Cosmetics Clinique: reviews, product range, rating

For many years, the cosmetic company Clinique has launched cosmetics and perfumery products on the world market. The range that is represented by this brand includes a variety of products for skin care of the face, body and hair, as well as a huge selection of decorative cosmetics and perfumes. Millions of women around the world prefer these cosmetics for daily use.

Brand history

Clinique was founded in 1968 by a glossy magazine editor and renowned dermatologist. They believed that good skin could be created, and under such a slogan they began to develop their own cosmetic products. This brand was the first in the world to promote the obligatory presence of a sun-protection factor in cosmetics.

Clinique logo

Cosmetics Clinique incredibly popular and loved by many women around the world. Over the years, it has become one of the most sought-after brands that manufactures prestigious products.To date, the company's product range has expanded, allowing girls and women to select for themselves the best care and decorative products.

The manufacturer develops unique cosmetics that help women to maintain and emphasize their youth and beauty. Decorative cosmetics Clinique perfectly copes with the needs of girls in creating a good makeup every day. All cosmetic and perfume products of the company are checked by the most famous dermatologists from all over the world.

Range of care cosmetics

Over the long years of its existence, this cosmetic company constantly replenishes its range with high-quality and effective means. Cosmetics "Clinics" is one of the leading among all global brands, all thanks to the recognition of millions of women and dermatologists.

The brand presents to girls and women excellent care products for the skin of the face and body, which solve various skin problems. Make-up allows you to easily make an incredible makeup, even for girls who are just beginning to use cosmetics.

The manufacturer has created many cosmetic lines for personal care.The range of cosmetics Clinique presents:

  1. Smart line. It is aimed at caring for aged skin. Products smooth age and mimic wrinkles, tighten the skin and even out the tone. The most popular product of this line, according to women around the world, is a revitalizing serum.
    Clinique Smart
  2. Moisture Surge - line for deep moisturizing the skin. The best product - intensely moisturizing face cream.
  3. Pep-Start is the Clinique line of multifunctional express care. It is aimed at solving a variety of skin problems. The best product, according to reviews of Clinique, Pep-Start Mattifying Moisturizer.
    Clinique surge
  4. Anti-Blemish Solutions - care for problem skin, which is prone to the appearance of imperfections. Gel for washing from this line meets all the needs of customers and is in great demand.
  5. The line of Clinique For Men is aimed at caring for the male skin of the face, many of the stronger sex prefer liquid soap for washing.
Anti-bleshish solutions

Smart Serum

The line is developed by the best dermatologists in the world for the care of aged skin. Products that are in the lineup do an excellent job with all tasks and smooth out wrinkles of different depths.

Serum Smart Clinique - the best product, according to many customers.The manufacturer claims that the components in this product are able to recognize problem areas and act on them. Serum helps to get rid of such problems as pigment spots, age and mimic wrinkles, insufficient moisture and loss of skin tone.

Smart serum

Reviews of Clinique show that women who have tried this product, noticed that the skin is transformed after several applications, and the effect of serum has a cumulative effect. After prolonged use, the skin becomes more elastic and smooth. Buyers also note a convenient product vial that allows you to get a serum using a dispenser, which makes use of hygienic.

The texture of the serum allows it to be easily and quickly distributed over the skin without leaving any traces. After soaking up the product, you can immediately begin applying decorative cosmetics. Women claim that it is excellent as a base for foundation and gives the skin a radiance that improves the appearance of the skin.

Moisture Surge Cream

This product is in a leading position in the cosmetic rating of Clinique. It is highly appreciated by girls and women who need intensive moisturizing of their skin.The assortment of the line is a moisturizing gel, but it is worse to cope with dry skin.

Clinique moisture

Clinique Moisturizer has a rather light texture that absorbs quickly into the skin and can be used at any time of the day. It is suitable for dry and very dry skin, as well as for the combination, which is prone to dryness. The cream can be applied before using the foundation or at bedtime, but with a thicker layer to achieve maximum hydration.

Reviews of Clinique say that the cream has a completely fat-free formula that does not grease the skin of the face and does not cause the appearance of oily sheen. It does not leave a feeling of stickiness or film on the face. After long-term use, customers note that the complexion becomes smoother, the peeling disappears and the skin looks more radiant.

Pep-Start Mattifying Moisturizer

Any type of skin needs good moisturizing and dermatologists of the Clinique brand have developed a cream that will moisturize and matte at the same time. The manufacturer promises good moisturizing, matting, the ability to use as a base for makeup and a noticeable smoothing effect.

Cream Clinique has a pleasant texture that is instantly absorbed and smoothes out the existing flakings. It mattes the T-zone well, but not completely, but leaves a slight radiance effect. Before using the foundation, a small amount of cream should be applied, because it promotes a good distribution of the most dense tonal bases.

Clinique HydroBlur

In the reviews of Clinique, women note that the cream contains in its composition a huge number of useful components that perfectly care for the skin. After use, it becomes moisturized, peeling smoothes, enlarged pores are narrowed and a “photoshop” effect is created on the face.

This tool is included in the ranking of Clinique as the best moisturizer for oily and combination skin. It perfectly combines components that help the skin to be hydrated and stay dull for a long time.

Gel for washing Anti-Blemish Solutions

Problem skin is prone to constant irritation and the appearance of imperfections, especially in cases where care is chosen incorrectly. The gel for washing developed by dermatologists of the cosmetic company Clinique is aimed at comprehensive care to meet the needs of problem skin.

Gel Clinique

By texture, it is quite liquid and quickly forms a sufficient amount of foam to cleanse the skin. The tool contributes to the local drying of imperfections without draining the entire skin of the face. After washing the gel does not form the effect of tightness, and the skin does not become irritated. It perfectly removes everyday makeup, but the manufacturer recommends the use of micellar water.

The Clinique line for problem skin is designed in such a way that it can be used by girls with even the most sensitive and irritating skin. The gel is quite economical, and with daily use it lasts for 6-7 months.

Facial Soap For Men

Cosmetic company that is in demand all over the world, has released a line of products for men. The range includes such Clinique products: products for and after shaving, as well as caring cosmetics for men's skin.

Clinique Face Wash

Liquid soap for washing company Clinique presented in a 3-step system, which is designed specifically to meet the needs of men's skin. The soap for washing is aimed at effective cleansing without feeling of tightness and discomfort.This product of the Clinique For Men line is suitable for both dry and oily problem cover.

A small amount is necessary for washing to form a large mass of cleansing foam. The manufacturer claims that the product not only cleans the skin, but also prepares it for the shaving process by softening the skin and bristles. Men all over the world give a high rating to this product, prefer it to him when choosing caring cosmetics.

The range of decorative cosmetics

Reviews of Clinique show that cosmetics of a world brand are in special demand among buyers and makeup artists. No girl and woman around the world can do without makeup in everyday life. Cosmetics developed by the best dermatologists from around the world to ensure that daily use is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Make-up constantly in contact with the skin, so it is important that it does not clog pores, does not provoke inflammation and imperfections. Among the huge range of products, reviews of Clinique allow us to highlight the best. Here is a small rating:

  1. Tonal framework Even Better Glow.
  2. High Impact Mascara.
  3. Loose powder Blended Powder and Brush.
  4. Lipstick Pop Lip Color and Primer.
  5. Lipstick Long Last Soft Matte.

Tonal framework Even Better Glow

Clinique foundationwith a shiny finish, it is aimed at leveling the skin tone. A rather large palette of shades allows girls and women to easily choose the right tone for any skin color.

The texture of the cream is liquid, easily distributed in any convenient way and allows you to control the degree of coverage on the skin. It does not create a mask effect on the face and is completely invisible to others. A large number of caring ingredients in the Clinique foundation allows the skin to be moisturized throughout the day, and peeling is smoothed after application.

Reflective particles in its composition create an incredibly beautiful effect of radiance on the skin, hide traces of fatigue and redness. With it, the skin looks healthy and rested. It is absolutely not fat, and throughout the day there is no need to apply powder. Reviews of Clinique prove that this is one of the best tonal means among the entire range of cosmetic companies.

High Impact Mascara

This mascara has long been a sales hit among the brand's decorative cosmetics. It is a multifunctional product that perfectly copes with daily tasks when creating a natural eye makeup.When applied in several layers, Clinique mascara gives the eyelashes an incredible volume and lengthening.

Clinique mascara

A great achievement of the manufacturer - the composition, which is a huge amount of caring components. They not only moisturize and strengthen eyelashes, but also allow the product to be easily distributed over the entire length. Reviews of Clinique show that a good brush helps to get a good volume and separation of eyelashes. It is made from a variety of densely planted natural villi, which easily distribute mascara and comb through eyelashes.

A small flaw in this mascara is the lack of moisture resistance, but this does not reduce the love of customers for it. She can often be found in world-famous makeup artists, because she fulfills all the promises made by the manufacturer.

Blended Powder and Brush Loose Powder

Manufacturers of cosmetics "Clinics" released loose powder complete with a brush. Such a novelty was immediately appreciated by customers and it became incredibly popular.

Clinique Powder

Powder is necessary to fix the makeup, it creates an additional effect of "beautiful" skin, and also suits any type. The product smoothes wrinkles and hides pores.Reviews of Clinique say that it has a light, almost weightless texture, which is not felt on the face throughout the day. Powder perfectly mattes the skin, prevents excessive secretion of sebum and prolongs the durability of foundation.

The brush is in a special tube that prevents villus contamination and allows you to carry it with you in your purse. She has densely stuffed villi of medium hardness, which do an excellent job with applying a thin layer of powder. When adding a product to the tonal basis, it perfectly fixes the tone and hides the flaws on the face. You can apply the powder from Clinique as a standalone product, but it will not give a visible result, it will only tone out a little and give the skin a matte finish.

Lipstick Pop Lip Color and Primer

Decorative cosmetics of this brand incorporates a multitude of caring components. Clinique lipstick was created so that girls do not need to apply a colorless lip balm as a primer. It gives lips not only a beautiful shade, but moisture, which is felt throughout the day.

Clinique Lip Pop

Lipstick attracts not only loud promises of the manufacturer, but also beautiful packaging design.No girl passes by such a bottle. She has a uniform creamy texture, which is easy to lay on the lips and is well distributed over them. A large amount of pigment in the composition makes the color very bright and beautiful, and lipstick completely covers the natural shade of the lips.

Girls in the reviews of Clinique claim that after applying lipstick, all the existing peeling and unevenness are smoothed on the lips. It is rather persistent, but disappears after a cup of coffee or a meal. With daily use, lipstick does not dry lips and does not cause discomfort. You can remove it with a cloth or any makeup remover. A huge palette of shades allows girls to easily find the desired color.

Lipstick Long Last Soft Matte

This Clinique product is presented by manufacturers as a persistent moisturizing matte lipstick in stick. Girls and women prefer it because this quality product cares for lips and does not provoke dryness and peeling.

Clinique matte

Lipstick cream in texture and perfectly applied to the lips. It covers the natural shade well and completely paints the surface without bald spots.The composition includes Shea butter, which moisturizes the lips throughout the day and smooths the peeling on them. Lipstick does not spread into folds and does not cause discomfort, it is practically not felt on the lips.

Reviews of Clinique argue that lipstick does not require the use of a contour pencil and an additional base on the lips. Shades, which are presented in the package, do not differ on the lips, which attracts the majority of customers. The tool is quite resistant and will not disappear after drinking a cup of coffee. Clinique lipstick can be removed from the lips with micellar water or makeup remover.

Gift Baskets

Cosmetic company Clinique produces a large number of gift sets, which include several cosmetic and caring products. When buying Clinique gift sets, the price is much lower than buying cosmetics individually.

In the assortment there are many sets of both decorative and beauty cosmetics. They allow buyers to save money and try more products. The manufacturer has created kits for women and men who are great as a gift to their beloved chosen one with care for his / her beauty.

The most popular Clinique set is the Discovery Box for dry and combination skin, which includes: liquid soap for the face, exfoliating and moisturizing lotions, intensely moisturizing gel, lipstick, mascara and makeup remover. The cost of such a set is obtained several times lower than with the purchase of each product included in it. The range of cosmetics includes the same set, only with products for oily and combination skin.

In the Clinique gift sets you can find both full-size versions of the products and miniatures. Thus, they allow you to test several products at the same time and understand whether these products are suitable for a particular skin type or not.

In the spring and summer, an excellent option for buying a gift set of this brand will be "Weekend outside the city". These are products that help the skin to stay healthy and beautiful, protect it from harmful sun exposure. Reviews of Clinique show that this set perfectly replaces the huge amount of cosmetics that girls take with them on trips. The kit includes: a weekly facial skin care system with vitamin C, which moisturizes the skin, nourishes it with beneficial components and protects it from the sun's rays; High Impact mascara and travel cosmetics.

The Clinique Happy set for men was created so that girls, when choosing a gift for their loved one, acquired really suitable means. The fragrance, which is in the set, emphasizes the masculinity of each young man and his self-confidence. Perfume men like absolutely all age limits and social status.

The set includes: Clinique Happy For Men perfume with a volume of 100 ml, hair and body wash gel with the scent of this perfume and after shave balm, which perfectly nourishes the skin and prevents irritation.


Cosmetic company Clinique has gained immense popularity and recognition of all women and men around the world. The products that this brand produces are chosen not only by ordinary customers, but also by cosmetologists, as well as world-famous makeup artists. The quality of Clinique cosmetics is quite high and meets all the needs of modern buyers. It does not cause allergic reactions, suitable for almost everyone.

The components that make up the products are long and carefully selected by the best dermatologists, taking into account the needs of different types of skin. Cosmetics can be easily purchased at many chain stores, as well as on the official website of the company.Buyers note that the cost of products is fully consistent with their quality, and interesting gift sets save money. Everyone has a unique opportunity to test a greater amount of cosmetics at an optimal cost.

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