"Factory of Stars-3": Golubev Dmitry

"Star Factory" looked, probably, everyoneRussian. The broadcast beat all ratings, riveted millions of people to TVs, and its participants became people's favorites. We want to tell you about one of them in this article. This is the participant of the "Factory of Stars-3" Dmitry Golubev, whose biography will be known to you.


Golubev Dmitry Vladimirovich was born on March 27 incity ​​of brides Ivanovo. He has an older sister Olga and twin brother Oleg, who was born only 15 minutes later. This large family of five people lived in a dorm room. Parents decided that children should not sit back, so they gave them to the children's ensemble "A + B", which was directed by Tatyana Okhomush. As Dima himself recalls, at that time it was not easy to get there, but he sang the song of the crocodile Gena and was accepted. And his brother was embarrassed to do something, but he was also taken for the company.

Six months later, the first appearance on the stage took placein the preparatory group of the ensemble. Then Dima was 5 years old. This concert was recorded by the parents on tape, which is still stored. A few years later he performed the first solo song. By the way, he was the only small performer. A little later he began to sing "Flowers for Mom", which was transferred to him from Ilya Durov. The clip for this song was even shown in the program "ДоМиСолька". And then new songs and performances sprang up.Dmitry Golubev biography

"The boys"

Soon the ensemble was renamed into the vocalgroup, and he became a member of the "Patsanov". Gradually, as part of this team, Dmitry began to tour the Ivanovo and neighboring regions. After the jubilee concert they were invited to take part in the telethon in Moscow. It so happened that the little artists from Ivanovo performed on the same stage with such famous singers as Dmitry Malikov, Vyacheslav Malezhik and Joseph Kobzon.

In the following years Golubev Dmitry went to differentcompetitions and festivals - both one and within the group. Of course, there were defeats, but there were victories. Among them you can note the competitions "Firebird", "Eaglet of Russia". For these victories the young performer thanks his leader, who taught him to sing, to love the stage and the viewer.

«Star Factory-3»

Dmitry Golubev really wanted to get on the project. We can say that this was his main goal at that time. He always imagined himself on the TV screen and can not live without a scene, although he understands that this is hard work. "Factory" is a chance to be realized in life. And he got it. Despite the fact that he did not become a winner, the magazine "YES" recognized him as the best graduate of the project, which turned out to be more important for him.Golubev DmitryAfter that, Dmitry Golubev became a participantgroup "KGB", but soon left from it, having started in a solo voyage. Dima recorded a few songs, but before the whole album never came. The tracks of the guys and Golubev himself are still on the net, they are listened to and admired by the most devoted fans.

What now?

He left the world of show business, completely dedicateda family and an institution "A Priori Bar" in Ivanovo. Dmitry Golubev and his wife Jan in January 2013 became happy parents of his son, who was named Jaromir. Many of his fans are waiting for the release of the album and the return of his pet on the stage, but it is unlikely that this will happen, because he is happy, living a quiet quiet life. His institution is very popular in his native city and brings the owner a good income.Dmitry Golubev and his wife

Dmitry is a committed person whoalways achieves what is needed in life. You can say that he is a fully held person. He has not only his favorite work, but also a strong happy family that will become his support in any difficult situation. It is unlikely that he wants to return to the stage again, to become an artist, because at home it is waiting for dear people who are most important in the world.

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