Epilators "Brown Silk-epil 7": reviews, photos, description, instructions

Epilators "Brown Silk-epil 7", reviews of which are positive, - a line of female devices for depilation. They work using wireless technology. The manufacturer has been working in this field for a long time, therefore it has established itself from the beautiful side. The equipment is distinguished by stable operation, and is also a high quality technique The battery charging time for most models is 60 minutes, and the battery life is about 40 minutes. It should be noted that these epilators are among the most expensive and as painless as possible. They are a technique that can even work in water. Devices allow you to remove hair from both dry and wet skin. In addition, devices can be used in water procedures.

Many women, who have already removed unwanted hair with one of the devices in the bathroom, write reviews that the pain is reduced by an average of 80 percent when compared with the dry epilation method.Most girls do not even feel pain when removing hair from the skin of the legs. Depilation of the armpits and bikini area is a bit painful, but it is quite possible to suffer it. You need to understand that dry depilation in these areas should not be carried out.epilators brown silk epil 7 reviews


This device has two types of speeds and a floating type epilating head. It is possible to connect to the network. Built-in battery. Battery lithium-ion type. The battery life is, as has already been written, about 40 minutes. Charging time is one hour. The package of most models included 20 tweezers made of metal. The minimum hair length for a successful epilation should be 0.5 mm. The backlight is only in some models. No function to create foam and supply cooling air flow. Weigh devices range about 250 g. Epilator "Brown Silk Epil 7 7561" is very popular, as it is very compact and convenient.

Features of the line

Since the devices of the Brown Silk-Epil 7 series are capable of working with the regime of water epilation, they all have batteries. If the procedure is carried out in water, the battery life of the device is reduced to half an hour.In the reviews you can read that sometimes the battery can sit down before. In principle, this is quite enough to complete the entire procedure. Hair removal is not allowed while charging the battery. Most models are protected and simply do not work while connected to the network.

It should be noted that the Brown Silk Epil 7 series has long been outdated. Recently, similar devices of the ninth generation were released. However, the old version still removes hair on the legs well, has an excellent main attachment and works at several speeds. This is confirmed in reviews of epilators "Brown Silk-epil 7". Low speed is designed to work with sensitive areas of the body, and high speed - for a faster depilation process. Also, the seventh generation is in demand because it currently has a low cost.

As has already become clear, the operation of the devices is carried out using a special technology. All devices have staggered forty tweezers. They allow you to quickly grab special devices hair, they can even lift those that are a little stuck to the skin.All work facilitates the head, the angle of which is about 15 degrees. All this allows you to maximally repeat the contours of the body and easily get to hard-to-reach places. All epilators have high-frequency massage systems. As a result, the pain decreases markedly. This feature first appeared in the fifth generation of the line from this manufacturer. Instructions for epilators "Brown Silk Epil 7" sold with the devices.

There is a special nozzle for better skin contact. Thanks to her, you can also reduce pain, speed up the process of hair removal, and it also allows you to better remove hair. In the reviews they write that this attachment will be useful for working with the bikini area and armpits. An additional plus epilator - the presence of light. However, it is not available in every model. Thanks to her, you can illuminate the skin, which allows you to see the missing hairs. Especially it will be useful if a girl takes a bath or shower. At such a moment, as a rule, not all hairs are noticeable. In principle, the backlight, which appeared for the first time in third-generation devices, has a lot of positive feedback.A more detailed description of the epilator "Brown Silk Epil 7" can be read further.

It should be noted that epilators are multifunctional. They can be used as an electric shaver and as a trimmer. Heads can be changed without any effort.epilator brown silk epil 7 7561 reviews

Appearance and equipment

Epilators are sold in the original box. Have a full set of equipment. Cardboard is the main material from which the shipping box is made. The kit includes a charger, several nozzles, a replaceable head, and a brush that will be needed for dry or wet cleaning. They are indispensable when carrying out a quality procedure. So say buyers in reviews about epilators "Brown Silk-epil 7".

Additional boxing is on sale only in some models. Its availability depends on the date of issue of the device. It is a black tin box, on which there is an image of a girl. Also included is a cosmetic bag for the epilator, in which the device and all its parts can be stored. It is made of a dense fabric type, sold in pink and white. There is a clear compartment as well as a plastic hook inside.One compartment is needed for more voluminous things, that is, we are talking about the epilator and attachments. The remaining compartments are flat and almost inconspicuous. If you need to take a device with you on vacation or on a business trip, this cosmetic bag will be an indispensable thing. Sold complete with epilator "Brown Silk Epil 7 561" and others.

When buying a device, you will notice that all components are packaged in individual packages with the exception of nozzles that are assembled together. The epilator is made of smooth white plastic. It has a classic design and pleasant to the touch. The device is not heavy, it lies perfectly in the hand and does not slip out. There are matte pearl inserts, which made the design more feminine and aristocratic. The body is as tight as possible, so the epilation can be done in the shower and in the bathroom, without fear of water. Customer reviews of epilators "Brown Silk Epil 7" confirm the complete tightness of devices.

The device can be turned on or off using the key that is in the middle of the handle. The device received two speeds, they are regulated by turning the silver ring on the case.It is located around the main button. Under it you can see the light bulbs responsible for the backlight. They are bright, allow maximum coverage of the skin on which the depilation. You can read about this in reviews about epilators "Brown Silk-epil 7".

There is also a charge indicator. If the battery is discharged, the light starts flashing red. If the charge is full, the green light is on. At the bottom of the handle you can see the entrance to the charger. It does not have a platform for charge and it usually looks. The port is not much different from those used in phones or tablets.

The nozzles are made of white plastic, have a different working area (bikini, face, and armpits). There is a removable shaving head that can be used as a trimmer.Epilator Brown Silk Epil 7

Important details

These devices easily remove thin, light and short hair, even in the most inaccessible places. Pain decreases significantly. Such an effect became a reality with the help of the special massing function with which the device is equipped. Epilators are multifunctional. They can carry out wet and dry hair removal of the body and face.You can also use appliances as an electric shaver and trimmer. An example of such a device can be called an epilator "Brown Silk Epil 7 5377".

Most models include a cosmetic bag, which is very convenient. Epilators got a nice design, they are very convenient to use. The last distinct advantage that users emphasize is the ability to use fixtures in the shower or in the bathroom. Epilator Brown Silk Epil 7 Description

Models from the series

You should also consider the most popular models that are included in this series.

The Wet & Dry model can work in the mode of both dry and wet epilation, while the attachment does not have to be changed. This option is considered the most popular, as the procedure can be carried out in water, which greatly reduces pain. A battery for the Brown Silk Epil 7 epilator is included.

Young Beauty models are used if it is necessary to epilate short hairs. This solution will make the skin as smooth as possible. If you apply the model repeatedly and regularly, then after a while the pain will not be felt at all.

Another model - SkinSpa - is considered a multifunctional device that allows epilation and deep peeling. The main thing is to choose the right nozzle.

Dual model can simultaneously carry out both depilation and shaving. This increases the smoothness of the skin. Also, this epilator "Brown Silk Epil" is able to work in water.Epilator Brown Silk Epil 7 Photos

Nuances of work

All described epilators have comfortable nozzles in order to ensure the maximum level of smoothness of the skin. Each of the models is considered unique and created by special technologies. They have individual features.

In order to create these devices, the developer used the newest developments in this field. Below are the nuances that are present in absolutely all models of the seventh generation, and the photo of epilators "Brown Silk Epil 7" can be viewed in this article.

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to clean and disinfect the epilating head. If microtraumas appear during the slipping of tweezers, the risk of bacteria entering the body will be reduced to a minimum. If, after the procedure, negative effects appear (irritation, etc.), then they should rather quickly pass (as a rule, after 1.5 days). If, after the expiration of this period, irritation and other consequences persist, then it is necessary to consult a doctor.

When carrying out the first epilation, such discomfort may appear as burning.Such a reaction is considered normal. With each procedure, the level of pain will decrease, as the skin gradually adapts to the effects of the device. This is confirmed by reviews of epilators "Brown Silk-epil 7".

Uniqueness of devices

The uniqueness of the devices lies in the fact that the developer uses the latest technology.

Consider the most popular features that customers say in a review. All models have a massage system. It increases the tenderness of the skin, also improves blood circulation and minimizes pain. The instrument case of the ruler is waterproof. Therefore, if the epilator "Brown Silk Epil 7" (5377 or any other) falls into the bath with water, then nothing will happen to it. Due to the fact that the developer uses special technologies, the devices work with the help of special tweezers that remove hair at the root, even if they are thin and inconspicuous. This solution allows you to improve the smoothness of the skin for a long time. If you use tips with large heads, you can see that they all perfectly follow the contours of the treated area. This allows the epilator to penetrate even the most difficult places.Each model is sold immediately with several nozzles that allow you to perform various functions using the epilator "Brown Silk Epil."Epilator Brown Silk Epil 7 Instruction


Before you start using the epilator and start the procedure, you need to follow a special instruction. First you need to check that all items are clean. Next on the epilator should wear a nozzle. You need to understand that the device is designed for use in water space with the use of gel or various other cosmetics. Therefore, immediately before the procedure you need to put it on the skin. In any case, this will soften and greatly simplify the process. Next you need to make sure that the head works well and slides well on the skin. If it exactly repeats all the bends of the body, then you will not have to go through the same place several times. Accordingly, the chance of irritation will be minimal.

Nozzles epilator "Brown Silk Epil 7" very comfortable. Movement along the legs should be carried out only from the bottom up. If you need to treat the area under the knee, you should stretch the limb. This will improve the effectiveness of depilation.If there is a need to treat areas that are close to the joints, then you should be as careful as possible so that cuts do not appear. Periodically, at the end of the procedure, you should remove the foam and clean the nozzle, then the procedure will be carried out as efficiently as possible.

To treat areas of the body with delicate skin, including in the bikini area, you need to use a special nozzle included in the kit. They are specifically designed for such places. After the procedure is completed, you should wash the epilator "Brown Silk Epil 7". "7561" (only good reviews about the device) is considered one of the best models of the line.

 Battery for epilator Brown Silk Epil 7

Precautionary measures

When using epilators in the knee area, you must comply with measures that will improve safety. First, before starting the procedure, it is necessary to remove any cosmetic and hygiene products, except for those that serve to facilitate the process of epilation. The same applies to deodorants. If you violate this rule, then with a 100% probability of irritation.

You need to understand that such items, including the epilator "Brown Silk Epil 7 527", are subject to personal hygiene, therefore should only be used by its owner.If you transfer this device to other people, it will be a gross violation of sanitary standards. In addition, as a result of such actions, infectious diseases can be transmitted.

Disassemble the device is not worth it. In addition, it is not necessary to remove the power supply and other elements that allow the device to work. Because of this, a person can shock.

You can not use the epilator without a head or nozzle. If children use the epilator, it is necessary to perform the procedure only under the supervision of adults. If the device is turned on, you need to keep it away from the hair of the head. Since the person is injured, and the device will easily break. If the nozzles have fallen or been damaged, it is forbidden to use them.

Cost of

You need to understand that you should buy epilators only in official stores on the Internet, as well as in specialized city points of sale. The cost of the device will depend on the pricing policy of the seller, as well as the method of purchase. On average, it is about 7 thousand rubles. If we consider the model, it will be more expensive to leave only the model SkinSpa. Its cost is generally 10 thousand rubles.All other models cost about 7,500 rubles.

Summarize the advantages and highlight the disadvantages

All devices of the seventh generation, including the epilator "Brown Silk Epil 7 7561", (reviews confirm that it is of high quality), are popular due to their positive characteristics. If we compare this model range with competitive ones, then it should be noted that it has a number of unique advantages:

  • First, you can choose the speed of the device. This will speed up the adaptation of the skin to the epilator.
  • Secondly, the device is reliable, it is emphasized even by the warranty period from the manufacturer.
  • Included is a large number of supplements that will reduce pain.
  • The result obtained lasts about 3-4 weeks. This is an additional advantage of the described devices.
  • Thanks to several nozzles it is possible to carry out various procedures.

If we talk about weaknesses, then you need to allocate only the high cost, when compared with competing devices. Against the background of more modern lines from this manufacturer, the described price is not very high yet.


Many buyers point outthat the device of this line is their first epilator in life. They write that in case of non-compliance with the rules of hygiene and the above instructions, the process is rather painful. Many are even beginning to be afraid of depilating their legs, since this, in their opinion, can lead to severe discomfort. However, if you follow all instructions, then the sensations become almost invisible.

Also, beginners like the fact that the hair after these epilators do not grow for a long time. Buyers emphasize that they are pleased with the presence of nozzles that carry out peeling, it is very pleasing to many women. Also, the owners notice that this "assistant" is multifunctional.

Other girls say that this option is the most convenient to use, the nozzles are chosen perfectly. They allow to carry out the procedure as successfully as possible. Again, it should be noted the presence of the peeling function, which is marked by many girls as a nice addition. As it is noticeable, these devices receive only positive reviews than they fully justify their cost.

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