Galushka Alexander Sergeevich reached the Far East

The Far East today is one of the priorities in the country's economy. The richness of natural resources, the unique geographical position make it one of the most promising regions of Russia. Already for the fifth year, A. S. Galushka, Minister of Development of the Far East, is responsible for the economic fate of the region.

Ocean view

Million Chinese in the Far East yet

China has the longest border with Russia (more than 3000 kilometers) and is its most active economic partner in the Far East. 85% of foreign investments attracted to the Far East are Chinese. The ministry holds regular summits with Chinese investors to discuss business issues, the creation of a business infrastructure, and specific investment projects.

China can become a large market for food exports from Russia, for the implementation of agricultural projects.A Russian-Chinese agribusiness development fund was organized with a total investment of 10 billion US dollars.

wheat fields

Of particular importance for the Far East are jointly implemented projects linking both countries: border crossings, road and railway bridges. More and more Chinese tourists are coming to rest in the Far East, Chinese companies are going to invest 300-400 million dollars in the tourist infrastructure of Primorsky Krai. According to the Minister of Development of the Far East, the main areas of cooperation with China are the deep processing of natural resources, transport, logistics, agriculture, and tourism. And there are about ten thousand Chinese in the Far East.

South Korea

South Korea has been famous for its innovations over the past few years, therefore Minister Galushka Alexander Sergeevich attaches great importance to technological cooperation with this country. South Korea has built the world's first icebreakers for Russia, ships for the transport of liquefied natural gas and is reconstructing the Zvezda shipyard, where they will build tankers for Russian oil companies.A consortium of Korean companies will build a fish and seafood processing complex in Primorsky Krai.

Vorothota Dongdaemun

After several years of lull, as Alexander Sergeevich Galushka notes at meetings with South Korean colleagues, Korean companies began to actively enter the Far East. The ministry identified the main areas of cooperation: port infrastructure, shipbuilding, development of the Northern Sea Route, energy, agriculture, gas and railways. Korean investments in the Far East amounted to $ 434 million, or 8.2% of foreign investment in the region.

We cooperate, but with an eye to sanctions

Cooperation with one of the most closed countries in the world is complicated by the introduction of international sanctions. Alexander Sergeevich Galushka is the co-chairman of the Intergovernmental Commission on Trade-Economic and Scientific-Technical Cooperation between Russia and the DPRK, the last meeting of which was held March 21-22 in Pyongyang. Russia and North Korea agreed to further develop cooperation in the field of transport, agriculture, environmental protection, science, education.Prior to the imposition of sanctions, several large joint projects were implemented: the reconstruction of the railway and the port of Rangin, the laying of fiber optic cable in the DPRK to launch alternative Internet. In Russia, mainly in the Far East, about 35,000 residents of the DPRK come to work every year.

First investments, then the world

Despite the fact that there is no peace treaty between Russia and Japan, but there are, according to the Japanese side, disputed territories, the countries agreed to develop economic cooperation, especially in the Kuril Islands, which are "controversial." The countries decided to cooperate in the following areas: innovative technologies, industry, infrastructure, energy, agriculture and medicine. The Ministry of Development of the Far East is discussing with the Japanese side the possibility of joint implementation of 18 projects. Their total amount is 1.7 trillion yen (16.5 billion dollars). It is planned that these funds will contribute to the development of the region.

Brief information about Galushka Alexander Sergeevich

In the biography of the minister for several years devoted to studies, he has a higher economic education,He graduated with honors from Moscow State Social University, the former Moscow Higher Party School, after graduating from university he worked at the Institute of Management Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. After receiving the certificate of the appraiser in MIPK REA them. Plekhanova Galushka Alexander Sergeevich was engaged in the assessment and examination of property rights and objects, on this field he reached the position of president of the non-commercial partnership Russian Collegium of Appraisers.

Galushka Alexander Sergeevich

Successful work in the public organization "Business Russia", including the development of several economic programs, made it possible to begin a career as a high-ranking government official. September 2013he wasappointed Minister of Development of the Far East.

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