Diagnosis: atheroma. What it is?

It is not uncommon for a man or a woman to find a seal on their body with which they go to a doctor and are diagnosed with atheroma. What is it and how to treat, try to figure it out.

The main characteristics of the disease

atheroma what is it

Atheroma has the appearance of the formation of a soft-elastic consistency, which is located under the skin and not soldered to it. The mechanism of education - blockage of the outlet of the sebaceous glands. The form of atheroma can usually be round and painless. Where can I see it? Yes, where there is an increased number of sebaceous glands. Namely: on the face, the armpits, on the scalp, in the scrotum, on the back of the neck, in the interscapular space - atheroma can be located in these places. Now everyone understands what it is. This is a fairly common disease found in any population.

Why is atheroma

A number of factors lead to the development of the disease:

  • violation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • adverse effects of environmental factors, disappointing environmental situation in the world;
  • soft tissue injuries;
  • various hormonal disruptions.

Clinical picture

Education, as a rule, does not cause pain. Diagnosis is based on the doctor’s visual education and diagnosis.

atheroma treatment

If the accession of bacterial microflora occurs, a local inflammatory process may develop, which, in the absence of adequate and timely treatment, may turn into purulent-septic inflammation. External signs of an inflammatory reaction are redness of the scalp just above the formation, an increase in atheroma in size, and the addition of pain. Due to the general inflammatory response, the patient may develop a feverish state.

Diagnostic methods

The diagnosis can only be made by a specialist after examining an education similar to atheroma. As a rule, correct diagnosis is facilitated by the fact that education has typical structural features and is characterized by clear localization.

Namely: the atheroma has a clear and even edge, inspection of it is absolutely painless (except for cases when an infection joins), on the elevated surface you can see the clogged duct of the sebaceous gland.

remove atheroma

But the final diagnosis can be made only after receiving a complete morphological and histological conclusion. Because atheroma on the external characteristics may resemble lipoma. And only the conclusion of the histologist can give a complete picture of education, help eliminate the lipoma and the malignant process.

There is no definite dependence on the gender in the distribution of this pathology. After clarifying the concept of atheroma - what it is, how to properly diagnose - it is worth talking about the treatment of the disease. In any case, to clarify all the details you need to consult with your doctor.

Principles of treatment

If atheroma is diagnosed, the treatment suggested by the doctor will only be surgical. Currently, the following methods are available to remove the formation: standard exfoliation of atheroma within healthy tissue, laser effects on the formation or removal by radio waves. You can remove atheroma on an outpatient basis.

atheroma surgery

Directly the way in which education will be removed can be chosen by the patient at its discretion, because any of them can remove atheroma, even of considerable size.

A distinctive feature of laser and radio wave exposure is that they give a good cosmetic effect (which is important in the case of the formation of large sizes), do not require long hospitalization and rehabilitation of the patient with a diagnosis of atheroma. The operation is performed under local anesthesia.

In situations where an inflammatory process is involved, removal of atheroma is impossible. Then it is simply opened, cleaned of purulent-necrotic masses and prescribed drug therapy.

From the foregoing it can be seen that the diagnosis of atheroma, the treatment of which in medical practice is well established, should not be feared. Do not just bring to infectious complications.

There are certain principles of preventive measures:

  • Implementation of measures of personal hygiene, the use of methods and means for regular cleaning of those parts of the skin, where the active work of the sebaceous glands. To reduce the fat content of the scalp, it is worth using drying shampoos.
  • Rational nutrition - reducing the use of foods that are abundant in animal fats.
  • Identification and compensation of the body's hormonal imbalance.

After reading this material, the diagnosis of atheroma becomes clear, what it is, what methods of treatment and prevention of the disease exist.

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