Gemotest: reviews on the quality of analysis

According to reviews, "Hemotest" is a modern medical research center, equipped with high-level equipment. Tens of thousands of different tests are performed daily for patients from all over the country. The constant modernization of the technological basis, along with the introduction of fundamentally new methods and equipment, enables the laboratory to perform a huge range of various studies, from blood tests to the establishment of genetic diseases. We will learn more about this medical company, consider its main advantages over other laboratories, and also find out what patients think about the quality of the tests provided.blood test reviews

Reviews of "Gemotest" consider below.

About the laboratory

This medical laboratory performs a wide range of research, as well as hardware diagnostics. To provide paid medical tests, about five hundred branches have been opened in various districts of the Moscow Region, and, moreover, in other regions of Russia.Convenience is that patients in the laboratory "Gemotest" can quickly and without queues to pass genetic, serological, biochemical tests, tests for hormones and so on. In addition, samples for allergens are taken, microbiological tests are performed, diagnostics of infections, autoimmune and systemic diseases are carried out. Also in this laboratory, you can pass a paternity test. This company has been certified by the international quality control system.

Reviews about the analyzes in the "Gemoteste" abound.

Lab Benefits

It has several advantages:

  • Analyzes performed in this laboratory are recognized by all government medical institutions.
  • Absolutely all tests and studies can be completed in one day. In addition, it is possible to pass any tests anonymously.
  • The patients receive the finished results on the website in their “personal account” either by fax, e-mail or via courier to the specified address.hemotest analyzes reviews

Additional positive features include the fact that the latest generation of test-instruments in this laboratory are used along with expert-class equipment from world-leading manufacturers.Patients pay only the cost for taking the biomaterial and conducting research according to the prices of the laboratory department. For the convenience of calculating prices, there is an online calculator on the official website of the medical company, so by using it you can get an estimated amount of your order excluding services for taking biomaterial. Taking blood is paid once, even if blood is donated at once by several parameters, for example, for the Rh factor, biochemistry and antigens.

Reviews of "Hemotest" interest many.

Testing at home

The medical laboratory provides patients with the opportunity to take tests without leaving home. For those who appreciate a comfortable and fast service - this is the best way to diagnose. For residents of Moscow and the region are carried out free trips to the patient's house, which significantly helps save time.

Reviews on the quality of "Gemotest" can be found below.

Features of services in the laboratory

hemotest quality reviews

The laboratory is constantly improving its services, making them as comfortable as possible for patients, so the following features can be distinguished:

  • Provides children and adults with a comprehensive health assessment. Any tests can be taken both independently and in the appropriate direction of the attending physician. As a rule, various discounts are applied to certain orders.
  • As part of the oncological examination, the histological preparations are reviewed. Conducted research to obtain confidence in oncological diagnosis.
  • The laboratory has a permanent ten percent discount for patients up to twenty-five and from fifty-five years. An additional ten percent discount is offered for any medical research on Mondays.
  • "Hemotest" adheres to the best prices, within which the most common and important laboratory tests are quite affordable. For example, a single price for blood tests in all cities of Russia is ninety rubles.
  • Patients are provided with an extensive list of important tests, and, in addition, indicators of internal organs for such studies as oncology, general diagnostics, as well as viral and genital infections.
  • Here is the most accurate method of research of fluid cytology using computer analysis. This is confirmed by the laboratory "Gemotest" reviews.
  • For all patients, there is a 24-hour online consultation with specialists who are always ready to answer any questions about medical diagnostics via video-conferencing through the sign language interpreter. At the same time, the only condition for receiving an online consultation is to have access to the Internet, as well as a webcam. This service is available from anywhere from computers, tablets and mobile phones. Consultations are carried out by certified specialists who have been certified. Experts speak Russian and Kazakh languages. In addition, absolutely all employees have received specialized training on communication with patients suffering from limited hearing or speech.

Now we will find out what patients who had to pass tests there think about the laboratory "Gemotest".hemotest reviews on the quality of analysis

Reviews Gemoteste

Reviews of the laboratory consumers leave the most different. It is reported that in Rostov-on-Don, this laboratory provides the most reasonable price for the analysis of hormones in the entire city.For example, the total cost of tests for eight different hormones is two and a half thousand rubles. In addition, the laboratory has a discount system of discounts from five to fifteen percent.

People like that in this medical company there are never queues, and the results of research are prepared very quickly, as the patient is informed by a telephone message. A person can receive test results at any time convenient for him. Many people write that, in general, they like the work of this laboratory and, in addition to the advantages already mentioned, praise good service.

Reviews on the quality of tests in the "Gemoteste"

True, you can often hear feedback on the results of analyzes with distorted data. For example, some patients say that, after receiving their hormone tests, they were somewhat shocked, as the values ​​were higher compared with results from other laboratories. Thus, there are many complaints of errors in the indicators of research results, which are sometimes exaggerated twice. Such patients complain about the laboratory "Gemotest" and believe that the numbers by the employees of this medical company are simply invented.laboratory hemotest reviews

What are the complaints about?

They complain about the laboratory "Gemotest" and parents of young children.For example, it is said that people were given the results of analyzes of their children, who were found to have low levels of platelets, which, as part of a follow-up retake in other laboratories, indicated an error on the part of this institution. People who, because of such errors, had to go through a lot before they made sure that the tests were incorrect, write that they are no longer going to go to this laboratory. What other reviews are there about the quality of analysis at Gemotest in Moscow?

Unfortunately, many clients warn others not to believe the analyzes that are performed in the laboratory and, moreover, not to go immediately for treatment after receiving them, but to recheck in other places. People write that there were cases when they were hospitalized with suspicion of the most terrible diagnoses, for example, hemorrhage in the brain, and then it turned out that, in fact, everything is in order. Therefore, patients who have been wisely unsuccessful in applying to “Gemotest” urge others to not go to this laboratory. In addition, many say that in a medical company it often happens that the issuance of tests is much delayed.

The laboratory is mistaken when performing tests for pregnant women.Women write that because of an incorrect analysis of bacteriological seeding, they were offered treatment with antibiotics, which is contraindicated in pregnancy.

Reviews of employees "Gemotest" also consider.haemotest staff reviews

What do the staff say?

Opinions of those who worked or continue to work in the company are divided. In positive comments it is reported that the office is solid, working conditions are good, the salary is timely and fully official. From the negative points - they can dismiss without any special explanations, delay wages or not pay at all. Which of the reviews to believe is not very clear.


Many patients in their comments note the following advantages of the laboratory "Hemotest":

  • The speed of research.
  • A telephone message about readiness results.
  • Favorable prices compared to other medical laboratories.
  • Convenient schedule. It is noted that it is possible to take tests even on all holidays.
  • The presence of a discount card and discounts for patients.
  • No queues.
  • Attentive staff.
  • Ability to obtain analysis results via the Internet.
  • Painless blood sampling.
  • The possibility of testing at home.

People often ask: "" Gemotest "or" Invitro "- which is better?". Reviews confirm that these two laboratories work almost equally. Pricing is also not too different. Therefore, the decision should be made by the person independently.hemotest reviews on the quality of tests Moscow

Cons "Hemotest"

As for the shortcomings, among the reviews most often the following claims:

  • Incorrectly performed analyzes with false indicators, which, when taken in other laboratories, confirm the error of this medical company.
  • Sometimes reported about the boorish attitude of staff.
  • Lack of free parking.
  • Sometimes people have to wait in line.
  • The lack of professionalism of staff.
  • Frequent delay of research results.
  • A large amount of a one-time order to get a discount card.
  • Violation of the elementary norms of blood sampling and sterility.
  • Many people write that they don’t like the interior of Gemotest laboratories. It is reported that many of them look untidy and furnished with insufficient amount of furniture for the convenience of patients.


Thus, one can meet both positive and negative comments about the medical laboratory "Gemotest". The main advantage of this organization are reasonable prices for analyzes along with the provision of discount cards and discounts. But at the same time, the quality of research performed by many patients who receive false results is a serious drawback.

We reviewed the reviews of employees and customers about the laboratory "Gemotest".

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