Front suspension VAZ-2109: repair, features

VAZ-2109 requires mandatory regular checking of the protective covers of the hinge assembly. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the absence or presence of mechanical deformations. In addition, it is necessary to ascertain the presence of cracks or traces of damage due to contact of foreign objects, damage to levers, stretch marks, a stabilizing support, struts and the frontal part of the body, especially in places where components and elements of the suspension mechanism are fixed.

front suspension VAZ 2109


The deformation of the suspension elements, especially bodywork stretch marks, disorganizes the corners of the wheels and makes it impossible to make adjustments to the camber-toe-in. First of all, you should check the silent blocks of cars, rubber cushions, ball joints, shrinkage of telescopic struts.

Repair of the VAZ-2109 requires the replacement of rubber pads and silent blocks, if there is a gap and one-sided swelling, including after trimming the end surfaces of the rubber elements.

It is possible to check on the machine the state of the ball joint of the front suspension after dismantling the wheel, measuring the distance between the lower arm and the disc element of the brake system. If after pumping the assembly the distance increases from 0, 8 mm and more, the hinge should be replaced.

repair of the VAZ 2109

Incomprehensible sounds when driving

In the presence of certain faults, the front suspension of the VAZ-2109 can make noise or knock. Below are the main causes of problems and recommendations for resolving them.

  1. The racks became unusable - they need to be replaced or repaired.
  2. There is a weakening of the fixing bolts of the stabilizing rod. Wear of stretch cushions is observed - tighten the bolts, replace worn cushions.
  3. Poor mounting of the upper support - the problem can be solved by tightening the locking nuts.
  4. Sediment is observed, the destruction of the supporting rubber element - it is desirable to replace the problem part.
  5. At wear of lever saylentblok, extensions or shtangovy racks of the stabilizer, it is necessary to establish new blocks.
  6. Replacing the ball joint is required if it is excessively worn.
  7. If there is a significant imbalance of the wheels, it is necessary to carry out balancing.
  8. Breakage of the spring or compression buffer implies their direct replacement.

Insufficient rack resistance

If the front suspension of the VAZ-2109 has lost the tightness of the giving, or bypass valve, you need to replace the damaged parts. With a small amount or leakage of the working mixture, you need to check, change worn parts, add the used composition to the norm.

arm front suspension VAZ 2109

In addition, in case of wear, precipitation, deformation of the guide bush, rings of the cylinder-piston group, spring mechanism, it is necessary to replace the unsuitable elements, filters and fill the new fluid. It is also necessary to pay attention to the integrity of the additional spring elements, valve discs and the hinge block. If necessary, the deformed elements need to be replaced as soon as possible, which will contribute to the rapid restoration of the node in question and prevent its further damage.

Other causes of faults and their repair

Replacing the front suspension or repairing it may be necessary due to the following prerequisites:

  • The appearance of a large difference in tire pressure - it is necessary to adjust this indicator.
  • Violation of the corners of the mounting wheels - requires timely adjustment of the site.
  • Deformation of the rubber element of the support - is solved by replacing the defective part.
  • If there is a big difference in the indicator of elasticity of tires, spring mechanisms, the defective spare part should be replaced.
  • In addition, it is necessary to monitor the wheel balancing.

To avoid premature repair of the front suspension, it is necessary to follow the recommendations for the maximum load of the car, avoid sudden acceleration and not exceed the maximum permissible values ​​specified in the instruction manual.

Lever replacement

The arm of the front suspension VAZ-2109 - one of the most important elements of the node in question. Its replacement is usually done in case of violation of the geometry, after being hit in a pothole, pit, ditch, hatch, or when it is impossible to remove the rubber-metal hinges. Optimal repair of the VAZ-2109 is better to produce on a lift, but you can do with a jack.

 front suspension replacement

First, the front wheel is removed, which should be pre-hung and secured with a substrate of boards or bricks. With a spanner wrench, the ball nut is unscrewed and then removed from the lever.At the next stage, the rear nut is loosened, the strut mount and the bracket mount are unscrewed. The bolt is removed, the lever can be freely dismantled.

The removed front suspension of the VAZ-2109 is inspected for integrity and the presence of defects, after which the rubber-metal hinges or the entire lever are changed. Assembly takes place in reverse order.

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