Fashion brand Maison Martin Margiela: customer reviews

In the glamor circles, they joke that as many secrets are associated with this brand as with the Creator of the company, which appeared 19 years ago, nobody saw in person, and he answered all messages only by fax. The mysterious designer did not give an interview (the press center did it for him), did not go to the bow after the shows, and few people knew him by sight. The creator of the brand Maison Martin Margiela, a supporter of absolute anonymity, said that the personality of a person is nothing and only the team creates the concept of our time. The avant-garde brand agreed with the opinion of its creator: "The way Martin Marzhela looks like is completely unrelated to our success."

All the years of the company's existence are covered with a halo of secrecy, and no one could see even the faces of the models at the shows, as they were hidden under masks, cloth or paint.

Founder of deconstructive fashion

The company "Mason Martin Marzhela" (this is how the name is pronounced in Russian) was founded in 1988 by a Belgian designer, and after a few months, viewers saw the first show of the collection.The sophisticated audience, who was shocked, were impressed by the fact that the fashion brand gave a second life to old things, and the main collection was created from used clothing. After the show, Martin was called the ancestor of the deconstructive fashion, and his outfits became a real discovery. The press wrote that Marzhela took unremarkable clothes as a basis and showed everyone how to wear them in a new martin margiela

It was the first show in which the public did not see the faces of the models: they were deliberately hidden behind wigs and covered with capron. The author of the collection did not go to the bow, and his press service said that it would allow viewers to focus on the created outfits, and not on the identity of their creator.

A year later, the well-known company Maison Martin Margiela received a high award - the prize "For merits in the field of modern fashion", and soon the brand opens its boutique in Paris.

The most mysterious brand

It is curious that the original outfits tags were empty, and only in 1997 the numbers appeared around them, circled around and signifying a certain collection. A few months later, the most mysterious brand of modern times, creating exclusively women's dresses, launches a clothing line designed for men.A defile of a designer hiding his face takes place in the most unusual places - an underground tunnel, on the roofs of buildings, abandoned hangars and even empty passages.

Not only clothes

In the late 90s, the Maison Martin Margiela brand launched home furnishings, and customers hunt for calendars in the form of towels, lamps, bottles, white dolls without faces in a minimalist martin margiela sneakers

After the owner of the brand "Diesel" acquires most of the shares of the company, a new stage in its creative life begins. In Paris, the headquarters, covering an area of ​​more than 3 thousand m2Margiela creates men's replica outfits - clothes that were fashionable a few decades ago in other countries, launching a line of accessories and jewelry. Maison Martin Margiela is not only fashionable clothes, but also a complete line of furniture and home decor items. The talented Belgian develops avant-garde interior designs for international hotels, offering a completely new concept of living space.

A company without its creator

However, in 2009 Margiela leaves the company, and a team of professionals continues to create new collections.CEO Maison Martin Margiela made an official statement that even without Martin, the brand will retain its provocativeness. But in fact, everything that the avant-garde brand released after the departure of the conceptual founder looked rather dull. Nobody was able to replace the genius maestro, and critics spoke harshly about the new outfits. Visually, the collections looked good, but the concept was not viewed in them, and few people liked this imitation of a product without an embodied idea.

New creative director Maison Margiela Paris

In 2014, the public was shocked by the appointment of a scandalous designer, dismissed for anti-Semitic remarks from the house of Dior, to the position of creative director of all lines of the company. John Galliano, always defying time, has already presented new collections that caused controversial public reaction, and the fashion brand changed its name, from which the name of Martin, who became a mythical character, disappeared (by the way, many even believe that this person never existed in reality). The Maison Margiela Paris team declined to comment on the current situation and did not tell where Marghela went anyway and whether he is alive now.brand maison martin margiela

Shoe Experiments

The brand’s clothes are adored by intellectuals all over the world, who admit that they show the wrong side of a person, rather than creating a perfect image of iconic things from Maison Martin Margiela. Footwear brand has a very original design and unusual shape. For example, a fashion house that works at the junction of avant-garde and minimalism creates women's ankle boots with a transparent heel, inside which is hidden a high hairpin. Such experiments like ladies who dream to attract brand

However, sports shoes, which look brilliant in the literal and figurative sense, are more acceptable for everyday wear. Before the shine of precious metals, designers of the brand Maison Martin Margiela did not stand. The sneakers, which went off like hot cakes, looked like they were wrapped in silver martin margiela shoes

Two years ago, a collection of sports shoes, made in conjunction with the company Converse. Sneakers made of soft leather, painted white, were appreciated by buyers who can not afford to pay for a couple of $ 250. The longer the shoes are worn, the more cracks are formed, and the original color breaks through them.

Debut perfume maison martin margiela

The conceptual fashion house, which signed an agreement on the launch of the perfumery line with L’oreal concern, in 2010 presented its first fragrance, Untitled, which caused a real sensation. Perfume "Untitled", released in the pharmacy bottle, surprised notes of galbanum, flowers of bitter orange, jasmine, cedar and incense. As the representative of the brand, debut perfume embodied the main values ​​of the company, which are in respect for tradition, freedom from cliches, avant-garde innovation.perfume maison martin margiela

For many, tart perfume has become a real olfactory shock. The perfumer of an unusual fragrance admitted that she had a dream of a formula of exquisite creation, which explains this incredible lightness. Galbanum is a rare component in perfumery, and its use has made it possible to make the unisex fragrance more vivid and rich. Buyers noted the expressiveness of an elegantly executed piece that resembles clothes with a naked body effect. This is a special brand philosophy where freshness is closely intertwined with sweetness, and warm woody chords are combined with incense smoke.

New fragrant works

The Untitled l’Eau flanker continues the traditions of its predecessor, but the refreshing coolness is complemented by sonorous citrus notes that give a special mood to the composition. Vivifying fragrant canvas, invigorating and giving strength, was liking the residents of megacities who were suffocating from the exhaust gases.

In 2012, the Spirits Replica Maison Martin Margiela are sending out an exciting journey through the labyrinths of their memory. Reviews about the fragrances of customers who remembered the happiest days in their lives were enthusiastic. Beach Walk, Flower Market and Funfair Evening are surprisingly easy and have tremendous stamina. Bright aromas with a perceptible train are transferred to a hot summer filled with the smell of fruits and flowers.

Things for life

Buyers notice that the outfits of the brand, characterized by unusual design solutions, are incredibly comfortable and practical. The only drawback of fashionable things is their high price, which corresponds to the quality of products. Designers use durable materials, and clothes last a very long time. This is exactly what a well-coordinated professional team is creating, which creates masterpieces that people buy not for the occasion, but for martin margiela reviews

Refusing to tradition the brand is not like other fashion houses.Now the public is closely following the new creative director, who must move forward. Unfortunately, the critics did not see anything new on the podium, but they are glad that Galliano did not lose his abilities.

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