Drama Theater "At the Bridge", Perm: description, history, poster, repertoire and reviews

Many people know a unique theater of its kind at the Bridge (Perm). His originality and unusual performances in combination with the appearance attract the audience. In addition, at the head of the troupe and the entire institution is a very unusual person.

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Historical background of the theater

Theater "At the Bridge" opened its doors to the first visitors in 1988. The institution is quite young, but has already managed to gain popularity and fame among a wide range of viewers.

The unusualness of the theater is in its genre. As SP Fedotov, the permanent artistic director, conceived, only mystical productions are staged here. It all began with a small circle of enthusiastic young people, where Fedotov with the same fellows tried a new style of play.

The plays attracted the viewer so much that a small theater formed a full-fledged theater, which was located in the building of the Palace of Culture of the Perm Plant. Performances were in his small hall.The premiere performance took place on October 7, 1988, therefore this date is considered the official birthday of the mystical theater.

First productions

In connection with the chosen genre and style of the game, the repertoire is selected to be special, but classical. So, for the premiere, the play “Marriage” by N. Gogol was chosen. Spectators were struck by the world of secrets and mystics, enveloping the hall while watching.

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The theater “At the Bridge” (Perm) is famous for its magical aura. Fame not only to the viewer, but also in the actor's circles brought him a whole cycle, set on the works of N. Gogol. The performances of Bulgakov and Dostoevsky’s plays helped even more penetration into the human soul and original play of actors.

The founder of an unusual theater

At the head is not just a man who decided to devote his life to art. Sergey Pavlovich Fedotov is the winner of the Golden Mask Award. He rightfully earned the title of the best director of the play “Heart of a Dog”, which was successfully held in the Czech Republic. Fedotov was not only the best director, but also the first among foreigners who received such a prestigious award in this country critical of artists.

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Sergey Pavlovich is a root Permian. In his hometown, he studied acting, graduated from the directing department of the Institute of Art and Culture. Now his theater is known far beyond the city and even the country. View unusual performances come from different parts of Russia. All performances are distinguished by their originality, brightness and characteristic vision of the director.

Mystical director

Fedotov literally engages the viewer in his productions. He instills in his wards a new style of play on the stage, mysticism reigns in the hall. Due to originality, sometimes - grotesque and paradox, actors and spectators are completely immersed in the other world.

Despite the mystery, the troupe has a varied repertoire. The theater “At the Bridge” (Perm) shows tragedies and comedies, parables and even detective stories. But one thing in performances invariably is the mysticism, mystery and inspirational play with sometimes absurd innovations.

Perhaps someone plays seem incredible or have nothing to do with reality. But this is the position of their director, and Sergey Pavlovich Fedotov does not want to switch to the classic processing of immortal works.But all sorts of awards at international festivals prove that the new vision deserves attention, and the full halls speak of a fascinating action that you must definitely see and give your own assessment of what you see.

Theater productions

Not only works of Russian classics has in its repertoire the theater “At the Bridge” (Perm). The poster includes both the best classical foreign plays and samples of modern art. It is especially interesting to watch performances that combine different genres. How the manager succeeds is a mystery, but the premieres always take place with a full hall.

The theater is an innovator not only in the way of play and mystical productions. The actors together with the director were the first to decide on the performances of M. McDonagh, a writer from Ireland, who is distinguished by an unusual vision of his books. It was for the staging of the play in his novel The Cripple of Inishmaan, the company received the Golden Mask award. Now there are a lot of productions in the repertoire, and the Theater “At the Bridge” (Perm) is proud of them all.

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The poster invites viewers to choose the play that is closest in spirit or plunge into the world of completely absurd works, including:

  1. "The Master and Margarita" - a completely new vision of the novel by Bulgakov.
  2. "Pannochka" - based on the story of Gogol "Wii".
  3. "Man Pillow" - according to the book of the Irish writer McDonagh.
  4. "Quasimodo" - on the product of Hugo.
  5. "Juno and Avos" - an unusual statement of a rock opera.
  6. "The Skull of Connemara" - McDonagh's dark comedy.
  7. "Beauty and Linen" - the Irish author's sad comedy.
  8. "Heart of a Dog" - comedy by Bulgakov.
  9. "Smell" - R. Familiari.
  10. "Castle" - F. Kafka.
  11. "Dracula" - B. Stocker.
  12. "Thirty-three fainting" - A. Chekhov.
  13. “The Star and the Death of H. Murieta” - rock opera by Voznesensky and Rybnikov.

As can be seen from the productions, the director fully adheres to a special repertoire and supports the mystic of the performances not only by the game, but also by well-chosen works.

repertoire theater at the bridge perm

Premiere of "Hanuma"

Many prime minister pleases theater "At the Bridge" (Perm). “Hanuma” was no exception and gathered a full room of curious spectators. The singularity of Fedotov’s performances is that the action begins in the lobby. The same is true of the production of “Hanum”, where the actors are met with highland dance. You can even drink some wine from the hands of the beautiful Georgian women.

The performance has a lot of colorful dances, which were staged by the choreographer Muss Tulparov.A contact with the audience helped to establish an incendiary lezginka and witty jokes.

The value of the statement is not only in its unusual manner of presentation, but also in the message that the work gives. Here and the absurdity of honoring the highest ranks, and the power of wealth, as well as the passage of the parable, which puts everything in its place.

It is better to take tickets to the theater at the Bridge (Perm) for the premiere in advance on the official website, because the hall is always full, and Khanuma has repeatedly gathered a full house.

Popular "Pannochka"

Every troupe has its favorite performances, which are popular with the audience and are especially revered by actors. Among the diverse repertoire of the theater "At the Bridge" (Perm) especially honors the play "Pannochka". The director and his team turned the play into a real mystical action.

theater near the bridge perm khanum

This performance is the face of the theater and its calling card. The writer was Nina Sadur, and the director is the unchanged Sergei Pavlovich Fedotov.

The performance turned out to be the decisive factor, after which the institution became firmly associated with a mystical object, and behind the theater the right to be a pioneer of the other world with the help of acting and directing skills was recognized.

The peculiarity of the production is in its stylistics.Here comedy, horror and philosophical plot are surprisingly intertwined. The involvement of the viewer in the game of actors is built on the contrast. Literally now they are laughing, but now they are dying of fear and then start by trembling from unexpected things.

The success and popularity of the production are associated with jokes that not only make people laugh, but also carry a philosophical meaning. Despite the fact that the performance was presented to the audience more than twenty years ago, interest in it does not disappear. Visitors who do not watch the play for the first time find everything new and new in the deep sense of the plot.

Acting is simply superb. Artists delve into the images of their heroes so much that the viewer literally finds himself inside the other world and feels for himself what it is like to possess secret knowledge.

Ticket price

Sometimes, in order to decide to attend a performance, it is required to study the reviews of those who have already watched the play. The unusual places imposes certain restrictions, so it is important to know the opinions of visitors before purchasing tickets to the theater “At the Bridge” (Perm). Prices depend on the setting and the room where the play is shown (small or large hall).

If you look at the statistics, the cheapest tickets start at 400 rubles. The premiere and most popular productions can cost 2000 rubles, but this is only in the forefront. More distant places are cheaper.

Visitor reviews

Reviews about the theater leave not only the audience, who like the unusual and involvement in the action already from the lobby, but also professional critics. So, you can see the opinions of the jury members of the Golden Mask that the actors can penetrate deep into the viewer's subconscious and pull out his hidden feelings into the light.

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The performances create on the stage a special microcosm, where the production, according to the observer of Radio Liberty, is voluminous, and the game is ingenious.

But ordinary viewers, of course, value the opinion of professional critics, and their assessment gives a certain aura of prestige. However, visitors are interested in the impression of an ordinary viewer.

Those who have visited any performance at least once decide to purchase tickets for other activities. They are attracted by the unusual performance, tension during the game and immersion in the sacrament. In addition, almost all the performances are directed based on famous classic works.The theater “At the Bridge” (Perm) is famous for its mystical, world-renowned works. Prices quite allow to attend performances, but during the prime it is better to take care of tickets in advance.

Museum of unusual exhibits

In addition to mystical productions, the theater “At the Bridge” (Perm) is famous for its unusual museum. Any viewer can visit it before watching or enjoy the exhibits after seeing the action.

The museum displays unusual props involved in creating mystery and mysticism, the costumes of actors, as well as the elements of scenery. You can see part of the scenery from such plays as:

  1. "Ghoul".
  2. "Pannochka".
  3. Dracula.

It is interesting to see live Margarita Cup from the play of the same name, from which she drank blood at Woland at the ball. Spectators have the opportunity to sit on the throne of Dracula, to survey the severed head of Berlioz or Pannochka's coffin. And what about the game of chess, which was played by the cat Begemot and Woland!

The uniqueness of the museum is that the exhibits are not locked behind soulless glass, but a boring guide will tell about their history. All presented things can be touched, the actors themselves or the theater staff will tell about their appointment.Interestingly, the museum premises are located in one of the rooms where rehearsals take place.

Theater location

Near the square of the Ural Volunteers is the theater "At the Bridge". Address: Perm, ul. Kuibyshev, d. 11. You can get there by public transport, using the tram number 3, 4, 7 or 11.

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