Engine oil GM-5W30: characteristics, reviews, how to distinguish the original from the fake

The practice of many motorists confirms that properly selected engine oil (MM) contributes to a long and good-quality operation of a car engine. A variety of modern brands of MM and their blatant advertising are often pushing drivers to make a rash choice. Some of them forget about the need for a careful approach to the choice of lubricating fluid that directly affects the performance of an automobile engine.

Innovative oil GM-5W30

Automotive experts, as well as experienced drivers, recommend relying on proven, rated brands. One of the products of recognized brands is GM-5W30 oil. By its formula, it refers to low-ash synthetic ones.

oil gm 5w30

The temperature range of effective operation is quite wide: from -35aboutFrom - to +50aboutFROM.Innovative ingredients were used in its creation, which contributed to wide recognition of the quality of this product in the world. Numerous reviews of motorists indicate a decrease in its dynamics of engine wear, as well as on optimizing their fuel consumption.

Oil properties

The characteristics of the oil are quite modern and testify to its innovativeness. Low viscosity indicates fluidity and the ability to reliably protect the engine. The extensive temperature range indicates the versatility of its use:

  • viscosity characteristic -5W-30;
  • liquid ignition temperature - 2220C, significantly reduces the risk of a flash (usually the motors do not heat up to such temperatures);
  • coefficient of viscosity of the operating motor at a temperature of 100aboutС - 11.2 mm2 / s;
  • coefficient of viscosity of the operating motor at a temperature of 40aboutFrom 66 mm2 / s;
  • MM freezes at 36aboutC, therefore, it is calculated as a maximum for winters of the temperate climate zone;
  • alkali indicator in MM - 9.6 mg;
  • viscosity index - 146;
  • density of MM at 20aboutC - 853 kg / m3.

Decent product of the American automotive industry

GM-5W30 engine oil, as its name implies, is produced by the well-known American mega-auto company General Motors.However, not only by her, but also by the cooperating French manufacturer of oils Motul Specific. The single line of oils produced by them has dozens of different configurations and is designed for dozens of different car brands:

  • Chevrolet;
  • Volkswagen;
  • Fiat;
  • Holden sports cars;
  • Renault;
  • "Pontiac".
  • Mercedes;
  • Opel;
  • "Deo";
  • Cadillac;
  • GMC SUVs;
  • Buick;
  • BMW
  • Alfeon.

For modern cars

However, a reservation is appropriate here: it is not recommended to be used for engines of cars produced before 1980.

oil gm 5w30 dexos2

Its additives oxidize parts of engines of the last century that are not designed for them. When operating a fully functional old engine with a new MM, there is a burning smell and, as a result of their accelerated wear, a knock appears in the engine.

Formula that has become the standard

According to the driver's reviews, GM-5W30 oil is currently a sales hit. It is preferable, since it is recommended in direct text in the technical characteristics of the cars mentioned above. It is certified in systems:

  • ACEA A3 / B3;
  • ACEA A3 / B4;
  • ACEA C3;
  • API CF;
  • API SM.

Open certificate tolerances

In addition, real car enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that GM-5W30 oil has certification approvals:

  • BMW LongLife-04;
  • Dexos2;
  • GM-LL-A-025;
  • GM-LL-B-025;
  • MB 229.51;
  • VW 502.00;
  • VW 505.00;
  • VW 505.01.

Versatility and functionality

GM-5W30 engine oil is made synthetically with keeping up with the technological requirements, the most important of which are maximum gasoline savings and engine protection from exhaust gases that are clogging it up. The quality of GM 5W30 is evidenced by the fact that it itself is the basis for the standard Dexos2 oils with viscosity grade 5W30.

gm 5w30 engine oil

Original oil GM-5W30 is suitable for both petrol engines and diesel engines. In its composition contains additives that clean the engine from carbon, formed during the development of their fuel. Thus, this high-tech fluid contributes to the economy of gasoline, the safety of the oil filter and automobile engine. According to motorists, in principle, it can be replaced with a new one after 10 thousand kilometers, although the standard technology is supposed to do this every 7.5 thousand kilometers.

Synthetics or semi-synthetics?

Beginning drivers often doubt: which is the most suitable synthetic oil for their car GM-5W30 or semi-synthetic? Indeed, nowadays gm oils are popular both on a semi-synthetic and synthetic basis.As an example, the first group includes GM-10w40, GM General Motors DEXRON VI to the second oil XENUM OEM-Line GM Dexos2 5W30, XENUM OEM-Line GM Dexos2 5W30. It is noteworthy that the considered engine oil GM-5W30 is made in both versions.

The choice between them is determined by the particular brand of car, namely: is the use of synthetic engine oil with a sufficiently aggressive additive package, effective for removing carbon, suitable for its engine? A milder effect on the internal metal surfaces of the engine is provided by GM-5W30 oil (semi-synthetics).

Frost resistance test

The below-presented testing for frost resistance of oil GM-5W30 oil is presented on automotive web sites. It was produced by taking it from the motor of a car with a mileage of 9 thousand km. (the oil turned out to be dark, with a smell of intoxication) and its further placement in a powerful refrigerator at -25aboutFROM.

oil gm 5w30 Price

Even with a low temperature, the oil turned out to be efficient and effective: the physical properties of the oil that withstood such decent mileage did not change much (we visually compare it with the new oil). Thus, GM-5W30 can be used for quite a long time even in winter.In addition, it is chilled, if it is poured onto a napkin, it is perfectly normal to be absorbed into it.

Engine oil is not a panacea

The characteristic of GM-5W30 oil, given by General Motors, highlights its physical property as resistance to penetration of air into it. Thanks to him, in this MM, even when in contact with air, there will be no bubbles or foam. This liquid reliably provides the beginning of the movement of the car, and also protects its parts from oxidation.

However, if you need to repair the engine (its parts rub, while other sounds are heard), then no MM (including GM-5W30 engine oil) will protect it. The sound can be either metallic or whistling:

2. Metallic sound:

  • increased clearance between the crankshaft and the half-rings thrust, in the connecting rod or main bearings;
  • wear of hydrocompensators;
  • wear gas distribution parts (bushings, valves, parts camshaft);
  • piston wear in cylinders.

1. Whistling sound:

  • bearing wear;
  • worn generator belt.

Motorists Reviews

When reading the online forums of motorists, it becomes noticeable that they enjoy the well-deserved popularity of their oil gm 5w30.Reviews of drivers testify to him: his replacement, on average, is practiced 10 km away. Refuel it in the engine for several years in a row, without changing the brand of oil, the drivers mentioned in the above list of cars.

original oil gm 5w30

It is universal: it is used by motorists not only for servicing the gas-distributing mechanism in its working cycle, but also as a hydraulic fluid. It is quite fluid, retains its structure at high and low temperatures. Its film reliably protects the engine from corrosion, dirt, water.

About fakes

Unfortunately, often in the car market you can find poor-quality fake engine oil gm 5W30. The price is lower - and drivers make a "profitable" purchase in dubious stores.

According to reviews of motorists, in relation to the original oil from General Motors, about 50% of counterfeit materials are on sale. It is characteristic that during its operation in frosty weather, such a fake loses its working properties and thickens, acquiring the consistency of vaseline or even butter.

The driver can easily check the latter circumstance by using a car gauge immersed in such an imaginary oil gm 5W30. The price of its original version is not expensive at all: 1800 - 2000 p. for 5l canisterDrivers choose it for the best price / quality ratio.

In addition, synthetic viscosity oil 5W30, despite its low viscosity, has high working properties. Original GM-5W30 oil does not leave deposits on the engine, and also does not freeze at low temperatures. Therefore, motorists to ensure proper operation of the engine need not mix, do not combine it with other oils, it is recommended to monitor the oil consumption.

High-quality engine oil ensures long-lasting, good-quality operation of an automobile engine. Therefore, the choice of lubricating motorists should be treated with appropriate care. After all, with his hasty purchase from the hands or in questionable outlets, drivers run the risk of purchasing either a low-quality product or an outright fake (counterfeit).

How not to be mistaken with the choice

Numerous car websites do not get tired of reminding drivers that they have their own distinctive design engine oil GM-5W30. Its motorists should know. The main degrees of its difference from a fake are well known to drivers:

  • a hologram (the inscription GM also turns over);
  • neat seams;
  • round stamp with company logo on the cover;
  • teeth on the end of the cover;
  • bottom of the package - a square pyramid in the style of 3D;
  • the inscription HDPE i.e. the box is recyclable;
  • production date on the box - at least a month;
  • book with a description.

Fake oil GM-5W30, unfortunately, is found in traditional trade, and in online stores. Therefore, drivers are advised to carefully inspect the purchased goods. In addition to the above details, you should pay attention to the serial number of the canister.

If the original engine oil of the Dexos2 modification most often contains API SN / CF marking (motorists know that the SN prefix has been used since 2015), API SM / CF is often found on counterfeit (where there is an obsolete SM prefix that has not been used by General Motors for a long time). their markings).

GM-5W30 Dexos2 is distinguished by similar markings.

Buyer should pay attention to the mutual contrast of the text and background on the label of the canister. The corporate style does not imply halftones, fuzziness, print grains. The most characteristic feature of the truth of this car industry product is its high-tech hologram.On the fakes, instead of it, there is an unpretentious silver sticker snag.

About refueling oil

On average, 3.5 liters is used for one refueling. This can be clearly traced using the scale located on the front side of the brand canister. However, if the driver noticed a flashing red light on the way, indicating a low level of engine oil, he usually turns to the technical center. They use branded oil GM-5W30, poured into 200-liter barrels. This kind of packaging, with the original factory marking, is also used by official dealerships. An obvious advantage of this oil produced in Russia is its very worthy five-year shelf life.

gm 5w30 oil feature

According to statistics, a growing number of car enthusiasts prefer to use GM-5W30 Dexos2 oil for their car engines. However, after its operation, thrifty cottage owners find use for it.

Drivers of the older generation do not rush to pour it out, but carefully pour it into empty canisters. Spent oil gardeners process wooden surfaces in contact with the soil.They can also lubricate the chainsaw, as well as soak rags, which then effectively dodge rodents.


GM-5W30 synthetic motor oil is currently in trend. Its characteristics are adapted for winter temperatures (up to -35aboutFROM). This MM is characterized by moderate cost, stable fluidity over a wide range of temperatures, the ability to clean the engine's working carbon. Drivers of a wide range of car brands have been using it for years.

synthetic oil gm 5w30

A significant nuance in the use of GM-5W30 oil drivers is its purchase. Unfortunately, this high-quality tech product is often faked. However, its factory packing in branded canisters implies everything necessary for the correct selection of the degree of protection.

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