Friendly female team: features of coexistence, history and interesting facts

Have you ever worked in the women's team? Since you are reading this article, then the topic is close to you. The friendly female team is a mystic who is difficult to meet on our land. Girls know how to be friends, but being with each other for 8 working hours 5 days a week seems to many an unbearable task. How to survive in these conditions? Let's see.


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Why is it so difficult to exist in a friendly female team? Because willy-nilly, you have to gossip. Even if a girl basically does not want to talk shit about colleagues, she can be forced to do it. And after that, words can falsify and spread gossip. Therefore, it is impossible to not express your opinion at all. Do it very carefully. Keep in mind that you can not please everyone.Try not to criticize anyone openly, and if you speak ill of a person, always argue your position. And if you have already decided to express your opinion about a colleague, then speak to her face. Otherwise, your words may come to it in another interpretation. Let the collective about you create an opinion that you are a straightforward person who doesn’t crawl into his pocket for a word and, if necessary, will not say nasty things behind his back, but give a reasoned criticism to the face.

The leaders

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In any friendly female team there is a leader. Usually it is a brisk girl who has worked for the company since its inception. The lady is well acquainted with the authorities, she knows who is having a birthday, and is able to find an approach to each employee. To remove such a girl from her homeland is difficult, and sometimes impossible. Let you be comforted by the idea that you came to work for work, and not to fight for the position of leader of the local gang. Girls who occupy a dominant position in the office usually work well. So, your task is to build relationships with all the girls and gently demonstrate your professionalism to the whole team. The main thing in this business is not to overdo it.You do not have to suck up either to the authorities or to the employees. You should love for professional skills, and not for the ability to conduct small talk.


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Do you know what clothes you meet? In a friendly female team, this rule works 100%. When you are going to work, try to dress neatly, but with restraint. Well, if at work there is a dress code. The uniform helps to equate all employees. And if there is no form, still stick to business style. You go to work to build a career and earn money, not to demonstrate a new dress. Yes, colleagues can appreciate your new dress, but not a single girl likes it when her partner looks too attractive. Do not wear expensive jewelry to work, do not use too resistant perfume and do not abuse cosmetics. In a word, do not give your colleagues reasons for gossip about their appearance. Always make sure that your clothes are ironed and your shoes are clean. Hair should be collected in the tail or in a bun, and a discreet manicure should be done on the nails.

All secret becomes clear

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There are many stories about a friendly female team. And most of them have a sad ending. Why all? Because the girls tried to hide something from their colleagues. Remember: there are no secrets in the women's team. Naturally, this does not mean that you should share your personal life with each employee of your office. But here, as to work, it is better not to hide. If you make a mistake, frankly and immediately admit it. Let your colleague look at you sideways. Correct the error and try not to allow it anymore. The stupidest thing you can do is to shift the responsibility for assigning you to someone else. The report will ask you, so what exactly do you need to do or control the process of work. Never let things take their course.

In the women's team is better not to lie. Yes, and in general, get rid of this bad habit. If you do not want to answer the question, do not answer. Say that you do not want to spread about something, but do not lie. People who lie on trifles cannot be trusted.

Don't ask

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Today in fashion to show off their lives. There is nothing worse than this.How does a friendly female team differ from a mixed one? Desire and opportunity to speak and discuss their colleagues. Therefore, no need to ask. As mentioned above, do not come to work with a bag that is worth more than your salary. Do not wear expensive boots and too bright jewelry. Envy - this is the feature that is inherent in mostly women. Therefore, you can be condemned for the fact that you unreasonably manage money, change love for things, etc.

Do not be clever. Yes, you are a good specialist, but prove it to the team in practice, and not in words. No need to ask and boast of past successes. If colleagues want, they can look at your portfolio or workbook. No one likes people who are trying to prove to others that they are superior to them. Have respect for your colleagues, even if it seems to you that they are all mediocre workers.

Match words

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Poisonous female friendly team always loves to speak up. To communicate with colleagues normally, you need to speak the same language with them. Yes, you may be a well-read girl with two higher educations. But this does not mean that you need to ignore the less educated employees. Do not lift your nose and do not use high-flown syllable. Take care of it for those who appreciate it.Do not throw beads in front of pigs. If ladies communicate in jargon, then you need to learn how to communicate in the same way. If it’s customary in a team to talk without a mate, and you can periodically speak out, then try to control the speech.

Always think what you say. In order not to hurt a person, you should choose words. Try to avoid undeserved accusations, do not give anyone the nicknames and try to talk without raising your voice.

Offer help

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Jokes about a friendly female team are not always witty. Why do girls have all sorts of peripetias? All because women talk a lot and listen little. You need to develop a different approach. Always try to hear your interlocutor. Often in conversation with colleagues, girls can ask for help. Some feel ashamed to ask openly, and some think that the veil they put on the request is too transparent. If you have heard the request and it does not make it difficult for you to help, help. Noble deeds bring people together. Today you help, tomorrow help you. Of course, make sure that you do not sit on the neck. You can help colleagues from time to time, and not on a permanent basis.If you are regularly asked for help, refuse on principle. You are not mother Teresa, you have your own work.


Have you heard a lot about the friendly female team? How to exist in it? You need to be patient and humble. Here is one of the stories that well demonstrates the essence of female friendship in the framework of work. 6 girls worked in the beauty salon team. Four of them were married, one unmarried lady had a child, and the other had no one. The girl Sonya was from a poor family, her parents died, she could not get a higher education, so she came to work as an administrator at a beauty salon. The team took her well. Everybody liked the sociable girl right away. Six months passed, her colleagues transformed Sonya, she became a beauty. Somehow Nikita came to the salon. A handsome young man turned out to be the director of a company selling equipment to a beauty salon. Nikita invited Sonya to date, and from that day their romance began to grow rapidly. Relations with colleagues deteriorated sharply. The girl still went to work, did an excellent job with her duties, but her colleagues began to whisper behind her back.In the face of the same girl said that she threw Nikita, because he is not for her, he will die and throw. Sonya did not despair and kept everything inside. Six months later, Nikita made a proposal to the girl, and she agreed. Announcing the news of the engagement, Sonia was counting on congratulations. But instead of them, I heard many warnings that the chosen one would cheat on the bride. Relationships in the team deteriorated, colleagues envied the girl in a black way and did not give her a pass. Sonya had to leave work. The rich fiance paid the girl a higher economic education, thanks to which Sonya was able to open her own salon.

Of course, such stories do not always have a happy ending. Most of the successful, intelligent and beautiful girls just survive from the team, and they have to go nowhere. Survive the strongest, the smartest and the smartest. But always remember that a good specialist will be left without work.


It is interesting to work in the women's team ... You will always learn something new about yourself and by a very big secret.

Such funny jokes about the friendly female team are often found. Gossip, intrigue and slander - this is what is hidden under the mask of good nature. Women always try to take a place in the sun, it seems to them that there is not enough light and heat for everyone.The joke about a friendly female team illustrates that you should keep your secrets with you and not share them with unverified people. Try to leave everything private behind the working door. The less your colleagues know about you, the calmer you will work.

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