Datsun mi-DO, or who angered Lada Kalina?

On Friday, I had a sudden micro-test drive of a fun Datsun mi-DO car. This is a compact front-wheel drive hatchback, designed specifically for the Russian market by AvtoVAZ and the Japanese company Nissan on the Lada Kalina platform. The test drive was that I drove from the press park to the house, and the next day I returned to hand over the car.
The fact is that in November I sold my Mazda and bought a kitchen. Now I actively drive an active user of urban transport in the kitchen. But no matter how comfortable our subway and TAT might be, their cars are sometimes very lacking. And then came the moment when I began to look and ask the price. About Datsun, I learned from Kolyanikolapicwho recently filmed for Nissan. Kohl spoke so flatteringly about this car and advertised it so much that I decided to see what kind of beast it was.

As it turned out later, Kohl was filming an on-DO sedan, and I got a mi-DO hatchback for the test. The first is made on the basis of Lada Grants, the second - Lada Kalina.I would not publish this report if it were not for the contradictory feelings that this Russo-Japanese animal caused in me. It is interesting that our AvtoVAZovtsy collect there)

I took photos on the run, so I apologize for the quality.
The car went to the maximum configuration. This is a 4-speed automatic, 8-valve 1.6 engine, 87 hp The cost of this car is 532,000 rubles with all the stuff, dryukami.
Externally, the design does not simultaneously cling, and not angry. It's like a good four in the standings at our institute on the last courses, when the base of a certain car was given to designers (in our case, Oka) and we drew-invented everything we wanted. I remember I had the interior of a pickup truck, but it does not matter. Rarely there were interesting options, and so most were prohodnyak. So here. The machine is clearly not a freak, but does not cause a feeling of lust. The Japanese have changed the appearance, interior, conjured with the settings of the engine and suspension.
If you squint or look through sweaty glasses, Lada Kalina immediately guesses. Both cars are assembled at AvtoVAZ on the same conveyor. The main visual difference from the Kalina in front is the new head optics and a large grille.

This orange-red bully did not allow me to quietly go through the streets of the city and constantly provoked. Surprisingly, only the 87-horsepower engine and the 4-speed automatic gave out unexpectedly sharp and pleasant acceleration in tandem. It is as if a serious beast is hidden under the hood of a modest baby. The dynamics of the acceleration of this car for me will remain an unsolved mystery of cunning Japanese engineers)
Ground clearance - perfect for this class and ideal for driving in villages and villages, but on any off-road.

Behind the car also reminds Kalina, although it has new taillights and a new fifth door.

From the trunk of miracles did not have to wait. But for me, the trunk plays an important role. No matter how much I love all sorts of Smarts, I will never buy a micro-car for myself, since it is not possible to take a serious shot with studio lights, racks, instruments, Kolya and Yana, etc. I love big boot. Large and roomy! And in a compact car, the trunk is usually also compact.
Under the boot floor of the mi-DO, there is a full-size spare wheel and factory tool kit.

The trunk itself is simple and bare. No hooks, niches, any branches and sockets.There is only a backlight. The top shelf was pleased with the rigidity and prepared places for self-installation of additional speakers and amplifier)

Behind it turned out to be moderately free and close at the same time. A little embarrassed by the strong tilt of the seat cushion.

In front, everything went moderately budget and pretty.

I did not like the material from which the steering wheel is made. In general, the wheel did not like. He slid in his hands, rotated too lightly and passed all the shock of the suspension into his hands. But in any case, this option is better than without the steering booster.

In the maximum configuration there is a standard set of control windows and rear-view mirrors. However, very surprised and upset by the fact that the front side windows do not open completely. It will not be possible to rush, having thrust out an elbow of a left hand in a window (

Light control and trunk release button.

Calm and nice dashboard.

The multimedia system with a large touch screen was generally liked, although it slowed down (as was the case on all cars). I did not find the USB output and could not connect the phone via Bluetooth. There is good navigation in the computer,the ability to listen to music from various devices, listen to the radio, watch movies and photos (ok movies, but here are photos through the car - a suspicious action).
There is air conditioning (and it works fine), a stove, and all sorts of other useful buttons.

As I said, the main advantage of this car is the friendship of the engine and gearbox. The Japanese conjured something there, and the car turned out to be nimble and playful. If I immediately had a friendship with the gas pedal, then there were problems with the brake. I couldn’t manage to start smooth braking at all - at the beginning of pressing the pedal turned out to be completely “empty” and then immediately “sharp”. I could not get used to it and braked like a sucker in jerks.

Glove box and door niches are expectedly modest and cramped. In the glove box fit things A5.

General view of the interior. Everything looks good, but all materials are deservedly cheap and creaking. The car has traveled 9,000 km, and crickets have already appeared in the cabin. The windshield is equipped with a heating grid, which at first rushed to my eyes, and then ceased. A very useful feature for our winter.

Rear side windows are also electrically operated.window lifters.

Navigation and touch screen. They say the same put in Grant.

The rear seats fold 60/40. More space appears, but still not enough for a bike.

Finishing materials can evaluate yourself.

Full list of the vehicle:
- Pockets in the backside of the front seats
- Cast 15-inch wheels
- Electric power steering
- Steering wheel height
- Central locking
- On-board computer
- Front electric windows
- Power side mirrors
- Heated side mirrors
- Heated front seats
- Folding rear seats in the ratio of 40/60
- Driver and passenger airbags
- 3 rear head restraints
- Three-point inertia seat belts
- Full size spare tire
- ISOFIX child seat mounting system
- Climate control
- Multimedia system
- 2DIN monochrome screen,
- 4 speakers, USB, SD card slot, Bluetooth, HandsFree
- Door handles painted in body color
- Side door moldings
- Side mirrors painted in body color
- Fog lights
- Rear power windows
- Adjust the driver's seat height
- Light sensor
- Rain sensor
- ESC (Electronic Stabilization System)
- Alarm
What did I like?
- Dynamics! Even with the air conditioner running, it is beyond praise!
- Good seating. Driver's seat is adjustable in height and length + angle of the steering wheel.
- Heated front seats and windshield.
- Multimedia
- Eyeglasses)
- Good sound insulation
- Maintainability (probably)
What did not like?
- Finishing materials are hard and squeaky. For such money it is logical, but still I want better.
- Brake pedal.
- Characteristic suspension shaking on serious bumps in the road.
- Steering wheel. Its materials, excessive lightness, crunching and groaning.
- Side windows that do not go down to the end.
- Absence in the rear door pockets.
- Lack of the central armrests both in front, and behind.
- Small trunk. But this is explained by the size of the car itself.
- The price of half a million rubles. Although this car is only a few thousand rubles more than its relative Lada Kalina in the maximum configuration. This is 532,000 rubles for mi-DO and 527,000 for Kalina.
Cheaper for that moneynewdo not buy anything (I'm talking about the maximum configuration and I say a lot of stuffing)
The conclusion is controversial. On the one hand, this car is 100 times better than nine (which came off the same conveyor) on which I once learned to ride. That is, this is clearly a serious step forward. On the other hand, this is, albeit an improved, but still Russian car in the full sense of the word.

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