Garden Fern - Mysterious Flower


Ferns are considered very ancient plants that appeared on Earth many millions of years ago. In nature, there are more than ten thousand varieties: and the giant, with leaves of more than half a meter, and very small.Garden fernSome grow wildly in nature, others, such as garden fern, people plant for landscaping plots near their houses, others - room, ideally fit into the interiors of the premises. These plants are ubiquitous, even in the Arctic or high in the mountains. The fern, whose flower is considered mythical, is associated by the Slavs with the feast of Ivan Kupala. According to legend, it is from him that a magic drink is prepared, which helps to find treasures, defeat evil spirits, becomes invisible.

Cultivation and care

breeding fernsGarden fern can be successfully used to design a garden plot under the conditions for its successful growth, which are considered to be partial shade, humidity and lightness of the soil.The leaves of this plant - fronds - are very tender, therefore they do not tolerate frivolity. Crowns of trees, green hedges or curbs may well create the necessary windward. And it is in such places and you need to plant a garden fern. Moreover, this neighborhood will be useful for the trees: the plant perfectly protects the soil and stems from overheating or drying out. The next condition is constant soil and air moisture. Not very powerful, but the thick roots of this plant do not tolerate drought, but they do not like flooding either. In addition, during watering, water droplets should not fall on the leaves. Garden fern tolerates soil mulching around itself with coniferous paws. It strengthens its root system, while simultaneously leaving the soil moist. Every three years, the plant must be renewed by thinning. Removed broken, old and lost appearance frond. The garden fern tolerates frost well, but its varieties such as the nomad and the leaflet must be closed for the winter with peat or dry leaves.

Fern flowerTransfer

If the conditions for the plant are not entirely favorable, and it grows poorly, then the garden fern should be transplanted. This is done in early spring or in September.In this case, you can not damage the ground around the roots, digging processes. In the period from May to July, the plant should be fed once every three weeks with complex fertilizers.


Fern breeding occurs both vegetatively and spores. In the first case, the overgrown shrub of the plant is divided, and with the rhizome, several roots and a bud. The resulting bush, which has a separate "rosette", is deposited. A garden fern, such as asplenium, is “viviparous,” that is, it multiplies with brood buds that form along the edges of the frond. It is better to deposit it in spring, when it is still cool, but the plant has already begun to grow actively. Spore breeding inherent in species that do not form additional “rosettes” is a rather laborious process. Sprouting spores is similar to the process of seed germination. They are collected from an already mature frond by cutting a leaf and placing it in a paper bag.Fern flowerPeriodic shaking helps to separate the spores, they are harvested and germinated in a mixture of peat, sheet soil and sand. Within a month, small sprouts appear, which are then transplanted.

Special features

If all the rules of agricultural engineering are observed, the garden fern practically does not affect diseases and pests. Slugs cause him the greatest harm, and they are not able to destroy the plant, unless they spoil the appearance. You can fight these pests manually or with the help of the preparation "Metaldehyde".Fern breedingSometimes the garden fern is covered with brown spots that are a symptom of a fungal or bacterial disease. In this case, the affected leaves just need to be cut and burned.

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