Drop-shot (rigging) - features of equipment and fishing

Drop-shot (rigging) has long been used by domestic anglers. Here are just earlier for its preparation used other bait and wiring. In the past, hooks on perch and foam rubber fish perched on pike perch were actively moving. And the fishing took place near the shore. Today, drop-shot and powered snap-ons are used mainly for casting over long distances, as well as for catching nearby snags.


drop shot riggingA drop shot (rig) is prepared using conventional hooks, which should be placed in a horizontal position with the tip pointing upwards. The use of this approach reduces the number of idle bites, and also provides effective oscillation of the bait.

A great option is a curved offset hook that holds the bait securely. A drop-shot (snap) on a pike perch can be formed using special hooks, the ear of which acts as a support holding the sting in the desired position.


drop shot snap on zanderA drop-shot (rig) involves the use of an elongated sinker, which contains a clip at the end. This helps to adjust the distance to the bait. However, such sinkers are found in ordinary fishing stores quite rarely. Therefore, a common end product in the form of a drop for bottom fishing will be a good alternative. The weight of the sinker should be quite impressive, so as not to create unnecessary fluctuations during wiring.


snap drop shot installationA drop-shot (rig) on ​​a pike perch is equipped with silicone, plastic baits. The ideal solution is an elongated product with a thickening in the front and a narrow tail.

In addition to artificial baits, fly fishing flies, large worms and even black leeches will be a good option. In this case, the front part must be heavy enough to sink upside down.

Drop Shot - Installation

fishing drop shot riggingAssembling tackle is ingenuous. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the hook equipment. It should be at an angle of 45abouteither 90about. To ensure such a situation, it is enough to use a clinch or palmar unit.

After fixing the hook should remain a leash with a length of 30 to 120 cm (depending on the desired height of movement of the bait). Snap drop shot (installation, as we see, is quite simple) involves the use of a special fastener with a load at the end of the leash, which changes the height of the bait stroke during posting. The weight of the weighting agent is selected depending on the strength of the flow and the required depth of fishing.

Technique of fishing

A drop-shot (rig) is most convenient for fishing from a boat or hills. This greatly simplifies the delivery of gear to the right place and the vertical wiring of the lure.

Catching from the shore is better in areas where there is no need for distant casts. Effective fishing drop-shot, equipment of this type, if necessary, point catches in hard-to-reach windows in the midst of snags or rough vegetation.

The casting technique involves immersing the equipment with a touch of the bottom load. Next is the wiring in the vertical direction. Short twitches alternate with long pauses. You can resort to both smooth and chaotic movements. In this case, the bait performs semicircular oscillations.

The sequence of actions is repeated until the bait leaves the fishing area. Movement and movement of gear is controlled by the tip of the spinning. The coil is used only when it is necessary to select a significant slack in the fishing line.

The technique of a drop-shot in many ways resembles the method of catching mormyshka in the winter. It is enough to slightly spin up the bait without lifting the load from the bottom, and then give a small slack so that the bait drops down again.

Useful tips

drop shot and lead snapThere are a number of recommendations, the use of which in practice contributes to an increase in the catch:

  1. The rig must remain sensitive regardless of the fishing conditions. Therefore, in stock always need to have a variety of goods that can be replaced when needed.
  2. As bait it is better to choose soft products that do not have too active tail parts. A good option would be plastic models of composite construction.
  3. Not the last role is played by coloring bait. To catch in troubled, muddy water, it is recommended to select products of the brightest shades. In a transparent environment it is enough to use the bait of natural color.
  4. The technique of fishing involves the performance of a slow tackle game due to the slight twitching of the rod end. However, with a noticeable activity of the fish, energetic wiring also allows for a decent result.
  5. The same area should be fished, alternately changing the direction of the wiring. As a result, you can achieve the movement of the bait from predatory fish, which provokes the attack.

Advantages and disadvantages

What are the advantages of a drop shot over the other snap-ins? This option is effective at times when potential prey hunts closer to the surface, and the bait should be carried out in close proximity to the target. Tackle allows you to perform a smooth, unhurried game of bait, which increases the likelihood of attracting "lazy", inactive fish.

There is one obvious flaw in the tooling. So, when biting the fish does not get free play after swallowing the bait. On the one hand, the load acts as a hindrance, and on the other - the anglerfish.

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Drop-shot (rigging) - features of equipment and fishing 99

Drop-shot (rigging) - features of equipment and fishing 97

Drop-shot (rigging) - features of equipment and fishing 18

Drop-shot (rigging) - features of equipment and fishing 28

Drop-shot (rigging) - features of equipment and fishing 74

Drop-shot (rigging) - features of equipment and fishing 35

Drop-shot (rigging) - features of equipment and fishing 73

Drop-shot (rigging) - features of equipment and fishing 18

Drop-shot (rigging) - features of equipment and fishing 2