"Daughters-mothers": actors of a touching melodrama

Love good TV shows? Be sure to watch the film "Daughters and Mothers". Actors will give you a lot of positive emotions. The name of the series speaks for itself. He is dedicated to the relationship of the daughter and mother. In the life of the heroines is not so simple ...

"Daughters-mothers": the actors show a touching story

So, more. Sensitive natures just can not help the series “Daughters-mothers”. The actors reveal to the audience a fascinating story about the clash of the fate of Irina, the head of a large advertising agency, and Lily, a young artist. The girl comes from Kursk to Moscow in order to achieve something in life. Irina is an adult and self-confident woman. Lily's parents died. And Irina eighteen years ago was forced to abandon her daughter. Suddenly, the girl becomes aware that her late parents were adoptive ...mother's daughters actors

The roles of the artists

Who played in the series "Daughters and Mothers"? Actors are well known in the domestic cinema.These are Elena Ksenofontova (Irina), Yuliya Mavrina (Liliya), Konstantin Kryukov (Kostya), Andrey Ilyin (Andrey Skvortsov), Nina Usatova (Inna Kravchenko), Daria Luzina (Polina), Lyubov Zaitseva (Jeanne), Maria Kofenlu (Anna) and many other artists.

Great game

Accordingly, a lot of fans immediately appeared in the series “Daughters and Mothers”. The actors impressed the viewer with their talent. Special sharpness gives the show the game of Yulia Mavrina and Elena Xenophon.

Mavrina claims that she has a lot in common with her heroine. Both of them are not from Moscow, both from early childhood sought for their goals, and both react equally to certain incidents.

In addition to Russian actors, the film also starred American actress Judith McConnell. She plays herself, and this only stirs the interest of the viewer.mother's daughters tv series actors

Elena Ksenofontova

Born actress in December 1972 in the Khromtau Aktobe region. After leaving school she entered the VGIK on the course of Marlen Khutsiyev. Having successfully completed it in 1998, I got a job in the Moscow Theater “School of the Modern Play”. Since 2000, she began working at the Jigarkhanyan Drama Theater. Also known for the films “Three Queens” (Pogodina Ella), “Hotel Eleon” (Galanova Eleonora), “Good Hands” (Savelyeva Olga), “Right to Truth” (Olga Baikova).

Julia Mavrina

“Daughters and Mothers” is a series whose actors were easily able to win universal recognition. Julia Mavrina is just gorgeous.

Born in the family of a soldier. Theater fascinated since childhood. In the early 90s she performed in the program "Morning Star".

In 1999 she entered the St. Petersburg Theater Academy. Musical nature, she was considered a prima in her course.

In the movie she debuted in 2002 in the film “Letters to Elsa” in the role of Olga. True, real success came to Yulia only after the New Year musical “Cinderella”, in which the actress performed the main role.

And, finally, the actress became even more popular after filming in the film “Daughters and Mothers”. In addition, the girl is known for the following works: “Photos on documents” (Anya), “Life after life” (Masha), “Love for two poles” (Veronika), “On the sunny side of the street” (Vera), “Territory of beauty "(Catherine) and others.film daughters mother actors

The film of 2017

By the way, the name of the series can be heard in some places else. In 2017, the film “Daughters-Mothers” was released. Actors touch on a very burning topic for all students of orphanages and orphanages. In the story, the heroine wants to find her mother. She never saw her.There is only one clue - a letter from a personal file. Nevertheless, the girl believes that she will cope with the task set for herself. The film starred Smoktunovsky Innokenty, Makarova Tamara, Gerasimov Sergey, Polekhina Lyubov, Udovichenko Larisa, Kipshidze Zurab, Smekhnova Svetlana, Stroyova Elena. See, and you will never regret! You will get great pleasure.

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