G41M VS3 - description and features

In this article, you will be presented with a description of the G41M VS3 motherboard. This solution refers to the initial level, while it has a high-quality element base, an integrated graphics accelerator and a high degree of reliability.


g41m vs3

The Asrock G41M VS3 model is suitable for the assembly of office personal computers, differing in the low price and an optimum level of productivity. In addition, thanks to discrete graphics, a system based on this product can easily be turned into a full-fledged gaming personal computer.

The Asrock G41M VS3 motherboard has a form factor called MicroATX. The dimensions of the device are as follows: height - 226 mm, width - 170 mm. The north bridge is strictly in the center of this product. It refers to a set of system logic. This element is hidden under an aluminum radiator of impressive size.

Arrangement of elements

asrock g41m vs3

G41M VS3 incorporates a LGA775 socket. It is located under the above-mentioned north bridge - in the center of the upper part of the board.Thanks to this element it is possible to install the CPU. To the left of the specified element are wired ports. On top you can find power connectors. On the right are slots for RAM. There are two of them.

At the bottom of the device under the chip, referring to the north bridge, there are slots for connecting additional controllers. The G41M VS3 device has ports on one of the edges that allow you to attach drives. On the right is a chip south bridge. There are also grouped contacts that provide switching with the front panel of the personal computer.

Socket and processor models

asrock g41m vs3 r 2 0

The G41M VS3 motherboard is based on a chipset that contains 2 chips. One of them is G41. It includes a dual-channel RAM controller, as well as an element responsible for peripheral devices. Note that the first of these components is able to address 8GB of RAM. In addition, the ICH7 solution is part of the chipset. It is responsible for exchanging data with the front panel, as well as interacting with controllers.

For the device we are interested in a socket with a processor socket LGA775. The motherboard supports an impressive array of devices. Among them are Celeron with one and two cores.It is also possible to interact with Pentium processors with the LGA 775 and Core 2 Duo. These chips are dual core. However, they have higher frequencies, an improved architecture for semiconductor crystals and an increased cache. Thus, their speed is more effective than that of the previously mentioned solutions.

The motherboard can work with a quad-core Core 2 Quad processor. A separate supported platform should be discussed separately. This is a Core 2 Extreme. This chip includes 4 computing units. The composition has an unlocked CPU frequency multiplier. It provides system overclocking, which several times increases its speed.

Slots, ports, video

The G41M VS3 motherboard incorporates various expansion slots. Among them, PCI-Express 16X. It allows you to install a discrete graphics system. There is one PCI slot, which provides interaction with additional controllers.

The list of peripheral ports of the device includes 2 PS / 2 connectors that allow you to connect a wired keyboard and manipulator. There is one VGA connector. It provides image output to the monitor. There are four universal USB ports. There is one network connector that conforms to the RJ-45 standard.

The speaker system allows you to organize 3 special jacks. In addition, there is a COM port that allows you to connect peripheral devices that are currently used infrequently.

Let's say a few words about the features of the integrated graphics accelerator, which is equipped with a motherboard of interest to us. This item was created by Intel. Its model is GMA X4500. The specified graphics accelerator is part of the G41 chipset.

The performance level of this solution can not be called high. The solution has a maximum storage capacity capable of addressing 1.7 GB. At the same time, these indicators are sufficient for solving a number of office tasks. Also, a personal computer equipped with the specified motherboard allows you to view videos and even enjoy undemanding games with respect to hardware.

And in order to achieve empowerment, the computer system of interest to us must be provided with discrete graphics. In this case, interaction with it is provided by a PCI Express slot with a 16X version.

additional information

g41m vs3 boardThere is also a special version of the motherboard - Asrock G41M VS3 R 2 0. It has several features. In particular, it supports FSB with a frequency of 533, 800, 1066 and 1333 MHz. Perhaps its interaction with dual-channel memory standard DDR3.

As for the integrated graphics, it is represented in this case by a solution from Intel and has the following features: DirectX 10, Pixel Shader 4.0 and GMA X4500, with a maximum memory capacity of 1759 MB. Supports ASRock XFast technology for USB, LAN and RAM. The following solutions are implemented: APP Charger, IES, OC Tuner, OC DNA, Instant Flash. Instant Boot.

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