Front squatting with a barbell. Front squats with dumbbells

The leg muscles are key in gaining muscle mass. Scientists have long proved that only the legs are able to stimulate the body to splash out the maximum amount of natural testosterone.

The basic exercises are different types of squats with a barbell or dumbbells, which involve more than two joints. And if a newcomer is only enough ordinary classic squats with a barbell on his shoulders, then more advanced athletes think about the correct drawing of the muscles on the legs.

For pumping quadriceps, you can use an exercise such as frontal squats. Few people make them because of the difficulty of execution, as not everyone is able to hold the barbell and arms in the correct position. But for those who have comprehended this art, pumping up of quadriceps is easier than others.

front squats

What is the correct execution technique?

In order not to get injured, pre-barbell should be installed on special racks at shoulder level. Weight must be set so that you can do 10-12 times, without violating the trajectory of the entire movement. But note that the bar should be an order of magnitude easier than the one with which you do classic squats.

Approach the stand and place the barbell on your front deltas as close as possible to the neck, but so that there is no discomfort when doing the exercise.

What grip bars can you use?

There are two of the most common grip that apply when performing frontal squats.

The first one is grabbing the palms up. It allows you to tightly clasp the barbell and makes it possible to control its movement throughout the time of squatting. But there is a drawback - you need to have a certain flexibility, because such a position of the hands, when the elbows and palms are looking up, cannot be comfortable for everyone.

front squatting

The second grip is more versatile and is suitable for any person. Put the barbell on your shoulder, cross your arms and touch them to the opposite shoulder. That is, the right hand should touch the left shoulder, and vice versa.

Arch your back and squeeze the shoulder blades

Then move away from the racks and put your feet shoulder-width apart or a bit narrower.Other racks will force you to lean forward, which can affect the stability and position of the bar.

The back should be absolutely flat, and the shoulder blades should be brought inwards. Frontal squats require special attention to posture. If you perform them with a round back, it will not involve the muscles that should work. Plus, the risk of injury increases.

front squats or regular

Starting to squat, check that your elbows are located above the barbell, because otherwise you will not hold it and it will fall to the floor. Try to sit up to the parallel with the floor, and only then begin to climb up. Do this 10-12 reps on 3-4 approach. Try to open your knees at the time of the squat, otherwise the knee joint will be significantly loaded with the weight of the barbell.

What are the mistakes when athletes perform frontal squats?

1. Shift the center of gravity forward. No need to bend the body forward, as in the classic squats. Given that the bar is located in front of your body, it is not allowed to do this.

2. Raised heels. Many people, when performing regular squats, prefer to slightly transfer the entire toes, lifting their heels.When performing frontal squats, this should not be done, as this can lead to a loss of balance and injury due to the flight of the barbell and the fall of the athlete.

front squats rarely do

3. Crossed knees. Given the relatively close location of the legs in relation to each other, you need to carefully monitor the position of the knees. If, when performing, you see that your knees are close to each other and are bent inward, then immediately stop doing the exercise.

Do not unreasonably load the knee

The knees should move in the same plane with the feet. In this case, they should look forward and not lean to the left or right. Incorrect execution threatens the knee joint from the calyx, which is treated quite hard, and the injury remains for the rest of his life, weakening the human musculoskeletal system.

Lowering the elbows down is also a mistake. When you do frontal squats, the elbow should always be pointing up, so that the bar simply does not slide down. This is the most common mistake that leads to incorrect exercise.

What muscle groups are involved in the work?

Frontal squats are used to work out external beams of quadriceps. Due to the fact that the weight is in front of the body, the gluteus muscles are loaded much worse than in classic squats. This fact helps to better focus on the outer lateral and anterior parts of the leg muscles.

front or classic squats

Try to feel precisely these muscles throughout the entire range of motion. You should not specifically connect and engage other muscle fibers in the work - all this will only interfere and dissipate the load on the rest of the body.

Can I do frontal squats with dumbbells?

Yes you can! Due to this, it is quite realistic to pump up quadriceps at home. Dumbbells should lie on the upper surface of the chest and partly on the shoulders.

In this embodiment, the exercise is also worth watching for your elbows, which should look up.

Tough choice

What is better to do - front or classic squats? The answer to this question will be correct for each specific case. If the goal is to load the front of the legs and draw the relief of the muscles, then it is better to do front squats.If you are interested in volumetric muscle growth and the development of the back of the thigh, as well as the buttocks, then you need to perform classic squats.

front squats with dumbbells

Remember: when doing front squats or regular, you should always observe safety precautions and proper exercise. Exercise a good workout of the muscles of the legs and joints, always wear an athletic belt, and also find a partner who will insure you while doing squats. Best of all, if the partner is an instructor of the gym, who can always correct your equipment and give some practical advice.

And in pursuit of the development of your quadriceps, never chase lifting weights. Better to do more times or artificially slow down the movement to give a greater load to the legs. An unreasonable increase in the weight of the barbell will not give anything good, but will only provoke a stretching of the muscles or cause injury to the knee joint.

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