Setting up the modem "Megaphone 4G"

As part of this material, the algorithm for setting up the “Megaphone” modem with 4G technology will be considered in stages. There will also be considered the main technical specifications of this mobile device. Well, in addition to this, practical recommendations will be given on its use.

setup modem megaphone 4g

Completion network solution. Possible cases of its use

What is the typical delivery list for the network device considered in this review? The cellular operator included the following in it:

  1. Modem with LTE technology.
  2. Warranty card.
  3. Extended user manual in paper. In it, by the way, setting up the modem of "Megaphone" 4G of this model is described in detail.

The first question that arises relative to the previously listed list is the lack of a disk with specialized software in it. Now manufacturers integrate a memory chip inside such a device, and the software necessary for setting up such a solution is recorded on it.In some cases, the delivery list is supplemented with a starting package of the cellular operator. It is in this form that this device is best purchased for the reason that the newly-made owner immediately receives a number of bonuses.

Such a point of access to the Global Web is best used in the following cases:

  1. When connecting a PC to the Internet.
  2. In the case of switching stationary router to the Global Web using modern cellular networks.
megaphone modem router setup

Modem settings

Setting up the “Megaphone” modem of this model allows you to get an access point to the Global Web with the following technical specifications:

  1. Full support for 2G / 3G / 4G cellular networks.
  2. The highest data exchange rate with the Internet is 150 Mbit / s.
  3. There is a jack to which you can connect a special antenna.
  4. Communication interface connecting to a PC or a router - USB.

Setup as part of a laptop or PC system unit

First of all, it should be noted that if there is a 4G connection, there will be a very, very high speed of the Internet. Setting up a “Megaphone” modem, if installed on a laptop or a stationary personal computer, includes the following steps:

  1. Remove the access point from the package.
  2. We take out a special slot into which we then install the USIM card of Megafon. Then return it back.
  3. After that, it is necessary to remove the protective cap from the USB-connector. Next, install the free connector into the port of the personal computer.
  4. Then you need to wait until the device auto-initialization procedure starts. At the first stage, the installation of the MegaFonInternet software will start. Following the instructions of the wizard, we install it.
  5. The next step is to install modem drivers. It will start automatically after the installation of proprietary software. As in the previous case, follow the instructions of the wizard and install the driver.
  6. Further, it is recommended to exit the setup menu and restart the computing system.
  7. Now we run the previously installed software MegaFonInternet and wait for the definition of the modem.
  8. Then simply press the “Connect” button, and after the connection is established, you can already go to the Internet.
setup modem megaphone internet

Connect and configure the router

You can also connect directly to the “Megaphone” modem to the network router. Setting up the router in this case includes the following steps:

1.We check the conformity of the modem and router. Also, the latter should have a free USB-port.

2. Install the mobile operator card and remove the cap from the modem. Then it is installed in the slot of the router.

3. Reboot the network solution. After that, as a rule, the installation will occur automatically.

4. If the setup without user intervention did not work out, then you need to go to the router setup menu and set such parameters on the “3G / 4G - connection” tab:

  • The name of the access point is internet.
  • Auto dial number - * 99 #.
  • Username and, of course, the password - do not specify.
  • Connection name - set at its discretion.
  • Set the flag of automatic dialing.

5. Save the parameters and exit the menu.

6. Reboot the access point again, and after that everything should work.

configure usb modem megaphone

Cost Tariff Plans

A fairly simple operation is to set up a “Megaphone” modem labeled 4G. And both in the first and in the second case. The cost of such a simple device together with a prepaid promotional tariff package is 2590 rubles. This amount also includes 30 GB of daily traffic and unlimited amount of information at night from 1:00 to 6:59. But these preferential terms are valid for 14 days.After that, the tariff is automatically changed to “Internet L”, which includes 36 GB per month for a fixed fee of 890 rubles. In any case, the specified limit of 36 GB should be enough for the average user. Otherwise, you need to choose a more expensive tariff with a large number of gigabytes.

User Reviews

The considered modification of the modem has the following advantages based on the feedback from the owners:

  1. Simply superior technical specifications.
  2. The easiest way to configure a USB-modem “Megaphone”.
  3. Affordable cost.
  4. Ability to install an external antenna.

The disadvantages of this device are:

  1. Strict binding only to the equipment of one operator. Of course, you can try to reflash the modem and unlock it in order for it to work with the cellular networks of third-party companies. But in this case it will be more correct to immediately overpay and purchase the appropriate router without being tied to an operator.
  2. The need to use only USIM-cards in order to use all the features of this communication equipment.But, again, this is the standard problem of any device with LTE support. Therefore, when buying a new starter pack, it is imperative to pay attention to the corresponding labels on it.
megaphone modem setup


As part of this material, not only the setting up of the “Megaphone” modem with full support for 4G / LTE wireless technology was considered, but also its technical characteristics, current cost and recommendations on its possible applications were given. All this information in the complex will allow the potential owner to decide how much his device satisfies his requirements and demands. As a result, it can be noted that this solution has excellent technical specifications, a democratic price tag and the simplest setup procedure. Therefore, such a modem is great for both home use and office use.

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