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But it would be interesting to ask the state. and municipal servants at the level of mayors and Duma chairmen of small and medium-sized cities and all over beautiful Russia - what is the semantic content of today's holiday?
Well, it is clear that initially, on this day, Yeltsin’s declaration of independence from Gorbachev was adopted, which Americans used to celebrate their Independence Day from the Americans ...
But then it came, therefore, they changed it to a vague "day of Russia", but they did not tell what is meant by this. Is this the day that you need to be proud of Russia in any special way?
Quirky bureaucratic mind finds a way out with the help of emasculated stamps. In Taganrog, it sounds like this:
Dear Taganrozhtsy!
Congratulations on one of the main public holidays of the country - the Day of Russia!
June 12, the day of adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the RSFSR, symbolizes for each citizen of Russia the national unity, freedom and independence of our country. This holiday unites everyone who is proud of the heroic past of their homeland, builds its present and looks to the future with confidence. A future that depends on each of us.From our patriotism, cohesion, creative work and dedication.
Dear countrymen! We sincerely wish everyone success in good deeds and undertakings for the benefit of Russia and the beloved Taganrog! Good health, happiness and well-being!
Chairman of the City Duma - Head of Administration
Mayor of Taganrog Taganrog City
I.N. Titarenko A.V.

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