Drug "Chlorophyllipt" - reviews and application

How often modern humanity is attacked by all sorts of infections! There are too many reasons for this. And on the pharmacy shelves appear more and new drugs. And sick people, of course, buy them, spend a lot of money, without thinking about what is in this list of drugs useful and effective, has long been open and tested in practice. It is to such means applies such a drug as "Chlorophyllipt." Reviews of those who use it instead of expensive advertised medicines are mostly positive and confirm the fact that this medicine is always kept in the first-aid kit.

So let's see what kind of miraculous drug, which, it turns out, has long been known, but because it is still preferred by many instead of modern means.

What is the medicine "Chlorophyllipt"?

This substance is a light green color, which has a number of useful properties.And it is most effective in combating various staphylococci and streptococci.

chlorophyllipt reviewsAnd often with those that are not amenable to treatment even with penicillin antibiotics. But many people today think that they are the most effective in treating the majority of ailments. It turns out this is a myth. So do not rush to never run to the pharmacy for expensive drugs, there are more benign and effective treatments.

So, the drug "Chlorophyllipt" is a natural remedy and contains in its composition chlorophyll eucalyptus leaves. They have bactericidal, immunomodulatory, disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic properties.

chlorophyllipt oil for children reviewsSo today they use such an indispensable drug "Chlorophyllipt", reviews of which are noted in the majority only of the advantages of the medicine. In asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis, colds, acute respiratory viral infections, tonsillitis, even with pneumonia and tuberculosis, this remedy is prescribed.

It should be noted that this medicine is also used to treat ulcerative skin lesions, septic conditions, and even nervous disorders.

In modern times, thanks to such beneficial properties of the drug, it is used in hospital conditions - prescribed by doctors as the most benign remedy for the treatment of a particular ailment. The drug is recommended by many healers of traditional medicine, and is also widely used by many people for self-treatment.

Drug release form "Chlorofillipt"

Due to the fact that this tool is widely applicable in the treatment of various diseases, manufacturers thereof have provided a different form of its release. So, the oil solution “Chlorophyllipt” is very familiar, its reviews are more frequent. Also, patients use alcohol and sterile fluids. No less popular are pills and spray.

Here is the variety, it turns out, is available on the shelves of domestic pharmacy institutions. Therefore, bearing in mind the drug "Chlorophyllipt", it should be understood that we can talk not about one of its release form. Therefore, you should always clarify what you are prescribed or what exactly you need to purchase to solve a particular health problem. Moreover, this medicine can be used both externally and for various types of irrigation and rinsing (oral cavity, larynx, female vagina), and even intravenously.

The drug "Chlorophyllipt" causes the suppression of the reproduction of fungi, viruses and other simple harmful microorganisms.

chlorophyllipt for throat reviews

Since the form of the drug is not one, each of them is accompanied by an individual guide to the application. Most often used in practice is still the spray and solution "Chlorophyllipt". Testimonials from those who have experienced them speak of a quick effect and relief of the physiological state, and they are also applicable to the treatment of a larger spectrum of ailments. Tablets are more used to treat ailments of the larynx and oral cavity.

Solution "Chlorophyllipt" oil: reviews, instructions

So, this form of the drug contains chlorophyll plus corn oil as an excipient. In appearance, it is a dark green liquid with an oily consistency and a specific aroma.

 chlorophyllipta solution reviews
It is this form of the drug "Chlorophyllipt" (instructions, patient reviews also confirm this) is prescribed during the treatment of burns, cervical erosion and trophic ulcers. This type of medication is resistant to staph.

Apply the oil solution with chlorophyll topically: the affected areas are treated with cotton swabs.

In order to treat uterus erosion, the cervical canal is lubricated with medication, after which a cotton swab soaked in it is inserted for no more than twenty minutes. Such therapy continues for ten days. If the treatment has a positive effect, i.e., all the wounds have healed, the course is stopped, if the picture has improved, but not all of the wounds have healed, the course is repeated from the beginning.

Before direct treatment with this drug, tests for allergic reactions are conducted. Twenty-five drops of the solution is mixed with a tablespoon of water and drunk. If after six to eight hours there are no signs of side effects, it means that you can start a full-fledged therapy.

The oil solution, interacting with other medicines, enhances its antibacterial property. This type of drug "Chlorofillipt" reviews describe only as a really effective medicine. Especially women are delighted with him. After all, cervical erosion is not so easy to cure, given the moist environment of the vagina, in which the microflora is constantly changing. But with this drug is much easier to achieve the desired result.

Also, positive trends are noted by people who treat this means inflammation of tonsils with tonsillitis.

Solution "Chlorophyllipt" alcohol: reviews, instructions

On sale today you can find two types of alcoholic liquid with chlorophyll. So, you can buy a 1% solution (100 ml) or 0.25% (2 ml).

chlorophyllipt alcohol reviewsApply alcohol liquid for inflammation of the peritoneum, in the treatment of the effects of peritonitis, treatment of diseases of the respiratory organs - larynx and pharynx, as well as pleurisy and pneumonia.

The action of this form of the drug "Chlorophyllipt" for the throat is priceless. Reviews of many people say that taking it for several days normalizes the condition of this area of ​​our body.

Alcohol is taken 1% solution orally forty minutes before a meal, twenty-five drops, diluted in a tablespoon of water, several times a day.

Also this form of medication is applicable for enemas. Twenty milliliters of a 1% solution dissolve in one liter of water and enter into the anus. Chlorophyll enemas are attributed mainly to the treatment of the intestines.

The throat is subjected to rinsing with diluted fifteen drops of a 1% solution in a glass of water.The procedure is repeated three to four times a day.

Solution sterile "Chlorofillipt": instructions

So, another type of medicine. In particular, 0.25% alcohol solution is the most sterile type of medicine "Chlorophyllipt". Application (patient reviews and instructions to the drug focus on this) it is not intended for oral administration diluted with water, but for intravenous administration. This is done with severe burns and severe pneumonia. It is also suitable for inhalation in order to treat laryngitis and pharyngitis.

0.25% solution of "chlorophyllipt" from acne helps very effectively. Testimonials from many who have experienced this remedy speak of the rapid removal of inflammations of purulent acne, especially in the face area.

Tablets "Chlorophyllipt" - instruction

The tablet form of the drug is available in dosages of 1.5 and 25 mg of the active substance. This type resembles absorbable lozenges. In cases of respiratory diseases - sore throats, laryngitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis - it is recommended to dissolve four to five tablets per day.

chlorophyllipt application reviews

Spray "Chlorophyllipt" - instruction

This is the most acceptable form of medicine today.Very convenient to use drug "Chlorophyllipt" -spray. Reviews of many patients suggest that it is very comfortable to spray it on the affected areas and limit its action in the right area, which cannot be said about smearing the sore spots with a cotton swab when most of the medicine remains on the cotton wool.

chlorophyllipt instruction reviewsThis is an aerosol containing 15 ml of chlorophyll solution. They are treated with pharynx, inflamed areas of the oral cavity. Spray is applicable in the treatment of angina, more simplified forms of diseases of the throat and larynx, as well as acute respiratory infections.

The method of application of the spray elementary - three or four times a day, you need to perform two injections in the direction of the inflamed segments.

Possible side effects during medication

Despite the prevalence of the use of this tool in the treatment of many ailments, it can have, like any other medicine, side effects on the patient's body. Thus, there were recorded cases of headaches, swelling of the face and mucous membranes of the oral cavity, rashes on the skin during treatment with the “Chlorophyllipt” preparation.

These points are most common for overdose of medication.

Contraindications to the drug

It is not allowed treatment with the use of this medication in case of individual intolerance of its components contained in the composition. It is not recommended to use this drug in pregnant women and lactating mothers. This medicine is not prescribed for children under twelve.

The drug "Chlorophyllipt" and the immunity of children

Despite the fact that the instruction to the medication says that it is not prescribed until the age of twelve, in practice widely used means "chlorophyllipt" (oil) for children. Reviews of many people confirm this fact.

Moreover, the drug is prescribed even for newborn babies. It is without this tool that a first-aid kit for babies does not do. The umbilical wound is treated with an alcoholic 1% solution "Chlorophyllipt" instead of the usual green stuff.

Indispensable this medicine is for diseases of children, which are caused precisely by staphylococcus. Today, parents use the recommendations of doctors, as evidenced by professional reviews on taking the drug "Chlorophyllipt" reviews. For children, it is used in the most necessary situations.So, with the defeat of the skin purulent formations that are caused by staphylococci, can not do without this tool. Especially if such a diagnosis is observed in newborns, when their skin is not yet able to resist all sorts of bacteria, and the infection can enter the bloodstream, which creates an increased threat to the infant's life.

Also, the solution "Chlorophyllipt" can stop the development of pneumonia and septic conditions. After all, very often children suffer from diseases of the respiratory system. If their cause is staphylococcus, then this drug always comes to the rescue.

Even inside it is prescribed the solution "Chlorophyllipt" oil for children. Reviews of parents confirm the improvement of the child’s condition in the treatment of diseases caused by staphylococci in the blood. Alcohol solution is also administered intravenously to children. This is an important therapy in the treatment of the lungs, internal organs of a child, if staphylococcus is the cause of the development of their ailments.

Competent doctors always prefer the use of the medicine "Chlorophyllipt" instead of antibiotics, which are more dangerous for the child and cause addiction of the organism, while destroying the beneficial intestinal microflora, resulting in dysbiosis,to treat which is also not easy.

Intravenous administration of the drug is carried out only by a doctor under conditions of continuous monitoring of the patient's condition in a medical institution. For ingestion by infants, the medicine Chlorofillipt is diluted with breast milk.

Also, this tool is applicable to doctors in cases where the impaired children's immunity does not respond to antibacterial therapy with the use of other medicines.

Children with an oil solution are allowed to lubricate the tonsils with a severe course of tonsillitis, gargle with pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

Chlorofillipt liquid is very effective in treating children's purulent rhinitis, and the drug is buried in the nose instead of nasal drops.

Do not exclude the use of this tool for the treatment of children's bronchitis, tracheitis inhalation method. Even the “Chlorofillipt” tablets are taken by children with prescribed treatment for the throat.

Instructions for the use of one form or another of this medication warn that it is undesirable to use it for the treatment of children, since its effects are not fully understood. But the doctors, not observing any side effects of the reception, still practice his appointment and in most cases only observe the positive effect of the use.

So be sure to pay attention to this effective remedy.

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