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Cyprus is a good place for a beach holiday. All the advantages of rest on the island have long been appreciated by our compatriots, preferring its resorts to other places. Trips to Cyprus are still popular with tourists. Local resorts offer a fairly good selection of hotels, among which there are institutions of various levels. In our article we will discuss the Eleni Holiday Village 4 * (Cyprus). Hotel reviews will help us understand the advantages and disadvantages of the complex.

About hotel

Eleni Holiday Village 4 * (Cyprus, Paphos) is located in the resort of Paphos. The city center can be reached by public transport in twenty minutes. The hotel is built on the coast and refers to the institutions of the first coastline. The hotel is focused on all categories of tourists, including tourists with children.eleni holiday village 4 cyprus reviews

Eleni Holiday Village 4 * (Cyprus, Paphos) is located in the quiet village of Chlorakas on the Mediterranean coast. The hotel offers the possibility of a good rest and sports.The most active tourists have the opportunity to go on excursions to get acquainted with the amazing sights of the resort, which are very many. The complex consists of one main building and a set of two-storey cottages scattered throughout the territory. The hotel was built in 2001, and later - in 2010 - it was fully renovated. Getting to the complex is easier from Paphos airport, which is located in the immediate vicinity. Also on the island there is an airport in Larnaca, but the distance to it is more than one hundred kilometers. The hotel is located near the famous beach called Coral Bay.

Number of rooms

Description Eleni Holiday Village 4 * should start with the number of rooms, which is represented by 141 rooms. Guests of the institution can choose among them: studio rooms (75 pieces) or simple one-bedroom rooms (66 pieces).

Apartments of the hotel are quite spacious and comfortable. All rooms have balconies with stunning views of the garden or the sea. The apartments are decorated in bright colors and has a modern design. Each room has a separate kitchen and living room, as well as a bedroom.Kitchenettes are equipped with stoves, refrigerators and kitchenware, so they can be cooked not only for children, but for the whole family. But the bathrooms are not only equipped with a shower, but also a bath. Amenities include a safe, TV and air conditioning.


The main restaurant Eleni Holiday Village 4 * works on the concept of "all inclusive". International and local dishes are served. In summer, tourists can also visit the open-air restaurant. In addition, the hotel has several bars, one of which is located by the pool.

Hotel infrastructure

Eleni Holiday Village 4 * (Coral Bay) has a good infrastructure. On its territory there is a gym, sauna, there are recreation areas. Parking Eleni Holiday Village 4 * is available for free use. In addition, the hotel has a beautiful open-air swimming pool and another indoor pond. For children there is a club, playground and a separate pool.eleni holiday village 4 Cyprus Paphos

From entertainment Eleni Holiday Village 4 * can offer the opportunity to take advantage of the tennis court, play darts and table tennis.

Beach holiday

Beach Eleni Holiday Village 4 * is a five-minute walk. It has a stony surface. The beach is equipped with umbrellas and sun beds.If you wish, you can take a bus to the famous Coral Bay beach.

Little about the resort

As we already mentioned, the hotel Eleni Holiday Village 4 * is located in the resort of Chloraka, near Paphos. The village is quite small, so it can not boast an abundance of attractions. But this does not make this place any less good for family holidays. Chloraka is located in the valley, which is located 50 meters above sea level. Therefore, the village and all hotels are located on a hill. The village itself is a mixture of old and new buildings. A lot of hotels, traditional Cypriot restaurants have been built on its territory. Tourists come here to relax in silence and enjoy the sun and the sea.

The village has several large hotel complexes, as well as smaller hotels, villas and apartments. Most of the tourists prefer to stay in large hotels, booking pre-rooms in them through travel companies.eleni holiday village 4 description

Choosing Chloraka as a place for a holiday, it is worth considering that there are few beaches on its territory, although the village is considered a resort. The sea coast is very rocky.Only some hotels sow coastal territory with grass. Lounge chairs actually have on the lawn, behind which begins a rocky plate of natural origin. Hotels that are located in the depths of the village offer to relax around the pools.

The most convenient beach for children is located in the northern area of ​​the village and is called St. George. Here you can relax relatively normally with the kids, because the sunset is relatively flat. The beach has sun beds, deck chairs and a bar. The rest of the coast is not equipped.

Cyprus is known worldwide for its taverns. In which you can taste traditional Greek dishes and fresh seafood. The most popular dish among tourists is grilled shrimps with cheese sauce and vegetables, grilled sea bream or sea bass and other seafood specialties. In the village there are also Italian, Thai and Indian places.

Chloraki is a cute village, which does not have a lot of entertainment and attractions. Of the interesting buildings can be noted only a few temples. True, most of them were built not so long ago. Only the church of Panagia Chrisselius dates back to the thirteenth century. The ancient temple is located in the center of the village.It was built in the Byzantine style. The church is known for its unique icon, which depicts the baptism of Christ. Among the female population, the church of Panagia Chrysomatius is incredibly popular. From one of the icons, women are asked for health. It is said that a holy place does real wonders.

Reviews Eleni Holiday Village 4 * (Cyprus)

Continuing the conversation about the hotel, I want to draw attention to the reviews of resort visitors, who rested in it recently. It is worth noting that reviews of Eleni Holiday Village 4 * (Cyprus) are quite contradictory. The opinion of tourists about the complex is a bit controversial.

The hotel complex is not a certain hill in a picturesque place. Eleni Holiday Village 4 * (described in the article) has a small area where cottages are scattered.

The hotel is completely new, furniture and interiors have long been in need of repair. The rooms are equipped with refrigerators and air conditioning, there is also a safe, but you have to pay for its use. The change of linen is quite rare - once a week. As for cleaning, many people point out that it is of poor quality. In order for the maids to better fulfill their duties, you can leave a tip.The presence of rewards improves the quality of cleaning.trips to cyprus

All rooms have kitchenettes equipped with kitchenettes, kitchenware, hobs, microwave and kettle. The presence of the kitchen allows tourists to sometimes cook something, especially for those families who come to rest with the kids.

The rooms do not have gels and shampoos, you must bring your own cleaning products. Beach towels can only be taken on the security of 5 euros at the reception. Many tourists buy their accessories in the shops for the beach.

Catering Reviews

The food at Eleni Holiday Village 4 * is not bad, but many tourists think that it is very monotonous, since the daily range of dishes does not change. Breakfasts for travelers least like it. But at dinner there is a greater variety. Every day the evening meal is dedicated to some kind of its kitchen. There is always fish, meat, chicken, all kinds of vegetables and seasonal fruits on the tables.

Guests can eat on an all-inclusive concept or choose half board. The second option does not imply the presence of drinks. Therefore, they must be purchased separately.In local taverns very tasty food, therefore, if you want to taste national dishes, then you should choose half board in Eleni Holiday Village 4 * (the reviews are given in the article).

General impression of the hotel

Infrastructure Eleni Holiday Village 4 * is quite modest. On site there is a shop, gym, parking. In addition, there is an adult and children's pool. Eleni Holiday Village 4 * is a Russian-speaking hotel, most of the staff are fluent in Russian. And most of the rest - are representatives of the post-Soviet space. Children's animation is at the level of weak improvisation, but the kids are satisfied.eleni holiday village 4 children's pool

If you are planning any event anniversary or birthday, then you should not count on the compliment from Eleni Holiday Village 4 *. In general, the hotel staff is smiling and pleasant, but the maids do not clean very well. But the restaurant staff copes well with the work and even allows tourists to take out some of the food for children. Check in on arrival is clearly timed, it is unlikely that it will be possible to get a room earlier.

In general, the service Eleni Holiday Village 4 * is on an average level. The territory of the complex itself is small and full of paths and bungalows. But not all of it is well-groomed, which makes a not very pleasant impression.

Special attention should be paid to beach rest. In Cyprus, the entire coast belongs to the municipality, so the hotels do not have their own beaches. Tourists can use public areas on the coast. Chloraki has very few beaches. The best of them is not so far from the hotel, but it is always crowded with people. The beach near the complex is small and very rocky because of the lava rocks, which is not very convenient. Sun beds and umbrellas on the beaches are paid, so many tourists prefer to buy their own umbrellas in supermarkets and shops. Vacationers recommend taking with them special shoes for swimming, so as not to injure your feet. The beach, though equipped with descents and stairs into the water, still needs good shoes.

The hotel has almost no internet. In the rooms it is missing completely. The only place where they can use it is the reception area. But even here its quality is so poor that it is simply impossible to fully use it.eleni holiday village 4 parking

In general, tourists say that the hotel was once probably in a better condition, but now it needs a good update. Of course, the institution has its advantages and disadvantages.The latter concern not only the cleaning of rooms, but also other nuances. The hotel is inconvenient for people of ages, as it is necessary to walk to the sea and go down the mountain. In addition, the nearest beach is inconvenient for swimming, while others need to stroll. The youth in the hotel will probably also be boring. In the evenings, there are occasional entertainment events, but they quickly end and do not interfere with tourists. With small children, it is better to take numbers on the first floors, even though there are ants in them, but you do not have to lift the baby carriage along high spans.

Tourists recommend to go by bus to the famous Coral Bay beach. This place is really beautiful and well maintained. One way travel costs up to 1.5 euros per person. If you eat to relax together, then it is more profitable to purchase a travel card for the whole day. At the reception of the hotel there is a representative of a travel agency who will help you with excursion trips. Cyprus is so rich in sights and historical sites that you should definitely make time to watch them.

Sights of Paphos

Trips to Cyprus are popular not only because of the beach-sea holiday, but also because of the large number of interesting places on the island. The rich historical heritage is what many tourists come here for. Not far from Paphos is the bath of Aphrodite, according to legend, this is where the goddess took baths. They say that the water in the bath gives eternal youth. It is strictly forbidden to swim in this place, but you can wet your feet and hands. From the bath you can walk to the fountain of love.

No less interesting sight is the Tombs of the Kings, in which the rulers of the rulers were buried for six centuries. They are all intertwined with stairs and passages. This place can be viewed literally in a couple of hours. All tombs completely copy the houses in which the kings lived during their lifetime. Some even have courtyards and sculptures.

In Paphos there is a bird park that will be interesting to all nature lovers. On its territory there is an amphitheater in which bird shows are regularly held. The park is inhabited by peacocks, toucans and other birds. And in the neighborhood are kangaroos, pigs and giraffes. At one time, the park was founded by a local ornithologist.Here animals and birds are kept in good conditions and walk freely along the paths. The park has plenty of space for children’s games and entertainment. Three times a day here you can watch a show of parrots.hotel eleni holiday village 4

A good place for family visits is the water park Aphrodite, which is considered one of the best on the Mediterranean coast. A large water complex is located two kilometers east of Paphos. The institution is almost the most popular in Cyprus. For its guests, the institution offers to plunge into the world of fun. The water park has a terrific selection of water activities. The complex has one of the largest slides in Europe. In the "Aphrodite" there is a children's playground, which is filled with slides, which are an exact copy of the famous attractions for adults.

Lovers of antiquity should definitely visit the archaeological park of Paphos, which is a real open-air museum, where you can see ancient temples, and the ruins of a fortress. All facilities come from different cultures and eras. They were built, starting from the second century BC. er and up to the Middle Ages.

The village of Geroskipou is also quite an interesting place.It is located on historic hills just three kilometers from Paphos. In ancient times, pilgrims who went to the temple of Aphrodite stayed in this village. This place is known for museums and healing springs. The main attraction of the village is the church of St. Paraskeva, which was built in the ninth century BC.

There are many Christian shrines in Cyprus. One of them are the catacombs of St. Solomonia. In one of the grottoes are stored the relics of the Solomonian refugee from Palestine. People come here with pleading for healing their loved ones. They gather from the source of holy water to gain strength.

It is authentically known that the catacombs were formed in the fourth century BC. And later on this place began to settle Christian settlers. They built a church in the grottoes, which was later decorated with frescoes and icons. This structure is a combination of the creations of human hands and nature. Here, religious objects are located in the natural landscape and are covered with greenery.

Very interesting to visit is the monastery of St. Neophytos the Recluse. It was erected in 1159. A monk near Paphos chose to build a very picturesque place.For many years he lived in a cliff in retreat. The monk prayed and recorded historical events and religious texts. However, gradually people also settled near the neophyte for whom he became a teacher. Gradually, a monastery and a temple grew near his cave. The monastery acquired its present appearance only in the fifteenth century. To this day, the architectural complex is decorated with monastic gardens, impressive beauty.

The temple was built here in the XVI century. It is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. Only some elements of frescoes and a wooden iconostasis have survived. The monastery was repeatedly ruined by the Turks, after which he was in a depressed state for a long time. Its revival began only in the eighteenth century, so now you can see the shrine.

One of those places that are worth seeing the resort is Paphos Castle, which is included in the UNESCO heritage lists. The castle at one time was a fortress, a prison, a mosque and even a warehouse. The building is well preserved. Outwardly, it resembles a fortress or a mausoleum.eleni holiday village 4 coral bay

Many tourists consider it their duty not only to visit, but also to plunge into the sea near the Greek stone, where once, according to legend, Aphrodite herself bathed.The sea in the area of ​​Petra-to-Romiou is quite dangerous, so most of the tourists are limited to only beautiful pictures for memory. An ancient legend says that a woman who swims around a Greek stone will rejuvenate, a man will become invincible, and couples will never leave.

Coral Bay Beach

Paphos and the surrounding area are famous for their beaches. Most of them have a pebble coating. And not far from the resort inside the bay is the sandy beach of Coral Bay, which is one of the most popular and beautiful places in Cyprus. The beach stretches for 600 meters and reaches a length of 40 meters. The water in the bay is always calm, and the sunset is very smooth without any drops.

The beach is equipped with all sorts of entertainment. The coast is also popular with divers. Since the beach is beautifully equipped, it is in the list of the best places in Cyprus. The blue flag assigned to the coast is an acknowledgment that the beach is environmentally friendly and safe.

From the hotel, you can take a bus to Coral Bay in just twenty minutes to have a great rest. Tourists recommend this place as the best beach, as the village of Chloraki is not distinguished by a good coast.The local landscapes are certainly impressive, but the coast is not very convenient for swimming, especially with children.

Instead of an afterword

Reviews of Eleni Holiday Village 4 * (Cyprus) suggest that this is a good Cyprus hotel, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Luxury complex can not be called, but at the same time, it offers a decent rest near the sea. Since the hotel is located in a small village, away from the hustle and bustle, it will appeal to those tourists who want to relax in silence.

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