Exciting Shopping in Germany

Germany is one of the most favorite countriesshopaholics. Any shopping tours to Europe can not do without arriving in this amazing country. There is everything you can wish for - from freshly grown vegetables in street bazaars to luxury goods in elite salons and boutiques.

shopping in germanyWhat could be better than a Saturday visitmorning of the German market? The atmosphere of celebration, people's voices, the aroma of baking, the smell of fresh products - it's just a paradise for any gourmet. Sellers will give you a taste of different types of cheeses, sausages and bread, explain the recipes of dishes using vegetables and fruits. If you have difficulties in explaining in German - do not worry, just point out what you need.

Of course, shopping in Germany is not limitedmarkets. You can go shopping in such large discounters as Aldi, Lidl or Rewe. They are usually open longer than smaller stores, and also work on Saturday in the afternoon. In general, most German trade pavilions outside the city centers are closed from daytime Saturday to Monday morning. On Sunday, trade is not carried out at all except for some shops in tourist areas and railway stations and stations.

shopping in cologneAnother important point to be addressedattention, while doing shopping in Germany, is a limited specialty of stores, that is, they offer a huge selection of products in one narrow area. For example, you can find a pavilion selling precision instruments where you can find everything from small tweezers to tailor scissors, but there will be no other goods in it.

Shopping in Germany is also largehypermarkets and supermarkets. They are not as popular here as in other European countries, but there are in all the big cities and suburbs. Also there are specialized shopping centers, such as IKEA, MediaMarkt, offering a wide range of equipment and electronics, or Baumarkt, which sells building materials. Usually in such stores you can buy goods via the Internet, in this case the order will be delivered to the house.

shop tours to europeDo not worry if you do not have your owntransport. Shopping in Germany is different because most stores are compactly located in city centers, and you can access them either on foot or by public transport. In addition, in most cities at least once a week works Marktplatz - a marketplace where you can buy a variety of typically German souvenirs for your friends and relatives. A particularly amazing atmosphere comes here on Christmas Eve. The Germans are very fond of this holiday and are beginning to prepare for it in a few weeks. During the Christmas season, you can find gifts for every taste on the shopping areas of the country: from handmade ornaments to leather pants and cuckoo clocks.

Shopping streets in different cities of Germany havetheir own characteristics. Shopping in Cologne will be remembered by the six hundred and fifty-meter Hohe Straße, where you can find the goods on any wallet. Wiesbaden will delight guests Kirchgasse - the place where the most famous and expensive boutiques, jewelry shops and restaurants are concentrated. Hamburg provides at the disposal of the shopwomen Spitaler Straße - a pedestrian street, intended exclusively for shopping. So, Germany is waiting for you.

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