Dmitry Scherbina: photo, filmography, biography, personal life of the actor

Dmitry Scherbina - theater and film actor. His filmography includes more than thirty beautiful pictures: "Young lady-peasant", "Admiral", "Three days outlaw", "Lucky", "Equation with all unknowns", "Yesenin", "Under the big bear", etc. Thanks to his acting talent and hard work, this artist was able to earn the recognition of a multimillion public viewers.

Childhood. Choice of profession

Scherbina Dmitry Petrovich was born in the maternity hospital of Baku on October 1, 1968 in a Cossack family. After the death of his father, the future artist, together with his mother and older sister, moved to Minsk.

Until the 9th grade, young Dima was one of the best students in the school. His photo was not taken off the board of honor. Perhaps everything would have continued like this if the sport had not appeared in the life of the future actor, and he had not begun to get involved in football seriously. He began to devote all his free time to this sport.On the gold medal, which once went to Dima, could no longer speak. Less and less, the boy began to do his homework. From an excellent student, Dmitry Shcherbina, turned into a regular average student.

A few years later, the future artist realized that football is not his.

Army service and study

After school, our hero goes to study at vocational schools, choosing the profession of a mechanic. There he shows great activity in the cultural field: he organizes discos, leads various events. Even then, many noticed that the boy has creative potential. “You should be artists,” said his friends and acquaintances to Dmitry.

Soon the boy himself realized that he wanted to become a cultural figure: to play in the cinema, to perform on the theater stage. These thoughts did not leave him. And everything turned out so well and fatefully that it was at this moment that Dmitry Scherbina was entrusted with becoming the host of a large concert held at the vocational school. The future actor perfectly coped with this task, due to which the director of the educational institution met him and wrote a recommendation for admission to the Minsk Theater Institute. However, our hero managed to study there for a short time - he was taken to the army.

He served Shcherbina in the airborne troops. There he mastered the skills of hand-to-hand combat, which later came in handy for filming the movie.

After giving the debt to the Motherland, Dmitry Petrovich enters the Moscow Art Theater School. The head of his course was a theater and film actor Leontiev Avangard Nikolayevich. From the very first year, the future artist began to comprehend a real school of life: there were no places in the dormitory - so Dmitry had to live at train stations. This went on for a quarter of a year until a friend of our hero invited him to live in his abandoned apartment.

Theatrical way of the actor

Dmitry Scherbina - theater

In 1993, Dmitry Shcherbina became a graduate of the Moscow Art Theater School. However, our hero began to play in the theater a year before graduation. In 1992, he was noticed by Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov (a Soviet and Russian actor and director) and invites him to join the troupe of the Theater-Studio Tabakerka.

Since 1995, Dmitry Shcherbina - actor theater. Mossovet. There he managed to play some wonderful performances: “The Black Bride, or Romeo and Jeanette”, “They're not kidding me with love,” “Dear Friend,” and others. In addition to working in the theater. Mossovet, artist takes part in productions MKTS (International Confederation of Theater Unions).

By the way, after the hero of our article left the Theater-Studio "Snuffbox" and went to the Theater. Moscow City Council, his communication with Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov completely stopped.

Movie career

Dmitry Scherbina - movies

Dmitry Shcherbina received his debut film role while still studying at the Moscow Art Theater School. At the age of 24 he was given the main role in the film “Three days outlaws” (dir. Timofey Spivak). In this film, a young student played the paratrooper Andrew, who leads a brave fight against criminal gangs. A few months later, Dmitry Petrovich will act in his second in a row film - The Diamonds of the Shah (dir. Boris Nebieridze).

Significant changes in the biography of Dmitry Scherbina will occur in 1995, when he will play Barin Berestov in the painting “Lady-Peasant” by Alexei Sakharov. It is this role that will bring him the first fame. The film itself was no less successful. “Young Peasant Woman” managed to win a lot of various prizes at various film festivals. In addition to Dmitry, such great actors as Elena Korikova, Leonid Kuravlev, Vasily Lanovoy and others took part in the film.

In 1996, Shcherbina was shot in the film “Running from Death” (dir.Victor Deryugin), where he gets the main role. Dmitry Petrovich acting skills did not go unnoticed. At the International Film Festival "Golden Knight-97" he won the award "For the Best Leading Actor". By the way, the film “Running from Death” was the last work of Dmitry for the period of the 90s. Up to the most "zero" filmmakers, it seems, do not notice the young artist.

New Millennium

Dmitry Scherbina - actor

On September 22, 2000, Dmitry Shcherbina’s filmography was still replenished with a new film (“The Black Room” - dir. Vladimir Alexandrovich Yakanin), in which he got the role of a bodyguard.

As you can see, the directors use Dmitry Petrovich in the movies of criminal subjects. Not without this "crime" and in the new work of the artist - the series "Stiletto" (dir. Nikolai Dostal). In it, Dmitry played Ignat Voronov - a man who was once an employee of classified secret services. To get the most out of the role, Shcherbina resorted to the services of specialist consultants, watched how they move, talk. In addition, student skills helped: even while studying at the Moscow Art Theater School, a young student under the guidance of Felix Ivanov (teacher of stage movement) studied Chinese martial art - Wushu.

In 2004, Dmitry Petrovich invited to the shooting of the film "Two destinies". After this film was released on television, the number of fans of the artist has increased significantly. And what can I say, films with Dmitry Scherbina are always special pictures that will leave few people indifferent.

Personal life

Dmitry Scherbin and his family

On the personal life of the actor Dmitry Shcherbina does not like to talk a lot, but some information is still there. It is known that our hero, Olga Pavlovets, met our first wife during the shooting of the second part of Stiletto. A few months after the release of the film, Olya and Dima decided to get married. In 2005, their son Prokhor was born. Unfortunately, this marriage did not last long - only three years, but this does not prevent the former lover to maintain warm relations to this day.

At this, Dmitry Shcherbina's personal life does not end there. After some time after the divorce from the first wife in the life of our hero, a new woman appears who is much younger than him. In 2010, they have a daughter.

There is practically no information about Dmitry's second wife. The actor keeps her name in the strictest confidence. It is only known that the new chosen one of Dmitry Petrovich has nothing to do with the world of art.

Olga Pavlovets about the reasons for divorce with Shcherbina

Dmitry Shcherbina's first wife

According to Olga Pavlovets, there were a lot of reasons for divorcing Dmitry Petrovich Shcherbina. First of all, she was irritated by her husband’s excessive drunkenness. Olga was afraid that such alcohol abuse could soon turn into a disaster for their family. However, the actor himself completely ignored this problem. In the end, everything ended with the fact that the young wife of Dmitry Scherbina does not stand up and submits for divorce.

The tragic departure of his son from life

As we already know, the first marriage of Dmitry gave him the beautiful son Prokhor. However, in 2009, a terrible tragedy happened to the boy - while he was in the St. Petersburg village with his grandmother, he drowned in a local pond. Dmitry Shcherbina and Olga Pavlovets still can not recover after what happened and try not to discuss this topic with journalists.

Interesting Facts

Dmitry Scherbina - theater and film actor

Biography, personal life, photo of Dmitry Scherbina - all this is undoubtedly very curious. But what about interesting facts? Is it possible to leave this topic without attention? Below are the most interesting facts about the Russian artist:

  • Few people know that Dmitry Petrovich has a very tall - 206 cm.
  • In the certificate of the artist for 11 classes there were only four fours, the rest - fives.
  • In 1993, Shcherbina became the winner of the All-Russian Competition of Readers. Yahontova.
  • Dmitry Petrovich’s classmates included such famous artists as Anastasia Zavorotnyuk (“My Fair Nanny”, “Apocalypse Code”, etc.), Sergey Shnyrev (“Plaque”, “1943”, “Spouses”, “Spouses 2”, etc. ) and Pazenko Egor ("Sibiryak", "Disappeared", "The Death of the Empire", etc.).
  • Dmitry Shcherbina wanted so much to be a father that he even attended the birth of his first wife.
  • Dmitry Petrovich's second wife is 19 years younger.
  • Throughout his entire acting career, which continues to this day, the artist managed to collaborate not only with Russian theater directors, but also with foreign ones, such as Declan Donnellan and Peter Stein.
  • On the series "Two destinies" Dmitry Scherbina got without any samples.
  • One of the favorite activities of the artist - machine repair.
  • The mechanic of the 4th category - exactly such a profession Dmitry Shcherbina got after graduating from vocational school.
  • The name of the artist is very often found in the registers of the Russian nobility.
  • Dmitry Petrovich Scherbina’s mother wanted her son to go to law school after school.

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