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Employees close to the heads of state of the world always attract wide attention of the media and the public, and Dmitry Peskov is no exception. A spokesman, whose biography often becomes the object of investigative journalism, is always in sight, even the minute details of his life are always interesting to the public. Therefore, Peskov’s several marriages, his watches, words, costumes and incomes are becoming the subject of heated discussions in the media and on the Internet. We will talk about how Dmitry Peskov's biography was shaped, how he came to the Kremlin and about the details of his private life.

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Childhood and origins

Dmitry Peskov was born, a biography whose personal history is the subject of our article, on October 17, 1967 in Moscow. There is little information about his parents. The father of the future press secretary at the time of the birth of his son was a student at the prestigious Institute of Asian and African Countries at Moscow State University. After graduation, Sergey Nikolaevich Peskov worked in the Arab world: Oman, Palestine, Pakistan.Dmitry's childhood passed in these exotic places, he knew the culture and features of these states well. For him, his father was an unquestionable authority and role model. Peskov-senior made an excellent career in the diplomatic sphere and contributed to the promotion of his son.


He studied Dmitry Peskov, whose biography from early childhood was associated with foreign countries, in the embassy schools, which traditionally provide a high level of education. He also taught several languages ​​from an early age. After graduating from school, Dmitry didn’t even have a question about where to go. He decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a specialist in Arab countries. But when he passed the entrance examinations to the Institute of Asian and African countries, he could not score enough points for the Arab branch and entered the Turkish direction. He studied well, perfectly mastered the Turkish language, which considerably contributed to his subsequent promotion.

Dmitry Peskov's biography

Diplomatic career

After the institute, Dmitry receives an excellent distribution: he comes to work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But he did not stay long at the office work for long.In 1990, he became a duty officer at the embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Turkey. Sands spoke excellent Turkish, had good diplomatic skills, so quickly went up the hill. For 10 years, Dmitry Peskov, whose biography was formed according to a prosperous scenario, went through all the steps of the career ladder. Starting from the position of assistant, he has grown to the first secretary of the embassy in Turkey. In 1999 in the life of a diplomat a fateful meeting takes place. President Boris Yeltsin arrives in Turkey for the OSCE Summit. He was greeted by the embassy staff and the head of Russia noticed a young, charmingly and perfectly Turkish-speaking employee of the embassy. He stated that he wanted Sands to be a personal translator with him during his entire visit to Turkey. And a few days with the president, Dmitry did not go on television screens around the world. This meeting had great consequences for Peskov - Yeltsin called him to Moscow.

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Coming to the Kremlin

In 2000, the post of President of the Russian Federation is occupied by Vladimir Putin and he does not forget about the young diplomat who came to the administration at the invitation of Yeltsin.So, Dmitry Peskov (biography makes a sharp turn) becomes the head of the department for media relations in the presidential press service. He also serves as a personal translator during a meeting with Putin’s leader. The press service of Peskov also begins to grow quite quickly. He becomes deputy head of department, then deputy presidential spokesman. In 2003, the biography of Dmitry Peskov brings him to St. Petersburg - he is assigned to oversee the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the northern capital. And in 2004, he becomes First Deputy Alexei Gromov, Putin’s spokesman. In this position, he was involved in ensuring the interaction of the press service with the executive authorities. He was also responsible for holding major information events, such as press conferences of the President, television “straight lines”, meetings with foreign journalists. Also during this period, Peskov periodically received the right to voice the position of the head of state on some issues. In 2006, he was the press secretary of the St. Petersburg G8 summit.After that, until 2014, Peskov was the coordinator of cooperation with a foreign PR company that was engaged in the formation of a positive image of Russia abroad. After the annexation of the Crimea, this work was recognized as inexpedient and was curtailed.

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Press Service of the Prime Minister

In 2008, Dmitry Medvedev became President of the Russian Federation, and V. Putin moved to the post of Prime Minister. The government has its own press service, headed by its own secretary. Dmitry Peskov, whose biography is already closely intertwined with the fate of V. Putin, took this position. He was involved in covering and informing the Prime Minister’s meetings, in particular, of Putin’s participation in the G8 summit, in the APEC countries summit. Sands was included in the number of members of several government committees, including the Council for the Development of Cinema.

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Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation

In 2012, Vladimir Putin returns to the presidency. Dmitry Peskov, whose biography is parallel to the life of the president, also receives a new appointment, he becomes deputy head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, and, in fact, remains the personal press secretary of the head of state.In the summer of 2012, the Administration is creating a new department for public relations, Peskov is in charge of heading it. Now he coordinates the information work of ministries, departments and offices in the country and abroad. The service of Dmitry Nikolaevich is entrusted with the tasks of improving the image of Russia abroad, of providing informational coverage of the Olympic Games in Sochi, and of improving the country's investment attractiveness for foreign partners. In 2012, Dmitry Peskov, a biography whose personal life is now inseparable from the life of the head of state, organizes and covers the participation of the head of state in the APEC summit. Peskov's authority and political weight are increasing. In 2016, he began to prophesy new appointments, experts argue that his candidacy is seriously considered as possible for the post of presidential aide on international issues.

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Dmitry Peskov, a biography whose personal history interests many Russians today, of course, is a bright and extraordinary personality. He is known for his high loyalty to the current regime, he fully supports all the initiatives and initiatives of the head of state.It is known about his own views, just before Peskov was a member of the LDPR party and sympathized with V. Zhirinovsky. Later, the press secretary said that he was attracted by the fact that Zhirinovsky was also a Turkologist.

Journalists know that Dmitry Peskov, a biography whose personal life is very interesting for media representatives, is keen on tennis and knows three languages. He suffered from asthma for many years and was in critical condition more than once. Sands - a big fan of sports, he often attends the largest competitions, including abroad.

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Private life

Dmitry Peskov, biography, personal life, whose wife is perhaps the most popular topic in the media materials, is known for his turbulent relationship with the opposite sex. He was married three times. His first wife was the granddaughter of the famous commander Budyonny. But she could not stand the difficult life in the Turkish embassy, ​​and the marriage broke up. In this union, a son was born Nicholas. Peskov's second wife was Ekaterina Solotsinskaya, who, like her husband, was from a family of diplomats. Three children were born in the marriage: a daughter and two sons.

dmitry sands biography love life wife

In 2015, the press secretary married the Olympic champion and figure skater Tatiana Navka.By this time, the couple already had a common daughter.

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