"Gamavit" for dogs: instructions for use, dosage and customer reviews

In various diseases in animals, maintenance therapy is always required along with the main treatment. Veterinarians often prescribe "Gamavit" for dogs, which is not a medicine, but significantly speeds up the healing process and supports the body's own defenses. In addition, the drug has proven itself as a prophylactic against various pathologies.

"Gamavit" for dogs

What it consists of

"Gamavit" for dogs is available in glass vials that contain a reddish liquid. The composition is unique and contains all the necessary substances for a weakened animal body. So, it includes a full range of vitamins, such as: C, E, A and group B (cyanocobalamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenate, nicotinamide, biotin, thiamine chloride).

The solution also contains minerals:

  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • iron;
  • sodium.

In addition, the drug includes amino acids and other important components:

  • glucose;
  • uracil;
  • xanthine;
  • guanine;
  • adenosine phosphate;
  • ribose;
  • adenine sulfate;
  • thymine;
  • sodium pyruvate.

As can be seen from the above composition, "Gamavit" for dogs actually has a beneficial effect on a weakened animal and provides it with the necessary support in the form of vitamins, minerals and other vital components.

"Gamavit" - reviews

Impact on the body

Due to its composition, the drug has a beneficial effect in animal diseases and in the period of rehabilitation therapy. "Gamavit" for dogs speeds up metabolism, which makes recovery closer. After a full course of treatment, the general blood test formula is significantly improved. In addition, the tool has a bactericidal property and immunomodulatory, helps to strengthen the protective functions of the animal. If the solution is prick as a prophylactic, then the animal increases its resistance to stressful situations and increased physical exertion.

Veterinarians also often prescribe a drug for puppies that are lagging behind in development to accelerate their growth and maturation.Studies show that prescribing Gamavita can significantly reduce postnatal mortality in premature puppies.

"Gamavit" dog - dosage

Application "Gamavita" for dogs

The drug is prescribed for a number of problems and has a fairly wide scope of use. The tool is used in the correction of beriberi and elimination of anemia. The drug is effective as a reducing microflora after taking antibiotics. The ability to enhance metabolism and tissue regeneration processes allows you to assign a solution after surgery and injuries of various origins.

With various problems shown "Gamavit" for dogs. Instructions for use states that it effectively deals with poisoning and intoxication of various origins. For example, it is often prescribed for food poisoning or chemical. If drug intoxication has occurred, then Gamavit is injected with other drugs. It is proved that its constituent components are able to quickly bind and remove harmful substances from the body.

In viral diseases and bacterial infections, Gamavit is also often prescribed for dogs.The instructions for use show that the technique is justified in the knots after a difficult birth and to facilitate the recovery process. If postpartum complications are diagnosed, the drug will cope with this.

Canine experts say that taking the medication greatly facilitates the process of training dogs and preparing them for important exhibitions or competitions. Animals become more balanced and resilient.

gamav "Gamavit" for dogs - instructions for use and dosage

"Gamavit" for dogs: instructions for use

The dosage of the drug may be different and depends on many components. Therefore, for the appointment of the course and the calculation of the necessary reception should contact the veterinarian. The drug is administered by injection. Moreover, both subcutaneous and intramuscular administration is allowed. At home, it is not forbidden to water the animal, offering the drug in its pure form or diluting it with water. It is recommended for these purposes to use a syringe without a needle.

It is necessary that the expert appointed "Gamavit" dog. The dosage may be different, but there are general recommendations:

  • Prophylactic administration - 0.1 ml of solution per 1 kg of dog's weight.
  • For therapeutic purposes - 0.3-0.5 ml per 1 kg of animal weight.

If "Gamavit for dogs" is assigned, the instruction will help determine the course of treatment. So, as a prevention of anemia and hypovitaminosis, the medicine is used from 1 to 3 times a day. Duration ranges from 2 to 4 weeks. If it is necessary to prepare the dog for increased physical exertion or stressful activities, the reception lasts 4-8 days.

"Gamavit" for dogs - instruction

For therapeutic purposes, the drug is prescribed only by a specialist and the dosage and duration of administration are individually calculated. This factor depends on the state of the pet and the type of pathology. So, with infections of different genesis, the medicine is injected up to 3 times per day for 5-7 days.

During preparation for pregnancy and the postpartum period, “Gamavit for dogs” is also often prescribed. The instruction shows that it effectively increases fertility and contributes to the quick recovery of the bitch. The drug is shown and puppies. If they are weakened, then they are administered 0.1 ml of solution on the third and fifth day after birth.

Application "Gamavita" for dogs

Possible contraindications

According to the instructions, there are no contraindications for taking the medicine. Also, side effects in many years of veterinary practice have been identified.The only exception is the individual intolerance of any component. But such cases are extremely rare.

Prick medicine is allowed from any age, because it is considered completely harmless. The tool can be assigned to pregnant bitches, just given birth, weakened pets and newborn puppies. The drug does not cause side effects and, according to veterinarians, is well tolerated. But an allergic reaction sometimes happens, so during the course you need to monitor the pet.

Beneficial effect

Judging by the reviews of experts, the drug normalizes metabolic processes in the animal and increases its defenses. Because of this, the following beneficial factors stand out:

  • the drug has a powerful immunomodulatory property;
  • is an adaptogen;
  • serves as a nutrient stimulator;
  • contributes to the overall strengthening of the body and has a biotonic effect;
  • reduces the mortality of weak puppies and increases their viability;
  • helps to increase the resistance of dogs to stress and increased physical exertion;
  • significantly accelerates the growth and development of puppies.

Therefore, the drug has found widespread use in veterinary medicine and is prescribed for various pathologies and conditions.

"Gamavit" for dogs - instructions for use

Reviews breeders

"Gamavit" for dogs has accumulated feedback, mostly positive. Breeders write that after the course, the animal is recovering more quickly after a protracted illness, the pet's appetite improves, they become more vigorous and active. If you give a solution for prophylactic purposes, it is noted that dogs are less sick, tolerate enhanced training and behave calmly at shows.

Many owners believe that only taking the drug helps the bitch to move the pregnancy well and get through the labor. At the same time there are no complications, and the puppies are active and viable. If the litter is weakened, the medicine contributes to its growth and the attainment of vitality.

Convenient packaging and ease of dosage are also noted. Of course, not all dogs treat injections well, but there is an opportunity to offer medicine with water. But veterinarians warn that before taking it is better to consult a doctor. The specialist will also calculate the dosage and the required course.

Where to buy

In almost any veterinary pharmacy, you can buy "Gamavit" for dogs. The price depends on the region, but almost everywhere it is quite budget. The maximum cost is set for a bottle of 100 ml, but this volume is necessary only for medical clinics or in the case of a serious illness of a particularly large individual. For ordinary breeders offered bottles of 5 ml. On the "Gamavit" for dogs, the price ranges from 100 to 200 rubles per pack. Packaging, which contains five bottles, costs around 600-700 rubles.

But it should be borne in mind that there is a similar drug, but designed for cats. Replacing one another is not recommended. They have different dosages and the ratio of useful components.


Already many breeders have appreciated the effect of the drug. The solution is harmless, but has a positive effect on the dog's body. Recovery against the background of its intake is faster, prophylactic injections significantly strengthen the immune system.

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