Feodosia: private sector and recreation features

In most cases, domestic tourists gorest on the southern coast of the Crimea. However, many choose and Feodosia - a city located in the east of the peninsula. Visiting vacationers this resort is actually very often. And its popularity is explained not least by the opportunity to rent inexpensive housing.

Private sector: features

Calm family vacation - this is what is betterall, according to many tourists, fit Theodosius. The private sector of this resort offers its guests mainly rooms designed for 2-4 people. But of course, you can find in Feodosia and a room for one guest or a large company. The climate in this city, like in any other seaside village, is hot and fairly humid. Therefore in the premises in the summer here can be quite stuffy. For the convenience of tourists, almost all local hotels are equipped with air-conditioning or, at least, fans.

feodosia private sector

Service in mini-hotels of private sectorFeodosiya guests are not too diverse. After all, it is worth living in such hotelchikah relatively inexpensive. But in any case, the owners of budget guest houses do everything possible to ensure that the guests feel comfortable with them. Yards of almost all mini-hotels are well landscaped. Tourists can use here swimming pools, parking lots, and also barbecue facilities.

Thus, it offers quite convenient andan inexpensive vacation for tourists private sector (Theodosius). Without intermediaries, housing will be cheaper. However, to remove the numbers in this way in our time, tourists will be difficult. In most cases, the hotels of Theodosia work precisely through operators. But if you want, you can find the phone of a specific complex on the Internet and phone its owners independently.

Where to rent a house

If necessary, guests of Theodosia can rentrooms both in old houses in its historical part, and in modern, well-equipped cottages built in new areas. Rent housing here not only in the city itself, but also in nearby villages.

private sector prices of Feodosia

The latter are popular with tourists mainly because,that you can rent numbers of the same level here cheaper than in Feodosia itself. For example, the resort villages Beregovoe and Primorsky are very popular among visitors.

Tourist districts of the city

The area is not too big city is Feodosia. The private sector that hosts tourists in this locality is concentrated mainly in several areas:

  • At the station "Aivazovskaya." Hotels here are usually located close to the sea. The peculiarity of the area is the presence of many different kinds of entertainment.
  • In the cinema area "Ukraine". In this part of Feodosia, among other things, there is a park recreation area. The closest to local hotels are central city beaches.

private sector feodosia without intermediaries

  • In the "Dynamo" area. The advantage of this area is the availability of a market and a large number of stores. Entertainment facilities in the "Dynamo" area is very small, so most of all it is suitable for tourists with children.
  • In the Central region. There is a huge number of adult entertainment centers and children's centers. The best tourist infrastructure is developed in this part of the city.

On what the prices of the private sector of Feodosia depend

Of course, the cost of rooms in any hotelThis resort is determined primarily by the level of the service provided to tourists. But other factors may influence the prices for renting rooms. First of all, this, of course, seasonality. In May, June, September and October, rental housing in this resort is cheaper than in July and August. Many tourists, of course, are looking for a private sector by the sea in the city of Feodosia. The prices for accommodation in hotels in these areas are slightly higher than in the remote from the coastal zone. In the high season, tourists will have to pay a lot for such accommodation. But in May or September, coastal hotels usually offer rental numbers at not too high a cost.

Price categories of hotels

The low cost of housing is what distinguishes the resort of Feodosia. The private sector in this city offers tourists not only budget numbers, but also quite expensive.

holidays in feodosia private sector

In the cheapest hotels in the citycost depending on the season around 350-600 rubles per person per night. In hotels more expensive, located closer to the sea, accommodation costs tourists usually 400-700 rubles. If the hotel is located near the coast, it will cost you 500-1500 r.

What you should know about

Of course, there are some nuances of rentinghousing in the Crimea, including in a city like Theodosius. The private sector at this resort rooms offers relatively inexpensive. However, it is usually very difficult to rent rooms at the height of the season immediately upon arrival. Therefore, take care of the place of spending the night for tourists who want to relax in Feodosia, it is worth it in advance. Book a room in any of the hotels of this resort is the easiest, of course, via the Internet. A similar service is offered by the sites of many travel companies.

feodosia private sector near the sea prices

Of course, before renting a room in thator other complex, it is preliminary worth making sure of its good reputation. Otherwise, the rest in Feodosia can be seriously ruined. The private sector here is represented by a variety of hotels. And feedback about them can be either good or not. To get acquainted with the opinion of the former guests about this or that complex, you can usually visit the same travel agency websites where you booked.

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Feodosia: private sector and recreation features Feodosia: private sector and recreation features Feodosia: private sector and recreation features Feodosia: private sector and recreation features Feodosia: private sector and recreation features Feodosia: private sector and recreation features Feodosia: private sector and recreation features Feodosia: private sector and recreation features Feodosia: private sector and recreation features Feodosia: private sector and recreation features