French movie about the death of the submarine "Kursk"

Ships die not only during wars. It happens all over the world. It happens that unlucky circumstances cause a number of casualties that exceed combat losses. In 1967, a fire broke out on the Forrestal aircraft carrier that killed more than a hundred seamen. In 1963, the nuclear submarine-cruiser "Trecher" sank. The number of victims - 112 people, the whole team. In 2000, the submarine "Kursk" was killed.

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How ships die, and how admirals talk about it

In most cases, the fault of the death of ships and their crew members are several factors, including human, which together lead to tragedy. Violation of instructions, which are known to be written in blood, forced deviations from technical standards, sometimes just someone's negligence, and coincidences of relatively harmless factors - all of this is often given to a comprehensive definition of “evil rock”.The submarine "Kursk" died in circumstances that a person far from the naval service may seem strange. The feeling of untruth arose from viewers immediately, and it was completely justified. In the official reports of the command of the Northern Fleet there was a lot of conflicting information. However, it is this, oddly enough, suggests the complete absence of intentions for the sophisticated misrepresentation of the public.

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Bit of psychology

The peculiarity of the psychology of the official, and especially of the military, is such that when unexpected and unpleasant situations arise, the first reaction is to try to hide them in the hope that the problem will somehow be solved by itself. This is not peculiar to our owners of “striped pants,” as high ranks around the world behave. There are many examples, the same "Tracher", after all, or Pearl Harbor. If the trouble does not self-destruct, they try to find a good reason for it, especially while pushing for heroism. When the submarine Kursk sank, the naval command behaved exactly that way. Only seven and a half hours after the explosion, the Minister of Defense reported him to the President. By that time, the submarine had already been discovered.At first, the public was tried to reassure that a stable connection was established with the crew. Then it turned out that air was being supplied to the ship in distress. Later intonations were changed from optimistic to tragic. Admiral Vladimir Kuroyedov announced that there was almost no hope of salvation. At this point, the Kursk submarine had already been inspected, and the nature of the damage allowed the Navy Commander to do without the word “almost”, but he chose to use it. Subsequent events gradually brought clarity, which was terrible.

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Muddy French Cinema

The inconsistency of the published information gave rise to the most fantastic mind-constructions. The French documentary filmmaker Carr conducted an investigation that, like two and two, proved that the American submarines had sunk the Kursk. The submarine Memphis fired a torpedo, thereby disrupting the sale of the newest Russian weapons to China, and the case was hushed up on the basis of foreign policy interests - this is the main idea of ​​the film. How much to consider this version plausible - a personal matter of each viewer,However, one should take into account the degree of media engagement, the cost of such a media project and the extreme interest of some political forces in discrediting the Russian president. He is credited with many other terrible things, for example, organizing terrorist attacks throughout the country in order to unleash the second Chechen war. Against this background, the submarine "Kursk", the death of which, most likely, occurred all the same for technical reasons, already seems to some trustful citizens to be another victim of the "bloody regime".

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