

Cocktail prepared in this way will delight you with a rich color and unforgettable taste. What is required for preparation: raspberry gin - 150 ml, tonic - 0.4 l, red port - 40 ml, ice.

To make a raspberry base, pour 1000 ml gin into a container and add fresh raspberries to it. The mixture should be infused for several hours in a warm place. After that, you need to drain the base - bright gin is ready. Fill half of the glass jug with ice, fill with tonic, gin and port. In the end mix everything well with a bar spoon.

raspberry gin and tonic

Fire cocktail.

This alcoholic gin and tonic will not leave your guests indifferent due to its bright color and amazing taste. Buy gin of red-orange color (Saffron Infused), tonic and orange. Also do not forget the ice.

Cooking is similar to the traditional recipe. The main thing is to follow the sequence - ice, gin, tonic, and you get a tasty treat. Decorate the cocktail with an orange slice.

How to use

Drink should be served in a high chilled glass. It is desirable if its walls are thick, so the cocktail will retain the necessary temperature for a long time. Based on this, it is obvious that the drink should be drunk in very cold small sips through a straw. By the way, the cocktail copes with thirst. Glasses are usually decorated with slices of lime or lemon.

Popular worldwide alcoholic cocktail gin and tonic is quite simple to prepare, even at home. A home-made drink will be healthier and tastier than the purchased one, since proven ingredients without flavors are used for cooking. But most importantly, preparing a cocktail, you will invest your soul.Do not doubt, your guests will appreciate your efforts.

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