Gardner Ava: biography, personal life and photos

Gardner Ava - the greatest star in the sky of Hollywood. The angelic face and divine figure quickly turned the inconspicuous modest girl into an eccentric beauty, who loved men, booze and salty words.gardner ava

Shy and Puritan

The family of farmer Gardner from North Carolina, who had seven children, was poor. Ava was the youngest and obediently did everything that the strict devout mother required. She listened to Bible stories that frightened the temptations and sins of the modern world.

The girl was taught to work hard and was forbidden to wear clothes that could highlight her beauty. About cosmetics and say nothing! From men should stay away. Gardner Ava broke out of the sleepy realm of virtue at the age of 18 and fell into the full glitter and noise of New York.

Visiting my sister and the first steps in the cinema

She was photographed by her sister's husband, Larry Tarr, made the portfolio, speaking in modern language, and sent him to the film studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer.ava gardner photoThis incredible beauty was immediately noticed, and its owner was invited to sample. Gardner Ava immediately disgraced herself: she clumsily moved and spoke with a terrible accent, she could not sing and dance either, and she did not notice her talent. However, the energy charge emanated from her, and the head of the studio signed a contract with her for seven years. She began to receive $ 50 a week and starred in the crowd. It looked like in the early years of Ava Gardner. The photo shows her appearance full of perfection and modesty.
personal life Ava GardnerThis is really an American dream that you want to look at and watch. 5 long years it was filmed only in episodes, and in the credits her name was not mentioned.

First marriage

It is not known how long Ava Gardner would have walked in starlets. The biography changed when the actress Carmen Miranda noticed it. In fact, it was the comedian Mickey Rooney, who was made up by a woman.

Her white skin, thin waist, magnificent breasts, extraordinary face shook him, and he called the girl for two weeks, not leaving her alone. Gardner Ava refused dating. And when she agreed to the meeting, she made a condition that she would not come alone. Mickey agreed on everything.He quickly learned that he would not have to wait for an easy victory without marriage: she did not even allow herself to be kissed.
actress ava gardner

But she agreed to become his wife, and they played a modest and quiet wedding on the holy week of 1942. Mickey was far from being such an attentive husband as he was when he was courting Ava. He left her alone, preferring the game of golf, a company of friends in which he drank heavily, horse racing.

Happiness in marriage was not, but the benefits were. Mickey was able to achieve roles for his wife. In "Ghosts in the Wild" for the first time she played a major role. Disagreements and quarrels between spouses became more and more serious. Mickey wanted a child, Ava refused, but began to go to nightclubs. Mickey was beside himself with jealousy.

They finally divorced in 1943, having lived together for 17 months. Mickey followed the filming of the next film of the former wife, attending them, then they went to a restaurant, and all the newspapers started writing about their reconciliation. There was no truth in this.

New hobby - gorgeous Howard Hughes

How many fleeting meetings with different men, only Ava Gardner knows. Biography (personal life) she began anew. Ava met millionaire Howard Hughes.He was known throughout Hollywood for his numerous novels. Their relationship was not even.
ava gardner filmography

Ava had nothing to do with Howard, well, maybe she, like all women, could not resist when she was presented with a tray of diamonds or showered with hundreds of roses and gardenias. The order of the whole restaurant for two was also impressive, as was the flight to Mexico on a private jet.

The couple stayed together for two years. And then Ava met the musician Artie Shaw, who led the jazz orchestra.

Mating adventure with an intellectual

It was 1945. Ava Gardner's personal life has changed again. She moved to Artie. He was stunned when he learned that, in addition to the Bible, "Gone With the Wind" and film scripts, she had never read anything. Ava had to think about how to raise his intellectual level to the level of his beloved, and go to study at the University of California.
Ava Gardner photo in old age

Science was not given to her, and she could not become the mistress of the “salon” and talk with Artie’s friends. Ava was happy to gossip about celebrity life, she could walk around the house barefoot while visiting. For this, Artie reproached her for her wildness. Weeping bitterly, Ava ran away. Everyone who saw it, expected that the couple is about to break up.

Contrary to all the assumptions, Ava and Artie decided to enter into legal marriage. It was one thing. Movie career at Gardner went uphill. She spent all the time on the set. Artie Show actively played with the orchestra. There was not enough time for meetings. Intimate relationships faded away.

In 1946, Ava left Shaw's house, never to return to it. She visited a Howard Hughes air crash in a hospital and soon filed for divorce. This college-like life was not about her. She did not regret anything and did not demand proper maintenance. I took for myself a memory (who would have thought?) Just a waffle iron.
ava gardner biographyAt this time, she starred in the "murderers" by the story of E. Hemingway, a crime drama that brought her unprecedented success before. The role turned her into a star.

Filming and madness

In 1952, Ava won the lead role in “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” where she starred with Gregory Peck, who remained her friend until the end of her life. She had a supporting role (Cynthia Green), with which actress Ava Gardner brilliantly coped.

In 1953, on the set of "Mogambo", she had love scenes with Clark Gable. For this work, Ava was nominated for an Oscar.She was not such a bad actress, which she always considered herself. But their romance broke out on the set of “The Trappers”.

Hughes came out of the hospital and promised, as he did with all his passions, to marry Ava. She was not going to give up her freedom. Now there was a series of shootings in which Ava Gardner participated. Movies, like partners, changed one after another. Ava fell in love with a short optional affair. At first it was the actor of Britain David Niven, then the director John Houston. He gave her a great tragic role in his film "The Night of the Iguana" (1964), and then in the Bible.

The once shy touch-up girl has disappeared forever. At the same time, she meets with Fernando Lomas, Peter Lowe and singer Mel Torm and walks with Peter Lawford. Actor Howard Duff threw his life under her feet, although he knew that Gardner had romance with jazzman Jerry Wald and gangster Peter Stompanato.

Dreams of a happy family life seem forgotten forever. Shooting in the film “The Touch of Venus”, she is fond of Robert Walker for a while. The painting "Bribe" brought a new passion - Robert Taylor. From the paparazzi studio, as she could, hid the storms of Ava Gardner’s personal life.It was even announced her upcoming engagement with Howard Duff. This softened the leadership of the studio, and it raised the salary. She began to receive $ 1250 a week, gave her personal make-up room, which once belonged to the star Norma Shirman, and was called the “most charming girl.”

Ava Gardner in old ageAt the age of 26, Ava Gardner, the photo demonstrates this, was beautiful, and no excesses and sleepless nights spoiled her.

Romantic singer with velvet voice

The year 1950 came. Ava met her true love. True, at first Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner reacted to each other incredulously, if not hostile. Frank had a wife, Nancy, and three children. He was not going to divorce. Ava and Frank met more and more often.

Before leaving for Spain to shoot the movie “Pandora and the Flying Dutchman”, Ava stopped by to see Frank in New York. They lived together in the magnificent Hampshire House Hotel. The two went to the premiere of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." They began to write about them in the newspapers. There was a scandal. Ava was invited to Sinatra's birthday party, which celebrated him at the Copacabana Hotel.

Returning from Spain, Ava again began to meet with Frank, breaking all other ties.Frank decided to divorce his wife, who, being accustomed to her husband's betrayal, did not believe it. The passion that connected this pair has become turbulent and irresistible. They left for Houston and spent a fortnight together. Paparazzi took pictures in which two stars sat in an Italian restaurant.

The whole world was discussing their romance. Letters to Ava flew with accusations that she was destroying an exemplary Catholic family. Mayer, the owner of the studio, did not need scandals. He fired Frank, but he couldn't do that with Ava. This sexy star brought too much money.

Sinatra went to New York to perform a new show. Gardner immediately flew after him. Finally, after three sentences of hands and hearts in 1951, their wedding took place in Philadelphia.

Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner

After her, having forgotten about the luggage, they flew to Miami. There they spent their honeymoon. But a quiet life, of course, could not happen. Behind each of them were crowds of fans. Sinatra, losing popularity, did not refuse, loving Ava, on the sidelines. She was not going to share it with anyone. But she, flying to Spain, met with macho. The whole world was at her feet.

At this time, she was wildly popular and flirted with everyone.She has never been so beautiful and attractive. In 1954, the film "Barefoot Countess" was released. The slogan to him was - "The most beautiful animal of the world." Under it meant the main character - the dancer Maria Valdez. In this role, she starred into a delightfully-delightful erotic Ava.
ava gardner moviesThere were scandals behind the scandal at home. Frank grabbed his gun, threatening to shoot the wrong beauty. In response, Ava threw the wedding ring out of the window. Like on a volcano, they lived together for six years and divorced in 1957. But their hearts were deeply connected.


Depressed, Ava plunged into the world of bullfighting. She was accompanied by Hemingway, with whom Ava was on friendly terms. She was attracted to the bullfighters, whom she met not at all platonic.

One day Ava mounted a horse and rode out into the arena. This escapade ended with the horse dropping it, and the bull horn damaged its face. The wound was quickly overgrown, and the devotee Frank sat by the bed. The great Fellini in the "Sweet Life" image of the heroine Sylvia copied directly from Gardner after her adventures in Rome.

Ava Gardner: Filmography

Selected filmography shows twenty-four Gardner films. There is a lot of controversy about whether she was a good actress or just remained on her own screen and was too lazy to work and study acting.But her talent was undeniable, although Ava herself always considered herself to be a weak actress who received success due to the incredible photogenic and sexual temperament.

She could be great if she made a little effort. Unusual and unexpected in strength, miraculous, witchcraft and captivating talent manifested itself in her best films. Firstly, the "Murderers" (1946) in the noir style, when, after the premiere, it became truly famous. Then films such as Bribe, Brave Opponents, Kilimanjaro Snow, Knights of the Round Table, Theatrical Van, Mogambo, Barefoot Countess (1952 - 1954) went.

This is the rise in popularity of the actress. Everywhere she was the fatal beauty that the camera "loved". She did not play the role of a seductress, but simply lived on the screen. It was a sharp cocktail of menacing pretentiousness and breathtaking sexuality..ava gardner biography personal life

Epatage was peculiar to her in life and on the screen. Then she drank a lot and could only be removed before lunch. Went a career slump. Since 1957, it appears less and less on the screen, acting in one film a year.

She will appear in the role of Lady Bret Ashley in the film And the Sun Rises, based on E. Hemingway. There will be films “On the Shore”, “Bhovani Station”, “Naked Maha”.Undoubted success will be the role of Maxin Folk in the drama "Night of the Iguana" (1964). Ava will be filmed until 1986. And then the aging actress at 64 will forever leave the cinema and hide in London alone.

Last years

In the 60s from bright sunny Spain, Gardner decides to move to foggy Britain, full of grayness and rain. Scenarios come less and less, the roles in which it is removed, are unsuccessful and bring some grief. Shooting will interrupt two strokes, after which Ava will become partially paralyzed. Hospital invoices will be paid unchanged by Frank Sinatra.

Beauty left, photographers Gardner tried not to show. But you can still find what the recluse Ava Gardner looked like. A photo in old age (1990) shows a lady in a snow-white manta who has already suffered cerebral hemorrhages.Last photo

She lived quietly with a housewife, going on walks with her dog. What did Ava Gardner think in her old age? About the novels of youth, from which once felt dizzy? About universal adoration? She has nothing left. When she passed away at 67, her friend Gregory Peck flew in. He took her housewife and dog. Frank, having learned of her death, burst into tears, lying on the floor, and recalled the words of the song he dedicated to her: “You are a part of me.” That's all.

Idol and idol of not only Americans, Ava Gardner (1922-1990) turned first from a shy girl to the queen of all who met on her way, and then into a solitary recluse who was tired of life.

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