Croatian eggs - original tackle

Croatian eggs are not a culinary dish, so called bait for fishing. Sit on the beach with a fishing rod - a favorite pastime of many people. Whole industries work to meet the demand for fishing related goods. New baits and tackles are invented, sometimes very avant-garde, sometimes created in the image and likeness of ancient analogues.


Croatian eggs came up with Branimar Kalinic. He sought to create a bait that could be caught in heavily overgrown ponds. The prototype can be considered a "pig". She was a carved egg-shaped bait. It was equipped with one rather large crochet, and his hook was bent up. A strip of lead was nailed from the bottom with carnations. Tree species were used different, but light, everything depended on local customs.

 catching a croatian egg

Modern designs repeat the design of his "great-grandfather." Material for manufacturing - wood. The load (usually lead) is poured inside the body of the bait.This option was invented by specialists from Bumble Lure (Croatia). In this enterprise, a Croatian egg is made by hand. Bait size:

1. Large:

- name: Jerk J-9;

- weight: 9 grams;

- size: 52 mm.

2. Small:

- name: Jerk J-7;

- weight: 7 grams;

- size: 47 mm.

It can be equipped with one or more hooks. It is made of balsa wood, it is distinguished by durability and excellent buoyancy. The principle of balancing resembles a tumbler-stalk Vanka-vstanka. The body of the pig is covered with durable yacht varnish.

The successful egg-shaped form does not allow the bait to roll up or turn over. Thus, the hook is constantly above the water, avoiding the capture of grass. The front part is directed downwards, this contributes to the formation of waves and noise. In addition, the hook rises above the surface of the water.croatian egg sizes

The colors of the lure can be different, they are selected depending on the season and time of day:

  • it is better to use dark contrast or black at dusk;
  • in the afternoon - poppers under the roach or perch, well suited green shade;
  • For stimulation of pike bites, eggs of gold or orange are used.

Little tricks

Amateur anglers equip the Croatian egg on pike with additional devices. To ensure a good catch, some fishermen hook on a twister hook (imitation under a worm) or a vibrating tail (imitation of a small fish). The purpose of this improvement is to add a little game to the main game of Croatian eggs.croatian egg on pike

In the habitats of various species of predatory fish, they catch in tandem (combination of baits) with a Croatian egg. A great addition would be a twister on a leash. This allows you to catch perch along the way. A rigid and thick fishing line (0.4 mm) 15-20 cm long is chosen for the leash, then there is no overlap of the “locomotive” with the twister.


Croatian egg (bait) can be of two types:

  • Hydroplane. It has a rounded shape, perfect for heavily overgrown water bodies. The word "glider" means "slide." Kuzmin Konstantin Evgenievich, a Russian fisherman, is considered the author of gliding baits.
  • Popper The front part has a slice. This allows the bait to produce a characteristic noise when posting. Such a sound resembles a splash of a fleeing small fish and attracts the attention of predatory fish.This bait is better to use in open water, then its potential will be revealed to the full.


Many craftsmen produce Croatian eggs independently at home. They can be made from cork, a piece of wood or a plastic float of the appropriate shape.croatian egg bait

The manufacturing process itself is simple:

  • with the help of the usual hacksaw, all the extra parts are sawn off in such a way as to give it a barrel shape;
  • in the barrel, a longitudinal section is sawn through to about the middle;
  • Sandpaper paint is removed;
  • a pair of three holes is drilled in the longitudinal cuts, and the egg is shipped with lead;
  • a hook is inserted into the cut and filled with glue, epoxy, cold welding can be used;
  • paint and varnish - the bait is ready.

Fishing gear

Croatian egg fishing is used on ponds heavily overgrown with grass, even where there is no free water mirror. The technique of fishing is very simple: they produce casting and begin to pull the lure. Practically all known types of wiring are used: fast and slow, jerks with pauses, gurgling, escaping and others.Such bait is suitable for catching not only pike, but also other predatory fish.

Advantages and disadvantages

Croatian eggs are firmly established in amateur fishing gear sets. There are reasons for this:

  • it is the most passable lure through shallow water and overgrown reservoirs;
  • the hook does not collect grass, while moving it passes over it and other obstacles;
  • hydroacoustics from the movement of the egg attracts a predator at a great distance;
  • pike after a miss will attack the bait again (in 50% of cases repeated attack follows);
  • attacks of predatory fish almost above the surface of the water will give an unforgettable experience and a powerful adrenaline rush.Croatian eggs

Croatian gear has its own shortcomings:

  • unstable to the bites of predatory fish (but this does not affect its quality);
  • effective bite will be two or three cases out of ten.

Repair eggs is to update the lacquer coating, which is quite possible to do at home. This will protect the gear from being impregnated with water and will allow you to use it for more than one season.

As for not very productive fishing, the feelings experienced at the sight of the predatory fish attacking the bait can not be compared with any catch.Especially since all this happens repeatedly and right on the surface of the water.

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