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Of course, before the beauties, too, was not quite easy. They did multi-tiered hairstyles using coconut flour, whitened their face with cream, and the mascara looked like coal dust into which you had to shop reviewsBut has it become easier over time? After all, now it is not enough for us to simply buy a cosmetic product. I want it to be high-quality, long-playing, persistent, budget, and even natural. Perhaps the best choice would be Organic Shop cosmetics?

Organically. With love

First, buy natural products fashionable. No one is now dismissive of the so-called "grandmother's" recipes of beauty. Young girls diligently knock off gooseberry masks, add burdock oil to hair balm and read into the composition on jars of cream.

Not surprisingly, the only increase in the number of fans of cosmetics "Organic Shop". Reviews characterize this trendy web as trustworthy. Under this name, more than eight dozen brands and 2500 names of products for skin and hair care have been collected. Manufacturers offer their customers products without parabens and petrochemicals.The policy of the trading network is the priority of the composition of cosmetics, its safety and effectiveness.shampoo organic shopThe power of nature itself is filled with Organic Shop products.

Reviews of regular customers

What is the main feature of a quality product? Of course, this is a regular customer! And it should increase from time to time in order for the trading network to have an incentive to develop and improve. No need to be cunning and say that all cosmetics "Organic Shop" reviews receive extremely enthusiastic, but if the product is like, the buyer remains faithful to him for many years.

Therefore, you need to try cosmetics, like a good wine - first “touch” the aromas, then evaluate the quality and see the result. The easiest thing to do with shampoo. Girls with long thick hair recommend firm Organic Organic shampoo with rosemary. It seems to you that the place for this plant is only in the kitchen? Let me argue, because a small addition of this ingredient helps to solve the problem of fat content of the head and rapid contamination of the hair. Each hair after a long use of the product becomes thicker and more solid, and therefore the volume of hair increases, they become soft and thick.Organic Body ShopTo achieve the maximum effect, Organic Organ Shampoo is recommended for use in tandem with hair wax, which is also an excellent styling agent. Apply to the ends of hair means to give them shine and reduce the number of split ends. By the way, if you curl curls when adding wax, the effect persists for two days. At the same time, the choice of shampoos and waxes is truly enormous, because quality and effective products are produced under the “Organic Shop” brand.

Keep a brand

Alas, we only dream of ideal skin, and it’s not about bad habits, although they also contribute to the appearance of early wrinkles, acne and bruises under the eyes. But how to cope with harmful emissions into the atmosphere, heavy admixtures to water and fatty foods? We can only try to smooth out the harm that comes from the environment. In particular, Organic Cream for problematic skin will help.

Many of the girls stubbornly buy products not for their skin type and then complain that rashes appear, the skin dries out and generally doesn’t look like a baby’s ass. And all because most women have a problem combination skin, which requires special care.For nighttime use, it is better to choose a cream with acids, so that the complexion is evened out, the skin tone increases, and the pores are reduced.Organic Shop MasksIn application, organic creams are simple: we are dribbling a remedy onto an emerging pimple, and after a few days the inflammation disappears.

For complex effects

If you want to find the perfect case with cosmetics, then remember that this is not an easy task. But about the shops "Organic Shop" reviews leave mostly good.

Pay attention to the matting creams, which differ in that they are instantly absorbed. Daily means do not make heavier and do not overdry, but only feed. Cream for the eyelids choose for its lightness and weightlessness. Ladies of all ages are happy to come back for the rosewood oil, which performs both cleansing and caring functions. Have you been washing your soap for the last time? Yes, the most ordinary soap! But in the "Organic Shop" you can buy a product prepared on the basis of goat milk. There is a whole series of soap "Secrets of the Empress" with enchanting aromas. There are special seasonal gradations.scrub organic shop

Full cleansing

Once a week or more often, a girl looking after her appearance should do skin cleaning procedures.In winter, they may be deeper, but in the summer there will be enough cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing. For the first stage, a special foam is sufficient, and for the second, take an organic shop scrub, for example from the manufacturer Home Made.cream organic shopThis product is very gentle and delicate in relation to the skin, but it is very effective. Do not rub the scrub, but gently distribute over the entire face to remove dead cells. Rinse and wipe the face with a tonic. Many people choose the means "Rose water", which does not cause allergies.

If there are more serious problems with the skin, for example, dermatitis or allergic rashes, then “Old Doctor” oil will be the actual purchase, minimizing redness in a couple of days. It would be good to use it as a prophylactic agent.

Work for us

Well, when the product is of quality, but even better when the product is promoted by competent specialists. Organic Shop is a brand of a whole chain of stores, where cosmetics are maintained by scientists of the Institute of Ecology and Italian cosmetologists. There are no GMOs, parabens and mineral paraffin oils in the products. Silicone, dyes, preservatives and flavors are not found here either.

By the way, the cosmetics did not receive international certificates, so there is no one hundred percent probability that the product will suit your skin. But in this case, all products are equipped with probes. Every month the stores of the chain organize a day of charity and transfer funds to orphanages. Many girls do not even assume that Organic Shop is a Russian brand. Nevertheless, it is. It is logical to assume that only in our country you can find so many wonderful products to create natural cosmetics. Now it is planned to open more than a hundred stores in Russia and in the CIS countries. A number of beauty salons based on organic cosmetics are already working.cosmetics organic shop

Historical reference

In the not-so-distant 2006, young and active people headed by a certain Andrei Trubnikov, having their own company, went on a journey to organic firms. It turned out that there are many such in the world, but in Russia for some reason they don’t. There was only one step left to create a promising start-up. After consulting with doctors and cosmetologists, the business started. The manufacturer, who united a whole range of cosmetic lines into a single network, took simplicity and naturalness as a basic rule.

In 2010, opened the first two stores in Moscow.The range of products promoted is very wide: a demanding customer can choose exactly what he really needs.

Stars and natural cosmetics

Choosing the means of "Organic Shop" for the body or hair, you are unlikely to think about the fact that exactly the same things can engage the stars of show business. It seems that their skin is perfect, and the eyelashes are curled and painted by nature. This, of course, is not the case, but it is known that many of them follow the naturalness of the cosmetics they buy and are "bought" in organic stores.

For example, Hilary Duff prefers organic lipstick without toxic components, and Julianne Moore chooses organic cosmetics for skin and hair, which explains the blooming appearance of these. Sultry J. Law after the birth of children refused to inorganic means and strongly promotes natural cosmetics. Not lost his manhood Tom Hanks, who resorted to using organic cosmetics to remove the effects of daily makeup. Surely he would have liked the taste of the “Organic Shop” masks, which smell of wild berries, chocolate and vanilla. With his earnings, the price of 150 rubles per pack would seem ridiculously low.

Organic lifestyle

At the end of the topic I would like to note that cosmetics cannot be the answer to all questions. If you are subject to bad habits, lead a sedentary lifestyle and abuse the sweet and oily, then organic cosmetics will not save from skin problems. Turning to natural cosmetics, try to reconsider your rhythm of life. This way of thinking is promoted by Sarah Jessica Parker, whose figure is even desperately envious of teenagers. She takes care of herself, goes in for sports, cares about water saving and chooses natural fabrics. Here it is - a living example of how beauty and fashion go hand in hand with nature and harmony.

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