Do mosquito bracelets help? TOP 5 best bracelets

From spring to late autumn, they go hunting ... mosquitoes. Experts have developed a lot of things against bloodsuckers. Traps with different spirals and sprays, fumigators, etc. But they have a significant drawback: their effect is limited to a certain territory. As soon as you leave it, insects start hunting.

Not so long ago, scientists came up with comfortable bracelets soaked in a special insect repellent. Each of the manufacturers is trying to present their goods profitably. Created many models, executed in different colors.

They can use as a kid from 3 years, and an adult. The main thing is not to be allergic to the composition of the impregnation.

Manufacturers are trying to use natural essential oils, for example, essences of lavender, citronella or mint. The bracelet on the hand heats up, and the oil slowly evaporates.

They neutralize carbonic acid smell, attractive to mosquitoes, emanating from the body of each of us.This means that a person becomes as if imperceptible to mosquitoes, and they do not bite him.

Strap Features

Bracelets are made from different materials. Especially popular are textile and silicone, but their effectiveness does not depend on the structure of the product or design.

It is important to properly use the product, and for this you must first read the instructions. The strap is best stored, as recommended by the manufacturer, in a special convenient container in the form of a container.

Bracelets for kids and adults differ in length and size. For the latter, they are wider, which is completely natural. Color and design can be chosen to your taste.

What are the dignity of the straps?

Consider the positive properties of anti-mosquito bracelets.

  • What are the dignity of the strapsThey are safe.The silicone from which the accessory is made is hypoallergenic. If the strap is woven, then the material will be natural. Bracelets are soaked with oil - also a natural product that can not harm a person (except for allergies).
  • They just use.It is enough to put the bracelet on your hand and fasten with a velcro or a button. It is better not to cut off the excess, because there is impregnation.
  • They are durable.Provided proper storage and operation of such a protective agent is enough for the entire season of activity of blood-sucking insects.
  • They are comfortable.The man just puts on the strap and calmly goes about his business, without feeling discomfort. Now you can easily go with your family and friends on a picnic in the forest plantation, go for a walk with the dog through the park, ride bicycles.
Tip!After removal, the bracelet should immediately be put in a container, where it should remain until the next time. This is necessary to prevent unnecessary evaporation of the impregnation.

About mosquito bites

Now in the pharmacy you can buy a mosquito repellent in the form of a gel or ointment and a handy bottle of spray. But they do not act so long and do not differ in the same reliability as a bracelet.

About mosquito bitesIn addition, often children under 3 years can not use them. And those who have an allergic reaction, and it is worth forgetting about these bottles for life. But the straps protect anytime and anywhere.

It is only important to make sure that you or the child are not allergic to the essential oils that are present in the impregnation of the bracelet.

Many do not understand what is so special about this strap? Until,until they themselves buy and test, and this can be done right today.

Do you think that gels with ointments are safer? This is not entirely true. Mosquitoes do not sit only on those areas where you have put odorous means. All other areas at their disposal, than insects and enjoy using.

The bracelet is quite practical, it has other advantages:

  • it is not necessary to put it on bare skin, you can fasten it on a sleeve of clothing;
  • rules of use are so simple that even a small child will understand them;
  • The strap can also be worn on a backpack, fastened on a pram or cling to a trouser belt.

If you do not have an increased sensitivity to citronella and other oils, this anti-mosquito bracelet can be easily purchased and worn.

How does a bracelet work?

We breathe and release carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes. Citronella oil contained in the impregnation is a natural repellent and allows you to mask this smell.

This substance was isolated in the United States in the late 40s of the last century. It was entered into the registry as a non-toxic natural pesticide. In addition, the oil is also an excellent antiseptic.

Bracelet selection rules

We have already mentioned that most often for children sell shorter and less thick bracelets. Adults, respectively, purchase products wider and longer.

Choose a suitable bracelet

However, this is not an absolute rule. Some manufacturers make an accessory of standard length, which can be customized for themselves with a special clip.

Most often, the protective straps are made from materials such as:

  • plastic;
  • silicone;
  • polymers;
  • tissue.

Different products and structural characteristics.

  1. Some have replaceable cartridges.
  2. Others are saturated with oils.
  3. Still others have a built-in capsule and insect repellent.

Regardless of the material and design features, it is important to properly store the bracelets. Only in this case, they are guaranteed to protect you or a child from mosquitoes.

Top bracelet rating

It doesn’t matter from which material a bracelet is made, they are made approximately equally.

The blank is cut into ribbons of a suitable size, and then impregnated with a means that will scare away the midges with mosquitoes. There are products for kids who are not even one year old.


Manufacturer from Korea.The bracelet has a clasp in the form of a button, and you can put it on both the hand and the ankle.

BugsLock BraceletIt is fixed freely at the desired length and does not cause inconvenience.

As impregnation, lavender oil with citronella is used, and the material is microfiber.

You can wear such a strap for 240 hours without removing it. A container is provided under it, and if stored properly, the item will last even longer than the manufacturer stated.

Parents get this strap even for children up to one year old. Or placed on things nearby.

The approximate cost of one bracelet is 150 rubles.

Gardex baby

Children's bracelet. Provided in several tones. There is a container in which the cartridge is stored.

Impregnation consists of several oils: geranium with citronella, mint with lavender. 1 plate will continuously repel insects for 21 days.

Bracelet against mosquito Ardex BabyA kid can wear such a bracelet no more than 6 hours a day.

Accessory is not recommended for use:

  • women in position;
  • lactating moms;
  • those who are allergic to impregnation ingredients.

To prevent the child from pulling bright straps into his mouth, a special bitter liquid was added to the protective design.


Designed for kids and comes in 2 sizes.

Bugstop mosquito braceletThe strap is saturated with citronella. Important Product Information:

  • protection is not less than 170 hours (with continuous wear);
  • Bug stop mounted on the wrist or ankle. Can be fixed on the crib or stroller;
  • produce thing in China;
  • it can not be used if the baby is not yet 3 years old;
  • bracelet is decorated with a small toy;
  • its cost is 290 rubles.


The strap is impregnated with geranium and citronella oils, and the essence of schisandra is also present. The bracelet can be conveniently adjusted on your hand.

Mothercare mosquito braceletIt is so light that it almost does not feel on the wrist. Continuous action lasts for 100 hours.

Another useful quality - water resistance, so you can not remove it when swimming in a pond or pool.

In Mothercare there are no hazardous ingredients. Recommended for children from 3 years.

It is worth more than 500 rubles.

Green luck

Scares off various insects sucking blood. Impregnated with citronella oil. No age limit.

Useful information:

Green luck mosquito bracelet

  • Green Luck provides protection for you for at least 480 hours of continuous use;
  • can be purchased in different colors;
  • produced in China;
  • its price is about 200 rubles.

Before operation, you must read the instructions to know exactly all the recommendations and contraindications. The document also contains information on storage rules.

Travelers who live in the country during the summer months or rest for a long time near water bodies can additionally purchase special impregnated costumes. They are much better protect against mosquitoes, and also prevent the attack of more dangerous creatures - encephalitis ticks.

In all other cases, you can buy a bracelet that will solve all problems with mosquitoes and their painful bites for the whole summer. This accessory will appeal to the child. Good luck with your choice of a convenient tool!

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