Flat cakes Uzbek: recipe cooking at home

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Uzbek pellets can be made using a different basis. Today we will present some of the most popular recipes, with the help of which you will be able to make tasty and tender bread by yourself.

It should be noted that in the original Uzbek cakes are baked in tandoor. This is a kiln made of baked clay. Of course, no one will be able to build it specifically for the preparation of a flour dish. In this regard, we decided to present to your attention a detailed recipe of Uzbek cakes in the oven and on the stove.

Cooking Uzbek bread on dry yeast

As mentioned above, Uzbek cakes can be baked in the oven of different dough. But products made on a yeast basis are the most popular in our country.

It should be noted that the recipe for making Uzbek bread is so simple that even the most inexperienced cook will be able to use it correctly.Strictly observing the requirements of this method, you will definitely get very soft and tender cakes with delicious taste.

So, how is homemade Uzbek bread prepared? The recipe for such flour products requires the use of the following components:

  • high-grade flour, light - about 700 g;
  • fresh milk maximum fat content - 350 ml;
  • sugar sand - full big spoon;
  • margarine for baking salty - about 50 g;
  • dry yeast - dessert spoon;
  • large rustic egg - 1 pc .;
  • salt - the average pinch.Uzbek cakes in tandoor

Kneading yeast dough

Uzbek flatbread, the recipe of which we are considering, turns out to be very ruddy, lush and tasty. Before you put it in the oven, you should knead the yeast dough well. To do this, you need to warm up a little fresh milk of maximum fat content, and then pour sugar and dry yeast into it. After the last component is completely dissolved, it is required to add egg yolk, table salt and melted salted margarine into the dishes. Moreover, cooking oil should not be hot. At the end of all the ingredients should pour high-grade light flour.It is recommended to knead the dough for about ¼ hour. At the same time, it should move away from the palms quite well. If this does not happen, then a small amount of wheat flour should be added to the base.

In order for the Uzbek cakes in the oven to rise well, to become soft and fluffy, it is advisable to close the kneaded dough well with a dry cloth and lid, and then put it in any warm place. It is recommended to withstand the base in such conditions for approximately 1.2-1.6 hours. During this time, it should be "whipped" with your hand about 3-4 times.

Formation process

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in kneading yeast dough for Uzbek bread. Once the base is suitable, you can safely proceed to the formation of products. To do this, it must be sprinkled with wheat flour and divided into 10-11 parts. Next, each piece needs to be transformed into a smooth ball and rolled into a cake with a thickness of 1 centimeter.Uzbek cake at home

Heat treatment

Uzbek tortillas in the oven are baked for a relatively short time. And before you put them there, products should be properly laid out on a baking sheet. To do this, a large sheet is required to lubricate abundantly with oil or other cooking oil.Next, it is necessary to place a piece of cakes on it so that the distance between them is about 3-4 centimeters. At the end, each product should be pierced in the middle part with a fork, and then smeared with whipped protein. In this form, semi-finished products are recommended to keep warm for about 15-26 minutes. During this time, the products should rise slightly. Next, the filled baking sheet should be placed in the oven, where it is desirable to withstand it for 30-45 minutes. In this case, the temperature must be maintained at about 200-220 degrees.

How should be served Uzbek bread to the table?

After the Uzbek cake is baked properly at home, the baking sheet with products should be removed from the oven and immediately greased with fresh butter or salted margarine. Next, the product must be removed from the sheet using a spatula and served to the table along with any first or second hot lunch. By the way, such flat cakes can also be used with sweet and fatty kefir. Bon Appetit!

Cooking Uzbek puff cakes together

Uzbek flat cake at home is tasty not only from yeast dough, but also from a layered foundation.For the preparation of such bread, we need:how to make uzbek flatbread

  • high-grade flour, light - about 500 g;
  • filtered water - 400 ml;
  • sugar sand - a full small spoon;
  • salted butter - about 100 g;
  • salt - the average pinch.

Cooking Basics

Undoubtedly, the Uzbek cakes in the tandoor are much tastier than in an ordinary oven. But if you do not have such an oven, you can bake the flour product with the help of the above-mentioned kitchen equipment. And before you put it there, you should mix the puff pastry well. To do this, it is necessary to slightly warm the drinking water, add to it an average pinch of salt, sugar and, stirring regularly, gradually pour the sifted flour. As a result of such actions, you should get a pretty cool base. To make it fit, it should be wrapped with cling film and left to warm for hours.

After this time, the dough is required to roll into a very thin layer using a rolling pin. Next, the resulting sheet must be smeared with softened butter. After that, the dough is required to bend in half, roll out and re-cook with cooking oil.Similar actions should be carried out about 12-16 times. At the end of a dense square of multiple layers, you must again put in the bag and leave aside for half an hour.recipe of Uzbek tortillas in the oven

How to form and bake?

After the specified time, puff pastry is required to get out of the bag and immediately roll out into a thin cake. Next on its surface with a fork should be made holes. After that, the semi-finished product must be placed on a greased baking sheet and sent to the oven. Bake the Uzbek cake from puff pastry preferably at a temperature of about 195 degrees for 15-25 minutes. In this case, the product must be regularly monitored. After all, if you miss the moment, then you will not have a tasty and tender flat cake, but an ordinary crouton.

Uzbek onion cakes: a recipe with a photo of products

Uzbek bread with onions is very aromatic and tasty. It should also be noted that the calorific value of these products is much higher than those that were presented above. After all, heat treatment of such cakes is required not in the oven, but in a pan with oil.

So, for the preparation of onion bread, we need:

  • high-grade flour, light - about 500 g;
  • filtered water - 400 ml;
  • sugar sand - a full small spoon;
  • salted butter - 2 large spoons;
  • bulbs sweet large - 2 pcs .;
  • salt - the average pinch.

The process of making dough and the formation of products

To make onion cakes, you should slightly warm the drinking water, and then pour sugar, salt and light flour to it. It is advisable to knead the dough until you have a rather dense and uniform base. To make it fit, it should be placed in a bag and set aside for 16-22 minutes. After this, the dough is required to very thinly roll out and grease with a large spoon of vegetable oil. After wrapping the base in a roll, this rolling manipulation must be repeated. At the end of the dough should be wrapped again with a film and leave to warm for hours.Uzbek cakes recipe with photos

While the base comes, you can do the preparation of the filling. To do this, you need to clean large onions, and then finely chop them. Next, you should again roll out the dough into a large and thin layer. It is necessary to put chopped onions on it, and then roll up tightly into a roll.To get the cakes, it is required to cut it into pieces 3-4 centimeters thick and crush it with your hands so that you get a small and round sheet. For beauty, it is recommended to pierce it several times with a fork in the middle part.

Roasting on the stove

After preparing the semi-finished products, it is required to put the pan on medium heat and pour in it sunflower oil so that it covers the bottom of the dish for 1 centimeter. Next, in the hot fat should be put the finished onion cakes. It is desirable to fry it on each side for about 3-5 minutes. After the product is reddened, it is necessary to lay it on a plate, and pour some more oil into the pan and place another semi-finished product.

Serving Uzbek bread

After frying the onion cakes in the pan, they should be stacked on a plate and served immediately to the table. It is possible to consume such products not only with hot first and second courses, but also just like that, along with sweet freshly brewed tea. Bon Appetit!Uzbek tortillas in the oven

Let's sum up

Now you know how to make tasty Uzbek flat cakes at home with yeast and puff pastry, as well as with the addition of sweet bulbs.It should be noted that this is not the only way how you can make flour products yourself. After all, some housewives cook them not only on water or milk, but also on kefir. As practice shows, such flat cakes are very lush, soft and tasty.

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