Festival of Light in Moscow: what was the event in 2017

If you are a resident of Moscow, or you are lucky enough to come to this beautiful city in the second half of September, then we advise you not to miss the legendary "Circle of Light"! This is one of the largest and most spectacular events in the capital. So that you have a general idea of ​​him, let us tell you how this festival of light in Moscow was in the outgoing year.

What is it - "Circle of Light"?

The subject of our story is an international annual event. Speaking briefly about its essence, this is the presentation of the works of the world's leading lighting designers, professionals in the field of audiovisual art on the facades of the most famous buildings in the capital. What? The schedule of the festival of light in Moscow changes every year - new objects are included and traditional guests are received.

Imagine: with the onset of darkness, the facades of beautiful buildings are magically modified. No, it's not about professional illumination on the streets of the city.Large-scale fascinating video projections unfold here, stories “written” by dozens of video projectors that immerse the viewer into their fairy-tale world from the very first seconds.

Festival of Light in Moscow

The festival of light in Moscow is an amazing multimedia show, original installations. This is a good light, lasers, fireworks, fire, music, new bright emotions.

What is important to say is that entry to all sites of the festival is absolutely free. But it is worth noting that pre-registration is required somewhere.

Festival in the design world

The event is organized by the Department of Tourism and Sports of the capital. Besides the fact that the festival of light in Moscow is a bright citywide event, it is also an international competition of VJ and video mapping. Art Vision (this is its name in this area) determines the winners in three categories:

  • "Classic".
  • "Modern".
  • "Vidging".

It would be wrong to assume that the guests of the festival are honored to be only passive observers of the "wonder of the world." Within the framework of the event there is an extensive educational program: those who wish can listen to lectures of the world's leading lighting designers, participate in master classes.And all this is absolutely free! Just need not forget to pre-register.

World recognition

The festival of light in Moscow is not a local event. He has long received national, international fame.

light festival moscow schedule

These words confirm the high-profile titles that he has been honored throughout his history:

  • "Brand of the Year" in the "Entertainment Sphere" EFFIE.
  • "Brand №1 of Russia" in the "Festivals" section.
  • Title "Guiding Star" in the category "The best event project."
  • "Best in Russia" competition BEST.RU in the group "Best Cultural Event of the Year."
  • "Event of the Year".
  • Twice (2015, 2016) - "The biggest video projection" in the "Guinness Book of Records." It turns out that the festival has broken its own record!
  • "The strongest luminous flux power when projecting a picture" is another nomination in the Guinness Book of Records.

Tsaritsyno, Strogino, Ostankino (near VDNH) the festival of light in Moscow in 2017 was held for the seventh time. Let's admire how it was.

Playground in Tsaritsyno

The schedule for the September festival of light in Moscow in 2017 was very intense. Visit the event could be from 23 to 27 of this month. The events took place at several venues:

  • Grand Palace.Amazing audiovisual mapping "Palace of feelings" - a story to the viewer about the emotions and experiences ... of the building. Unforgettable voices of the SOPRANO Turkish women's team against the background of a video projection on the facade of a historic building.
  • Tsaritsyn pond.The show of "live fountains", "speakers" under the eternal works of Russian composers.
  • Park "Tsaritsyno".Unusual light installations from the best designers in the world.

Playground on Theater Square

The schedule of the festival of light-2017 in Moscow was surprised this year by the fact that not only the facade of the Bolshoi Theater, but also the Small was involved in the performance. And united their display of an amazing love story. These are two unique light shows:

  • "Heavenly mechanics"- non-verbal communication of two lonely people in love with each other, combined with the plastic dialogue of the two buildings. And this is an unforgettable combination of choreography, light and drama.
  • "Timeless"- the story of the Maly Theater, which the audience was told by none other than A. N. Ostrovsky. With the help of unique lighting decorations, restorations of legendary performances.

Festival of Light 2017 in Moscow schedule

In addition, for those who wish, the works of the winners in the nominations "Modern" and "Classic" of the Art Vision competition were displayed on the facades of the theaters.

Playground in Ostankino

The main highlight of the festival this year was the presentation, which involved the Ostankino television tower and the eponymous pond. It was here that the discovery took place, which marked the 15-minute pyrotechnic show on September 23.

 festival of light 2017 in Moscow

The spectators were especially impressed by the journey through the most amazing beauties of our world, painted with light on the water surface and on a monumental structure. These are the Niagara Falls and the Ural Mountains, the Barrier Reef and Sakhalin, Mount Fuji and Lavender Fields, Bamboo Flute Caves and Yellowstone Park.

Playground in Strogino

On September 27, residents and guests of the capital had the opportunity to drive up to the water area of ​​the Stroginsky backwater to enjoy a half-hour Japanese pyrotechnic show. Such an event, unprecedented even for Moscow, was dedicated to the closing of the festival.

30 minutes of bright show were waiting for the guests, the analogue of which was never held in Russia. Hundreds of shells were fired from four barges. The largest was the caliber of 600 mm! This is another record for our country.

 light festival 2017 in moscow schedule september

It is worth noting that Japanese fireworks stand out not only for their brightness and saturation, but also for manual production.This is a miracle viewers watched to the accompaniment of masterpieces of classical music.

So we looked, what was the "Circle of Light" in the current year. There is no doubt that in 2018 it will be even more spectacular and interesting. We hope you find yourself among the admired spectators too!

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