Gas weapons. Self defense weapon

A gas weapon is a self-defense weapon, which is designed to temporarily neutralize the enemy through the use of a gas or aerosol cloud. Such a cloud has in its composition a strong substance that actively acts on various organs, irritating them.

What is a gas weapon?

gas weapon

To throw away the active substance, as well as to hit the enemy, revolvers and pistols are used for firing. The basis of the powder charge, which is contained in the gas cylinder. It is worth remembering that this self-defense weapon is intended solely for defensive purposes.

About design and principle of operation

self defense weapon

Gas weapons have one basic principle, according to which all its models work. The principle is that it is necessary to create a cloud consisting of a gas or an aerosol in the vicinity of the opponent. The active substance mentioned above can cause a wide range of various uncomfortable sensations.This is a strong pain in the eyes, and a burning sensation in the nasopharynx, and spasm followed by interception of breathing (of course, temporary), and even loss of consciousness.

Will the impact of the substance on the state of the attacker?

responsibility for gas weapons

An attacker who is in the affected area of ​​the active substance will not feel unwell after the exposure to the gas. In an incompetent attacker may be at different times. It all depends, rather, on the fact that the mixture was used and how technically. The concentration of the substance plays a big role.

Responsibility for gas weapons rests entirely with the person using it, as is the case with traumatic weapons. Practical tests have shown that an instantaneous toxic effect can turn an attacker into an incapacitated state for a sufficient period of time so that the defender can either hide from his opponent or take appropriate measures aimed at his detention.

2 in 1: self-defense + police assistance

use of gas weapons

The use of gas weapons in some exceptional cases is possible with special mixtures. Such active substances have dyes in their composition.They are non-toxic, so they do not harm the human body. But the fact is that these dyes seem to leave a color mark. Therefore, it is much easier to apprehend a criminal who has been marked with such a peculiar marker than otherwise.

Constructive characteristics allow you to divide all gas weapons into several categories. We are talking about gas pistols and revolvers, cans and special gas tools. The latter, by the way, are presented in the form of so-called mechanical dispensers.

Gas pistols

gas weapons prices

Gas weapons, the prices of which fall in the range from one to several thousand rubles, are widely represented by pistols. This is a type of weapon for self-defense with a non-fatal outcome. Similar revolvers and pistols are designed for firing blank cartridges, which are equipped with tear gas or other irritating substances.

Storage of gas weapons, as you know, should be thought out in advance. Although it is non-lethal, it is prohibited for use by persons under 18 years of age. Separate models of gas pistols at the same time are not only a means of self-defense, but also play the role of a signal rocket launcher.You can have them on hand to use special ammunition, that is, signal ammunition.

In countries in which the circulation of firearms for civilians is severely limited, gas pistols are very, very widespread. In smaller quantities, models with complete automation are produced. Revolvers acting on the principle of spraying the active substance should be distinguished from those models that can produce shots with rubber bullets. The latter are already in the category of traumatic weapons.

A license for a gas weapon is issued after the relevant procedures have been completed and the person has received certificates of mental sanity. All processes are similar to those that take place in the case of obtaining a license for a traumatic weapon. It is worth noting that models of traumatic weapons can also fire gas ammunition. However, unlike cases with rubber bullets, the weapon will need to be reloaded forcibly. That is, after each individual shot, it is necessary to juggle the pistol shutter manually.


gas weapons storage

By design, this type of gas weapon is divided into revolvers, pistols and machine guns. Quite often they are similar to models of firearms.But the marking, the type of cut, as well as some other details will easily help an experienced person to understand that it is a gas modification, and not a military one.

Criminologists also contributed to the history of the development of gas weapons. Special requirements were put forward, according to which models should have low mechanical strength. For this, parts are now often made from light alloys. Even plastic is sometimes used to make a gas gun.

Is there any effect?

gas weapon license

According to Russian law, gas pistols and revolvers are defined as weapons that use non-lethal ammunition to temporarily destroy an opponent. The requirements currently applied to all models have been put forward by the Ministry of Health.

Gas cartridges must have certain contents. It must be certified. Accordingly, only in this case, the ammunition can be sold to the civilian population. When firing at distances recommended by manufacturers, the ammunition does not cause serious damage to human health. But a temporary lesion of the respiratory system,and also organs of sight is provided for all 100 percent.

The range at which gas weapons can be used varies in a certain range. The specific indicator depends solely on the model of the pistol or revolver and on the cartridges that are used. Meteorological conditions also play their part. But usually the range at which effective spraying is possible when fired is no more than 2-3 meters.

The situation with gas pistols in the Russian Federation

The first models of gas steel revolvers appeared in the USSR in the 80-90s. It was an imported weapon. It is worth noting that gas pistols spread quite dynamically and widely. This, of course, was facilitated by the criminal situation that took place here in that historical period.

In 1992, on November 8, the purchase of gas weapons with their subsequent carrying and (only if necessary) use was officially authorized. All this was documented. At that time, there were only import models in the country, and delivery to the market of its own, domestic prototype began only in 1993. We are talking about a gas pistol called "IL-76".This, of course, was not the best sample. But the designers knew their business, and soon models appeared in the country, surpassing the 76th in technical specifications. In 1998, according to statistics, more than a million Russians were armed with gas pistols.

In the same year, operational-search activities were conducted in the country, during which representatives of the Ministry of the Interior took part. During the raids, they seized more than 22 thousand models of gas pistols. As of 1999, another 25 thousand copies were seized. In the future, the number of requisitioned gas weapons only increased. Negative dynamics emerged only in 2004, with the beginning of a more active spread of traumatic weapons. As they say, awl on soap.

Since 2004, rearmament has been practiced in Russia. That is, when buying a traumatic weapon, the owner is offered to turn in the gas option. It can go both on the commission, and on utilization. The resource of gas models is still limited, it must be taken into account.

But, despite the seemingly advantage of such tactics for the population, the number of self-defense weapons only increased.According to official data, in 2009 more than one and a half million gas weapons were sold in the country. The models that also fire with rubber bullets were taken into account.

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