Design room 18 square. m hall - features, ideas and recommendations

About the interior in the main room of the whole house, without exception, everyone thinks much more seriously than to decorate other rooms, hidden from prying eyes. It's great when the square allows you to realize all the ideas that have sunk into the soul. But it is much more difficult to complete the design of a dream in the 18 sq. M. m., because the hall of an average apartment, in which the majority lives, on average has just such a number of precious squares. In many cases, the layout of the living room leaves much to be desired due to the unusual arrangement of windows, doors, the presence of bevelled corners. The features also include the presence of doors in adjacent rooms. In this case, in the future, the project will need to take into account the provision of unhindered passes.

Private house or apartment? That is the question

If we are talking about the choice of design of the hall of 18 square meters. m in the apartment, then this task is better to entrust the professionals.They will use every centimeter of space to benefit and aesthetically beat every nuance. A simple man in the street cannot afford, given his preferences in functionality, to make a choice of style, color and texture, to rationally fit them into the plan for future repairs. Unfortunately, "Khrushchev" and apartments of economy class can not boast a good configuration of the premises. But to create the author's design of the hall in the 18 sq. M. m in the house - a very real idea! As a rule, the specifics of the design provides a good location, and, as a rule, this is a square isolated room, convenient for the implementation of any plans. At the very beginning it is necessary to prioritize:

  • Discuss with all family members the functional load of the room.
  • What colors preferred by most.
  • What kind of budget does the family have for rework?

All the answers to questions regarding the style of design of the hall 18 sq. M. m

hall design 18 sq. m hallThere are many different styles and their mixes to create a unique, luxurious, but at the same time comfortable and practical interior. But for a start, experts advise to decide on the size of the budget, calculated on the implementation of the idea.For example, such directions as classical, art deco, empire will require considerable expenses, and the inherent majesty will not fit in the design of the hall of 18 square meters. m. It is worth taking a closer look at such styles as minimalism, if simplicity is preferable, Scandinavian, eclectic: a mixture of contemporary interior with luxurious accents when you want a highlight. But the main condition in trying to combine the unmatched is the presence of exceptional taste! The last in the list of styles does not imply the need for the use of finishing materials and furniture of the luxury segment.

Favorite colors

hall design 18 sq mPastel, white, light gray will certainly add airiness and spaciousness, visually expanding the space and adding light. Dark and bright, especially the motley colors usually disappoint, crushing and darkening the atmosphere, but not in the case when the design of an apartment with a room of 18 square meters. m implemented ace in his case. Against the background of light shades, for variety and in order to revive the monotony and pallor, it is important to set fashionable accents of bright contrasting colors. So, the interior armchair of a rich shade of “Marsala” will perfectly fit into a beige range, or turquoise drapes will find their perfect place in a “white” or “vanilla” room.Massive curtains with all kinds of lambrequins are undesirable. Natural light will not prevent the penetration of natural light, especially if the side is not sunny, transparent, so-called curtains-rain.

Techniques for creating visual effects

Drawing on the walls in the form of vertical stripes can visually make the ceiling higher, and transverse patterns - to expand the space horizontally. Many designers like to use mirrors for the illusion of continuing a room through reflection.

On the choice of furniture

 hall design in an apartment of 18 square metersWe'll have to forget about the bulky walls, which in Soviet times were represented by a single design of the hall of 18 sq. M. m - the hall of the average person. Today, to replace them for storage of things, books and even dishes, various modular groups are presented on the market for every taste and color. You can even confine wardrobe, disguised behind mirrored doors and open stylized shelves, and a TV attached on the wall will save a lot of precious space. Glass coffee tables, without violating the style, completely invisibly will do their duty.

A little about the important. About sofas

18 sq. m hall design in the houseA sofa is the soul of any living room.The choice must be approached with responsibility, not saving time and money on search. A really high-quality piece of upholstered furniture will not be cheap, but it will last for a long time, meeting all the requirements in operation and truly emphasizing the individuality and status of the owner. It is better to give preference to the modern corner, consisting of several parts, abandoning the trivial "three" on the basis of the same savings. The chairs are also useless. Do not despair lovers of classic sofas. Among them are many elegant, with thin carved legs and compact models. Folding representative will serve as a spare bed in case of overnight guests.

The ceiling and everything connected with it

ceiling design in the hall 18 sq mEverything is not so simple here! Choose a ceiling design for the hall of 18 square meters. m advise with caution. The colors should be applied according to the dominant tones; light and, of course, pure white look best. Glossy will work as a mirror, reflecting including light sources, making the room even brighter. When designing a multi-level ceiling, it is important not to overdo it with height differences and build a box with LEDs only around the perimeter.Such a technique would create the illusion of a “floating” ceiling. Plastering and finishing with white paint was considered a classic at all times, for which the ceiling height of typical apartment buildings was calculated. In this case, the placement of the central chandelier is quite harmonious, but the easiest is to install and then take care of the tension “associate”, although you have to sacrifice a few centimeters. But you can experiment plenty with the design of stretch ceilings in the hall of 18 square meters. m, using spot lighting with the addition of sconces on the walls.


hall design 18 sq m stretch ceilingsTo optimize the space and increase its functionality, zoning is used. Even in the Russian hut there was a clear distribution of zones, since there was no question of any fences. All activities were carried out around the stove, and the “bedroom” was located on it. Also, dividing the living room into two parts with the help of light, you can arrange sofas and TV in one half, and in the other, preferably at the window, put a small dining table with chairs. It will turn out one recreation area, and another - a lunch. An important nuance in such zoning is that the furniture of both zones be of the same color,otherwise one cannot escape the impression of fragmentation. Accessories are likewise required to overlap and harmonize with the furnishings. Many remove the doorways and instead make them wide arches, decorating columns. The doors of the coupe also look very harmonious, as if they are not in the open position. If desired, you can even demolish the partitions and install a large stained glass window on the former balcony, which will greatly add natural light and scarce meters. Such redevelopment requires professional and thorough wall insulation.

Today there is an opportunity not only to make the room as useful as possible, but also, using the knowledge and rich choice of finishing materials, to create your own unique design of an 18 square meter hall. m both for the convenience of households, and for comfortable gatherings with friends.

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