Current medical certificate for drivers

A medical certificate for drivers is needed both to start training at a driving school, and for the rights to remain valid.

How can I get help?

This document is issued on the basis of the passage of a special medical commission. It consists of a fairly large number of doctors of various profiles. Among them:

  • surgeon;
  • neuropathologist;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • otorhinolaryngologist;
  • expert in narcology;
  • psychiatrist;
  • gynecologist (for women);
  • therapist.

Medical certificate for drivers

Medical certificate will be issued to the driver only after he has passed each of these specialists. At the same time, all of them should establish the fact that he has no contraindications to the management of transport of certain categories.


At the reception on the passage of the driving commission, the doctor draws attention primarily to the presence of various defects in the patient's limbs. The cause of an unfavorable decision may be their serious pathology, both congenital and acquired.In addition, if a person has an acute surgical disease at the time of the examination, the medical certificate will not be signed by such a doctor either. For drivers it is very important!

Validity of the driver’s medical certificate


In terms of passing the medical commission for driving this doctor is one of the main ones. The fact is that it is precisely for the diseases of his profile that people are often denied the opportunity to manage one or another transport. One of the most common causes of failure in this regard is a disease such as epilepsy. At the same time, the patient with such a disease is prohibited not only to manage any means of transport, but also to work with moving units and work at height.

The term of the driver's medical certificate

The medical certificate for drivers for persons with serious paresis and paralysis of the limbs is not signed. Most often, this condition occurs after spinal injuries or cerebrovascular accidents.


The conclusion of this specialist is of particular importance. The fact is that every driver must have sufficiently sharp eyesight to be able to fully participate in road traffic.It is worth noting that even with not enough good own vision, it is often possible to drive vehicles. The main thing is that it be compensated with the help of various additional technical devices, for example, glasses or contact lenses. If a patient has a visual impairment, then it is likely that he will be ordered to drive only in glasses.


The main role of this specialist during the passage of a driver’s commission by a person is the determination of the severity of his hearing. In the event that there are no problems with this feeling, a medical certificate for drivers is usually signed by the otorhinolaryngologist without any particular problems. In this case, the doctor still examines the ears, throat and nose of everyone who wants to pass a commission to obtain rights. This is necessary for screening for tumor diseases. Also, any acute pathology of the ENT profile is an obstacle to the signing of the driver's commission.

Action medical certificate for drivers


The goal of the gynecologist is, above all, the early detection of diseases of the female reproductive system. Refusal to sign the driver's commission is most often due to the fact that the patient has an acute gynecological profile.Naturally, if any tumor-like formation is found in her, the certificate will not be signed.

Expert in narcology

The current medical certificate of the driver must contain information about whether a person is registered with a narcologist or not. If the patient had absolutely no problems with this specialist before, the driver’s commission will be signed. In cases where a person is registered with a narcologist, he will be denied the right to drive until such time as a full remission is achieved.

Do I need a medical certificate to the driver


If the patient is not registered with a psychiatrist and the doctor does not have any suspicions about the mental health of the person, then the certificate will be signed without any problems. If a person has any mental abnormalities, there can be no question of passing a commission on a driver's license. Only after the diagnosis is cleared, he will be able to gain access to the management of a vehicle.


This specialist is almost the main in the entire medical commission about driving.The fact is that diseases of a therapeutic profile most often become the cause of bans on driving. The most common diagnosis, which is a contraindication to driving, is arterial hypertension of 3 degrees. Even the second degree of this disease can put an end to dreams of a driver's certificate, if a person had at least 6 documented hypertensive crises during the year. Any tumor disease before the oncologist’s consultation is also a reason for prohibiting the signing of a medical certificate.

It should also be remembered that before a visit to the therapist a person must pass tests and undergo special studies. The scope of research depends on the presence or absence of chronic diseases of a therapeutic profile in a patient. If there are deviations in the analyzes, the doctor may order their re-examination or even send them to a specialist for a consultation. After the driver’s medical certificate expires, he will have to re-head to the medical board.

How long is the medical certificate for drivers?

Currently, this document may retain its eligibility from 1 to 5 years. In each case, the secretary of the commission decides for how long to issue a certificate. At the same time, it is based primarily on those conclusions that were provided by specialist doctors who participated in the examination of the patient.

Current medical driver certificate

How to find out when help is needed?

In fact, it is very easy to determine if a driver needs a medical certificate. To do this, just look at the outpatient card. It contains all the information about when the person passed the previous commission and for what period was granted permission to manage the transport of a particular category. It is better not to wait until the term of the driver’s medical certificate comes to an end. It is more correct to begin to go through a new advance, so that there is enough time for possible consultations not only of the commission’s doctors, but also of other narrow specialists, if their help is needed.

Where is better to pass a commission?

Today, it can be passed at the state polyclinic at the place of residence, as well as at various private medical centers that have permission to issue such documentation.In a public institution, you will have to pay about 800-1200 rubles, and in a paid clinic - 1500-2000 rubles. In this case, in the first case, it is necessary to spend from several days to a week on passing the commission. In the private center, everything will be done in 3-4 hours. In this case, the period of validity of the driver’s medical certificate does not depend on where the person passes the commission.

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