Delicious breakfast: scrambled eggs recipe

scrambled eggs recipeThere is nothing easier than cooking scrambled eggs. This dish will be an excellent nutritious breakfast. If there is nothing left in your fridge except for eggs (and this happens, especially for men), then you can organize a simple snack, you just have to quickly throw a couple of eggs into the pan. How to make scrambled eggs with vegetables, bacon and herbs, we will tell you in today's article. So, scrambled eggs.

Recipe scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions.

Vegetable lovers will love this recipe. Use for cooking onions, butter, ripe tomatoes, salt and pepper, eggs. Heat the oil in the pan. Chop a small bow. Tomatoes cut into small cubes. Spice onions to transparency, add tomatoes to it and fry them. Salt, sprinkle with black pepper. You can add half a slice of minced garlic, it will give a spicy flavor to scrambled eggs. Slide the vegetables a little to the side and put a couple of eggs in the pan. Wait until they are roasted. If you are not a fan of liquid yolk, then cover the pan with a lid.Sprinkle the eggs with greens and serve.

Fried eggs with bacon and cheese
how to fry eggs

For this scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage slices, sausages and other meat products that are stale (or not so much) in the fridge are suitable for us. Heat the oil in a pan. Cut the sausage or bacon into thin slices and fry in it. Put the pieces of cheese on top. Slide along the edges of the pan, and in the middle break some eggs. Salt them. Wait until the protein in the egg is fried and the cheese is melted. Remove from heat.

Scrambled eggs recipe

Not everyone likes fried eggs. How to fry eggs in this case? Easily! Take a few eggs, break them into a deep cup. Salt, add a little pepper (if you like), whisk with a fork or a whisk. In the pan, the oil should already be heated. Pour in a mixture of eggs and close the lid. Wait until food is ready and help yourself! To speed up the frying process, you can mix the egg mixture with a wooden spatula. Then the eggs will be ready in a minute or two. But it spoils the appearance of the dish a little.

how to make scrambled eggs

Fried eggs recipe "Shakshuk"

Lovers of original dishes present a recipe for Jewish scrambled eggs.It has a spicy taste, so this dish may not please everyone. But gourmets will appreciate it. Use: eggs, onion, garlic, tomato, sweet pepper, chili pepper, vegetable oil, black pepper, sugar, chili sauce. Chop onions finely. Peppers and chilli peel off the seeds. Cut them into pieces. Tomatoes are best to remove the skin. To facilitate this process, dip the vegetable for a few seconds in boiling water. Cut the peeled tomato into cubes. Heat the oil in a frying pan. Save the bow in it. Sprinkle some sugar. Add chopped peppers. Fry them with onions. Put the tomatoes and chili sauce in the pan. Simmer the vegetables for 20 minutes. All liquid must evaporate. In vegetables with the help of a spoon to make indentations. Beat in there eggs. Protein mix lightly. Salt the mixture, eggs, add seasonings without mixing the products. Wait until the eggs are cooked. Remove the finished dish from the heat and serve.

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