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Films about space have always enjoyed great popularity with the audience. This genre gives directors, screenwriters and actors a wide scope for creating new stories, images, original scenes. Nowadays, space sagas have become even more popular due to the fact that modern computer technologies allow us to show on the screen what else it was impossible to show some ten years ago. This review will mention the most famous paintings taken in the genre in question.

"Star Trek"

Films about space were shot during a silent movie. However, the real boom of space epics on the screens began, perhaps, with the release of the popular TV series “Star Trek” on TV screens. For its time, the 1970s, it was a very brave project. The creators of the film came up with the original story about the space research expedition of the ship "Enterprise". Heroes travel in space, performing various scientific tasks.

films about space

During these sorties, they fall into exciting adventures. Films about space have always been distinguished by a colorful setting and interesting characters, so the fans of the project liked first of all the characters of the ship, as well as the unusual atmosphere of this movie. Modern viewers, perhaps, are better known for tapes that have come out in recent years. These pictures were restarted by the once popular TV series.

"Star Wars"

Some space films are made in a genre close to fantasy. It was in this spirit that J. Lucas created his famous saga in the 1970-1980s. His original trilogy resembles a fairy tale, perhaps that is why she became a cult. For its time, the picture was a real breakthrough: a fascinating plot, dynamic action, a new style of filming provided the original trilogy with fame and love of viewers of different generations. Films about space, the top of which is impossible without the star franchise, became even more popular in the 2000s.

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At this time, followed by prequels, cartoons, and in the last two years, new episodes began to appear again, which continue the old story.In addition, the studio "Disney", which is currently engaged in filming, releases separate episodes, the so-called spin-offs, devoted to parallel storylines of the cult universe.


In the horror genre were created some films about space. The list of the best works should be supplemented with the aforementioned famous dilogy, the first part of which was filmed by R. Scott, the second by J. Cameron. Both tapes are most successful in the franchise, which actually has more parts.

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The story is tied to the terrible adventure of the members of the spacecraft, which in the course of the flight collide with an unknown creature, the fight with which ends for almost all the characters fatal. Currently, both films are considered classics and even a benchmark in the space history genre with elements of horror.


Recently, space films have also been released in wide distribution. The list of the best premieres is impossible to imagine without this recent film by director D. Villeneuve. The picture takes place on Earth, but the tape touches upon the problem of interaction between man and the cosmos.

space films fiction

The main character performed by E.Adams is trying to understand unusual cosmic phenomena. However, in fact, the plot has a deeper, almost philosophical, meaning. The picture touches upon such issues as time, human consciousness and thinking, questions about life and death, i.e., those topics that are always relevant. The tape is presented in several nominations for the Oscar. Critics and viewers very warmly accepted this film: everyone enjoyed the acting performance of the performers, the magnificent direction, the beautiful visual picture, and the ideological basis of the story.

"Guardians of the Galaxy"

Films about space (fiction - the favorite genre of American cinema), as a rule, are created in the style of science-adventure stories. The exception was one of the latest projects of the studio "Marvel". The specified comedy fighter markedly differs from the above-listed works by unusual adventures, killer humor, colorful characters, who immediately fell in love with the audience. The plot is tied up on how in the hands of the main character gets a fantastic artifact, followed by the main villain of the picture. Further, the whole film is a series of dizzying adventures, which made a popular entertainment attraction.


In the melodrama genre there are some modern films about space, fantasy in which sometimes even recedes into the background. It is in this vein made the specified film. However, in it, in addition to the love story, there is a good action and a beautiful visual picture that conveys galactic locations.


In Soviet cinema, films about space were also created. Science fiction (the list of films should be opened by this landmark work of the famous director A. Tarkovsky) is a genre that was popular in our country. This movie is a kind of reflection of the director about the human consciousness, secret desires and hidden motivations of people.

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The cosmos itself in this tape appears as a reflection of the inner psychological state of the characters. It is not often that films about space raise such complex problems with such seriousness. Science fiction (the list of paintings of this genre shows a constant interest of the viewer to everything unusual) acquired a special sound in this work of Tarkovsky. Due to the viewer's immersion in the conditional fantasy world, he was able to show the psychological experiences of the main actors in a material form.

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