Ducati Diavel: Specifications and Cost

There are different types of motorcycles, each of which belongs to a different class. There are small models for short trips, without any additions, improvements, design refinements and so on. They are intended for those who are looking for a specific level of functionality in a vehicle.

But there are more powerful models that have a larger size, a more powerful engine and, of course, a great appearance - this is also a serious emphasis. The latter is a luxury motorcycle Ducati Diavel, which is simply striking not only for its gorgeous appearance, but also for its excellent performance. It was launched on the market in 2015, so it’s quite fresh, and you need to hurry to buy it so that as few people as possible around you have a similar model.


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As in the case of Ducati Diavel, and with any other motorcycle, the first thing you need to pay attention to is its engine. And in this case, you will be surprised at the power andperformance of this four-stroke power unit with two cylinders (with four cylinders for each cylinder at once).

Separately, it is worth noting the configuration of the engine of this motorcycle - it is V-shaped, which gives its advantages. Pay attention to its working volume - it is more than a thousand cubic centimeters, and to be more precise, 1200 is a very impressive volume. And if we also take into account the power of the power unit, which is 162 horsepower, then this bike becomes on par with the best. The engine has an injection fuel inlet (in the Russian market it is recommended to use the AI-95 for refueling this motorcycle). It is also equipped with a liquid cooling system, and it is turned on exclusively by means of an electric starter. As you can see, Ducati Diavel is an incredible model that can attract the attention of even the most sophisticated motorcycle enthusiast.


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If we talk about the transmission of the motorcycle Ducati Diavel, then there is a six-speed manual gearbox with the main transmission to the chain. As for the clutch, it is standardly located in an oil bath, but it is not single-disk, but multi-disk, which gives the motorcycle an advantage over many other models.

Now you understand that the Ducati Diavel model has extremely good characteristics, so you should definitely take into account this bike if you want to get yourself a beautiful and powerful two-wheeled vehicle.


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The wheel of the Ducati Diavel Carbon is just over one and a half meters long. His height in the saddle is 77 centimeters. Thus, it turns out not the biggest, but very impressive and powerful motorcycle, the design of which is really impressive. Pay attention that its weight is 210 kilograms, and the volume of the fuel tank is 17 liters. All these indicators make this bike unique in its lineup.


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Separate attention deserves another parameter motorcycle Ducati Diavel - price. Naturally, this is not a technical specification, but each motorcyclist will want to know how much he will have to pay for this model.

If you buy the standard version, then you will have to pay approximately 1 million 100 thousand Russian rubles for it. This is quite an average price for Ducati motorcycles, but compared to other manufacturers it is a good investment. Naturally, if you do not aim at a sports bike from the Yamaha, because you have to pay much more for it.

But pay attention to the fact that there are different types of Ducati Diavel motorcycle, which can cost more or less. For example, the Strada version costs just over a million, which is 100 thousand cheaper than the base model, but for the Titanium version you will have to pay almost twice as much - 2 million 100 thousand Russian rubles. So make your choice by carefully examining the differences between the different versions of Ducati Diavel — this can play an important role in your purchase.

Some people are willing to pay a few hundred thousand over the top just for an incredible design, others will want to part with this money only if the motorcycle really has a serious improvement in performance. And someone, in principle, will not consider such an opportunity and will stop at the standard version, because it was she who was described above - she will also make an indelible impression on anyone without various additions.

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