Gas stove Gefest 3200-06: characteristics, instructions, reviews

Assistant and indispensable attribute of modern kitchen is a household stove. Analyzing the demand and the number of reviews in the network, it can be argued that the model Gefest 3200 06 is quite popular. But in order not to be disappointed in the purchase and to fully evaluate the functionality of the equipment, it is necessary to consider the rules of maintenance and familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the plate.

gefest 3200 06

Instructions for proper operation

Connection of any gas appliance should be made only by a specialist working in an organization that has a license for such services. Only such an approach will ensure safety, and the equipment will regularly serve for a long time.

To extend the life of the gas stove Gefest 3200 06 requires service. The addresses of the centers are indicated in the product passport and must be duplicated on the warranty card.

When connecting the plate, it is necessary to check for compliance with the pressure of the blue fuel and that required for the particular model.All necessary specifications are necessarily indicated in the enclosed instructions.

gas stove gefest 3200 06

It should also be noted that the instruction will help not only at the beginning of operation. Over the course of time, there may be a lot of questions about the capabilities, technical characteristics and available functions that this document can solve.

Specifications of the model Gefest 3200 06

For the hostess, it is important that the stove has not only the basic cooking functions, but also has many additional and useful devices. The considered model has the following characteristics:

  1. Mechanical timer
  2. Electrical ignition
  3. The presence of the grill.
  4. Spit.
  5. The ability to control the temperature in the oven.
  6. Function "gas control".
  7. The legs are adjustable.

Description plate

Gas stove Gefest 3200 06 refers to household appliances that are designed for home use. The product is equipped with four burners, one of which is of increased volume for faster cooking, the other - for brewing coffee. The other two have average parameters.

The working surface of the gas stove is enameled, which, according to reviews, is sometimes not very convenient.Users note that such a coating requires the immediate removal of dirt, because the material absorbs impurities and is difficult to remove later. But, at the same time, for many customers, enamel is more familiar, and therefore the model is in demand.

The oven, according to user feedback, is fairly safe. This is ensured by the presence of double glass and interior lighting. There is also a built-in thermal indicator that allows you to control cooking.


For convenience, there is also a cover that closes the working surface of the plate. The model has standard compact dimensions, where the width of the product is 50 cm and the depth is 57 cm. The cost of a household appliance fluctuates around 12,000 rubles.

It can be concluded that those who need a budget stove with basic functions and small sizes will suit the Gefest 3200 06. The technical characteristics of the equipment will satisfy not too fussy housewives, who have an important ease of use and low cost.

User reviews about the advantages of the plate

Many buyers are satisfied with the purchase, claiming that they are able to cook on modern technology at a budget price.

The manufacturer supplies the market with various models, among which Gefest 3200 06 is notable for its availability. The reviews on the stove are quite diverse, but the leaders are the following:

  • the device works for a long time without significant breakdowns and the occurrence of hidden defects;
  • the electric ignition hidden under the burner does not clog, which significantly prolongs the service life and prevents its pollution;
  • bright lights, which is equipped with an oven;
  • adjustable legs allow you to adjust the device to the growth of the hostess and level in uneven floor conditions;
  • large and roomy drawer for kitchen utensils;
  • it comes with a baking sheet and a grill made of a fairly durable material, which guarantees baking quality;
  • nice and fashionable design that is suitable for many housewives;
  • it is convenient to light the oven, the ignition holes are located close, which prevents accidental burns and does not require the purchase of special, fireplace matches.

 gefest 3200 06 reviews

Taking into account all the above characteristics and the stated price, it can be argued that the Gefest 3200 06 gas stove is the best kitchen appliance when you need high quality for reasonable money.

Reviews of the flaws of the plate

Despite the weighty advantages, the model 3200 06 is not without flaws. Users write that the oven does not allow to get good pastries, supposedly the edges are too big heat, so the food burns. But this opinion is refuted by some comments, which state that if you use not a grid, but good baking, the problem is eliminated.

There are also reviews that when the oven is working the handles get very hot. But this is a problem of all the plates, where the switches are made of plastic.

There are complaints about the enamel coating. It requires careful treatment and is difficult to clean if you do not immediately remove the dirt. But the catalytic coating, which is used in other models, slightly increases the price, which would make the device not so budget.

In connection with the above disadvantages, before making a purchase decision, you should measure your requirements for the plate and the capabilities of this model. If you need a high-quality gas device, which will serve for a long time without complaints, but having some peculiarities in operation, it is possible to take a closer look at Gefest 3200 06.

gefest 3200 06 manual

Features of the oven Gefest 3200 06

How to turn on the oven, equipped with a system of "gas control", interests many buyers. Sometimes, the hostess does not understand the principle of operation of this function, and even leave negative reviews about the device as a whole.

The manufacturer equips his products with safe characteristics, and so that children cannot accidentally turn on the gas, there is a delay in its supply. This function is provided and considered budget model Gefest 3200 06

The instructions attached to the stove describe in detail the procedure for switching on the oven. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Turn gas switch to maximum. At the same time, the gas flow is still blocked, which is so appreciated by young parents.
  2. Open the door, bring the lit match to the hole in the foreground of the bottom of the oven (gas still does not flow).
  3. Press the gas supply button, located to the left of the burner switches, and keep it recessed for 10 seconds.

After that, you need to turn the thermostat knob to the required parameters. The maximum values ​​(200 degrees) of the oven reaches in 10 minutes.

Custom color for special interior

If the model in question is made in the classic white color, then its subspecies can be purchased in an unusual - brown. Gefest 3200 06 K19 (brown) is suitable for a properly decorated kitchen, or for those who wish to highlight the kitchen space with a color spot.

 gefest 3200 06 Specifications

The model is quite compact. But with a width of 50 cm and a depth of 57 cm, it has a spacious oven that has a useful volume of 44 liters. There is a thermostat and interior lighting.

The hob is covered with enamel, which has an unusual brown shade. According to customers, the material does not fade, and for a long time remains the same bright and saturated.

Specifications of the brown model gas stove

The model has a manual electric firing, and is also equipped with a "gas control" function. For convenience, there is a hinged lid and drawer for pans.

Markers switches are marked. Their color coincides with the external design of the plate, and according to the manufacturer and consumer reviews, they do not lose brightness due to a large temperature difference. In addition, a big plus of this model is that the handles do not get very hot when the oven is turned on. They are made of heat-resistant plastic.

The plate Gefest 3200 06 K19 is a good choice for economical housewives who want to get excellent quality for a budget price and purchase unusual home appliances in a color version.

Safety engineering when using plates "Hephaestus"

All users of gas appliances are required to familiarize themselves with their technical specifications, and follow the rules of operation. The model "Hephaestus 3200 06" is intended only for domestic use and is not suitable for institutions with mass cooking.

When operating gas equipment, all ventilation systems must be intact. During prolonged cooking, it is recommended to ventilate the room.

When servicing the appliance and carrying out washing procedures, it is necessary to disconnect the product.

gefest 3200 06 how to turn on the oven

Be sure to require a preventive check gas hose and electric cord. In case of any suspicion of a malfunction, you should immediately contact the appropriate services (gas, service center), and temporarily stop the operation of the device.

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