Dota 2: cheats, game features

Dota 2 is a computer online game in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, designed for multiple players, which combines elements of strategy and role-playing game. Born back in 2013, DotA 2, after only a few years, won the love of millions of players around the world. In this article we will look at the features of the game, as well as many cheats for Dota 2.

A bit of history

Dota first appeared in the highly popular Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos computer game for the early 2000s. It was a regular card that includes a cooperative mode for four players fighting off endless waves of creeps (non-player characters are monsters controlled by the system, and for killing which the hero gets some kind of reward). The purpose of the map was to destroy the key structures of the enemy. In the future, it was this card that gained particular popularity from all UMS cards in the network.

Gradually, Dota grew into a separate independent game, having already an impressive number of fans, and after a few more years, various tournaments with huge prize funds were held as part of this game.

In 2009, rumors began to appear on the Internet about the desire of Valve to restart an outdated DotA. Dota 2 was announced in the fall of 2010, and the game was scheduled for release in June 2011. Officially, it was released only in July 2013, being in beta testing for a long time.

Now Dota 2 is involved in eSports, where teams of professional players from around the globe compete in various championships and tournaments. The most ambitious of them is the contest The International, which is organized annually by the company Valve.

Dota 2 Tournament

Gameplay Features

The main part of the game Dota 2 falls on player character development. The key role in "DotA" is assigned to the team game (team play). It is she who decides who will win in the end.

Players are distributed in two teams, five people each. The first team - The Radiant - the bright side, the second dark - The Dire. Between them are three connecting lines, the so-called "corridors". These corridors are defended by defenses, as well as endless waves of non-player characters — creeps.

Heroes from the game Dota 2

Each player controls his so-called hero, which can be developed depending on his main characteristics (intelligence, strength, agility).The hero in the game gets experience to increase his level, earns gold, for which he can buy various items that enhance it and give additional abilities. Gold is the main currency of the game, and you can get it for killing enemy creeps and heroes, as well as in a small amount from your base.

The main task of the players is to destroy the main structure of the enemy. The team that did it first, and becomes the winner.

Design features

When developing a new "DotA", there was one main requirement for it - the preservation of all key aspects of the original map with their transfer to the Source engine. As a result, a new game appeared before the players with all the familiar qualities of the original, only in an improved form. Jason Hayes, who was a composer for the 3rd Warcraft, joined Valve in order to work with Tim Larkin on delivering a unique sound line for the new Doty. The names of characters, their abilities, objects, landscape design and many other details of the original map were almost completely preserved, but transferring all this to a new engine was not an easy task.

We now turn to the Dota 2 cheat commands.


It is worth noting that cheat commands are prohibited and do not work as usual. They are designed for a test mode in which there is an opportunity to play with all the characters, check the effectiveness of your chosen strategy, or just experiment with the game. If you are a beginner and are not familiar with DotA, then this mode using cheat commands will significantly speed up the process. No one will hurt you to explore each character and try out all the tactics of battles. Of course, this mode is used not only by beginners, but also by professional players. The fact is that DotA includes a huge number of combinations, the effect of which can be tested only in practice, and creating suitable conditions for this is not always possible. That's exactly what the mode was designed for using cheat commands.


To use Dota 2 cheats, you must first activate them.

In the main menu we find the "Play" button. It is located in the lower right corner of the window.

"Play" button

In the next window you need to create a lobby, for which choose the item Create Lobby (Create Lobby).

opening lobby

The lobby menu which you need to enable cheats.

To do this, go to the settings.

lobby settings

There we tick off the checkbox "Enable cheats".

cheat on

Cheats are activated and you can run the game.

Dota 2 Free Cheats

They are two types. Separate chat and cheats in the Dota 2 console. Some of them can be used both there and there, others are designed only for the console.

To use any cheat, press the Enter key, thus opening the chat window, and write a command there. It should be noted that all commands begin with the "-" sign.

  • gold "number"-most popular for any game, including for Dota 2 cheat for money. Allows you to get your specified amount of gold. Console: dota_give_gold "number".
  • lvlup "number"-Increases the level of your hero to the one you specified. And it can only be increased (maximum level 25). Console: dota_hero_level "number".
  • item "item name"-your hero gets the item you specified. Console: dota_create_item "item name".
  • refresh-This team updates all skills and fully restores the health and mana of your heroes. Console: dota_hero_refresh.
  • wtf-removes recharge from all skills and items that allows you to use them almost instantly. Console: dota_ability_debug_enable.
  • unwtf-cancels the previous cheat command. Console: dota_ability_debug_disable.
  • respawn-Your hero is reborn at the fountain, regardless of whether he is dead or alive. Console: dota_hero_respawn.
  • startgame-allows you to remove the timer at the beginning of the game. Console: dota_start_game.
  • createhero “Character name”, createhero “Character name” enemy, createhero “Character name” neutral - these commands allow you to create a specific hero / unit / structure you control at the cursor location. Adding enemy unit creates an enemy unit, and neutral-Allied (in this case it is impossible to control it). Console: dota_create_unit "Character Name" or "neutral or enemy".
  • levelbots "number"-This command gives all bots on the map the level you specified. Console: dota_bot_give_level "number".
  • givebots "item"-gives all bots on the map the item you specified. Console: dota_bot_give_item "item".
  • allvision-allows you to see everything around objects and characters, including the enemy. Console: dota_all_vision_enable.
  • normalvision-cancels the previous cheat command. Console: dota_all_vision_disable.
  • spawncreeps-forcing a wave of creeps. Console: dota_spawn_creeps.
  • disablecreepspawn-turns off the automatic appearance of creeps on the lines. Console: dota_creeps_no_spawning_disable.
  • enablecreepspawn-cancels the previous cheat command. Console: dota_creeps_no_spawning_enable.

Private VIP cheats for Dota 2

There are free cheats that are publicly available, and any player can use them.There are also paid cheats for Dota 2.

What are they like? VIP-cheats are special programs, having bought and, having established which, the user gets a number of significant advantages over other players. For example, it will be possible to see all the information about the enemy, including cooldown abilities, the amount of health and mana.

Internet fraud

However, the use of such cheat programs is associated with a huge risk.

Firstly, all such cheats are prohibited by the official game developers. For their use, you can get a temporary ban or even lose your game account.

Secondly, with the growing popularity of Dota 2, a large number of scammers appeared on the Internet, offering to buy special cheats, thanks to which the player "never knows the bitterness of defeat." However, paying the money, he does not receive anything in return.

And thirdly, the use of third-party programs that facilitate the game, interferes with the player's self-development, improving his abilities in the game. Interest in her very quickly fade away.

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