D-link DAP-1155 Wi-Fi router: features and configuration

The D-link company has been engaged in the production of various equipment for the Internet for a very long time. Among users, modems, routers, switches and access points are in high demand. In today's review, I would like to talk about one router that, for its modest price, will be able to provide a stable Wi-Fi connection in the whole house or apartment - D-link DAP 1155. We will get acquainted with the characteristics of the device, its appearance, reviews, price, and also consider setting up an access point. It will be interesting!

dap 1155


DAP 1155 is a wi-fi router, or, as it is also called, an access point, which, for its very modest price, provides the user with everything needed for a reliable and high-quality Internet connection. Among the main features of the model can be noted: small size, thanks to which the router will be placed almost anywhere, a nice design, one powerful antenna that can easily provide good coverage (except for thick concrete walls), ease of setup and extremely low price.

d link dap 1155

As for the reviews, they are quite ambiguous, but this will be in a separate paragraph of the article. It is also worth mentioning that a version with an older firmware may be on sale, in which there is no possibility to set up a Wi-Fi access point. To fix this, you need to update the firmware of the router. How to do this will also be written separately.


Sale D-link DAP 1155 in a small cardboard box. Coloring is quite standard for the manufacturer. The front of the package shows the router itself, while the back shows the main characteristics and capabilities of the model. It is also worth saying that there are two versions of the D-link DAP 1155, one of which is black and smoother in shape, and the other is white and has been on the market since about 2013. Its distinctive feature lies in the appearance of the device. It has a traditional rectangular shape and looks more like a box.

dap 1155 setup

Inside the package, in addition to the router, are: instructions, warranty card, power supply, CD with drivers and software for configuring the router, an RJ45 cable, the length of which is not too happy. That's all the equipment.


The appearance of the D-link DAP 1155 is quite interesting.The router looks very tiny and is comparable in size to an ordinary desktop mouse. As already mentioned, in models of black color the design is smoother and more streamlined. The case materials are plain plastic, with the upper part having a glossy finish. This is not the best solution, since fingerprints and dust are very cool on the gloss.

d link dap 1155 setup

However, on top of the router there are three indicators that show the status of the device, that is, whether it is on or not, the Wi-Fi connection indicator and WPS. Next to them is the inscription D-link Green.

Below there is nothing remarkable, except for holes for ventilation and legs made of glossy plastic. By the way, there are no fasteners for vertical installation on this router, that is, it will not be so easy to hang it on the wall. The situation can fix the double-sided tape. Due to the light weight of the router (78 grams), it can easily withstand it.

link dap 1155

An antenna is installed at the back of the router, and you cannot remove it, there is a hole next to it, in which the reset button is hidden. There are also two RJ45 LAN ports, a power adapter connector and a WPS button.

If we talk about the second version of the router, which is painted white, has revision B1 and a prefix in the name of D-link DAP 1155 / A, then its appearance is different.

d link dap 1155 router

First, it is made in the form of a small rectangular box. The edges and surfaces of the router are smooth, without any bends. The corners are rounded, the plastic is still glossy, although on white prints and dust are less noticeable.

access point d link dap 1155

On the surface there are no indicators, instead of them there now "shines" the chrome logo of the company. The bottom is still the same, without any changes - the ventilation holes, the sticker, the legs.

On the front there are much more indicators. The first shows the status of the router (turned on or not), the second indicates the state of Wi-Fi, the third is the reset indicator, then the local cable connection indicator goes on and the last indicates the connection of the Internet cable.

configure dap 1155 router

There are also changes behind. First, the antenna moved to the other side and became removable. The hole with the reset button remained in place, only now it plays the role of WPS, that is, they made 2 in 1. The power connector remains the same, and the two LAN ports RJ45 are painted in different colors — yellow to connect the Internet cable, and the black one ordinary local wire. The power adapter has changed a bit, or rather its wire.A block with a “rocker” on / off switch appeared on it, which was obviously lacking in the usual version.

dap 1155

There is one more difference between the versions of routers - the configuration interface. In the updated model, it looks more modern and significantly simplified, while in the old model it is more similar to most of the rest of the company's routers.

Here, in fact, all the differences.

Main characteristics

It's time to list the main characteristics of the D-link DAP 1155:

  • Type of device - Wi-Fi-router.
  • The standard Wi-Fi-network - 802. 11n, 2.4 GHz.
  • The maximum speed is 150 Mbps.
  • The number of antennas - 1.
  • Antenna power - 17 dBm.
  • Types of protection - WPA2, WPA, WEP.
  • Ports - LAN 2pcs.
  • Port speed is 100 Mbps.
  • Support mode Bridge (bridge) - is.
  • Ipv6 protocol support is
  • Dimensions (W / V / D) - 102 mm / 26 mm / 82 mm.
  • Weight - 78 grams.

It makes no sense to describe the characteristics of a newer version of the router, since they are almost the same, except for some individual parameters, such as weight or additional modes of operation of the device.


Before proceeding to configure the DAP 1155, it is worthwhile to talk about the connection of the router. It connects easily. The cable from the kit is connected to the computer and the router. Then we connect the internet cable and network adapter.In the normal version, where to connect a LAN cable and an Internet cable, there is no difference, but in the updated version the connectors have corresponding colors.

d link dap 1155

That's all about the connection.

Firmware update

One more necessary step before setting up the DAP 1155 router is updating the device firmware. This is necessary so that in the future there will be no problems in the work. Also, some users in the reviews reported that without firmware it is not possible to configure exactly the Wi-Fi access point. This problem is observed on both versions of the device, but is treated by a simple flashing.

dap 1155 setup

So, in order to update the firmware, you need to go to the manufacturer's official website and go to the "Downloads" section. After that, you need to select the product prefix from the drop-down menu. In this case, the prefix you need to select DAP. Now you should choose a model - if it is old, then it means 1155, and if the updated version is white, then 1155 / A. On the page that opens, only the inscription "Software Update ..." is of interest. Click there and download the firmware file in BIN format.

d link dap 1155 setup

Now you need to fill the firmware in the router. To do this, in any convenient browser in the address bar we write the address: 192. 168. 0. 1 and press Enter. A page with a login form will open.Login and password in this case are the same - admin. After logging in, the setup wizard will start immediately. Here you need to click Cancel and refuse, because first update the software, and then everything else.

link dap 1155

Now, go to the Maininterface tab and select Firmware in the menu on the left side. Well, then everything is simple. We add the firmware file through a special form and wait until the update procedure is completed. The router will reboot automatically. Here, in general, and ready.


Actually, now you can talk about setting up the D-link DAP 1155. The initial steps are exactly the same as when updating the firmware. In the browser, we write the address 192. 168. 0. 1 and press Enter. Enter the login and password (admin) and close the running Setup Wizard.

d link dap 1155 router

The next step in configuring the DAP 1155 is to configure the access point. To do this, while on the Setup tab, you must select Wireless Setup. In the window that opens, be sure to check the boxes next to Enable Wireless and Enable Auto Channel Scan, if they are suddenly removed. Also here it is possible to specify the network name, select the type and set the password protection in the Security mode section. If you activate it, you will need to come up with a password. Actually, this is all, and it is necessary to click on the button on top Save Settings.

access point d link dap 1155

Now you can proceed to setting up a LAN connection. To do this, select the corresponding menu on the Setup tab. Especially there is nothing to talk about, because the network is configured according to the settings of your provider. After filling in all the required fields, you need to click Save Settings again and wait for the router to restart. If everything is done correctly, the Internet will work on the computer, and the created access point will appear on the Wi-Fi network.

configure dap 1155 router

That's all for setting up the D-link DAP 1155.

Cost of

Today, the cost of a Wi-Fi router (access point) D-link DAP 1155 varies from 650 to 900 rubles, which is quite a bit. The only thing is that the models with the prefix "A", that is, 1155 / A, mostly remained on sale, but if you search well, you can easily find the old model in black.

dap 1155


Reviews of the D-link DAP 1155 router are rather ambiguous, and the opinions of users are very different. Some argue that the device is very good and does not cause any problems during the configuration steps and during operation. Others, on the contrary, note the facts of breakdowns, a complicated setup procedure, a weak signal from the router and constant freezes. Partially, problems can be solved by flashing the router, but, unfortunately, the current model has a lot of factory defects, with which there is nothing to be donecan not. On the updated version of the problems there are much less, but still they are.


D-link DAP 1155 is a pretty good budget Wi-Fi router that can easily provide good coverage in the house and a stable signal. Small dimensions allow you to place the device anywhere, and a pleasant design allows you to fit into any interior. Connection is simple and absolutely everyone can handle it. Setting up a DAP 1155 router is also straightforward. However, judging by the reviews, this model has a lot of factory marriage, which can darken the joy of buying. If you do not want to play the lottery, it will be wiser to look at some other model.

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