Codpiece - what is it? Historical facts

The evolution of trousers as one of the main items of men's clothing is an interesting and long process. At one of the stages of modification, the obligatory attribute of the wardrobe of a strong half of humanity acquired an important detail - a codpiece. Several centuries ago, the item of clothing described was considered an ornament and reflected the masculinity of its owner.

Codpiece - what is it today? Comfortable, useful thing, which has found application not only in men's but also women's trousers. This is a zipper that follows a button and provides a confident fixation of the waistband of the pants at the waist.

Codpiece. History of origin

The first products of this kind appeared at a time when men's pants were a pair of stockings without a seam in the middle. The genitals remained uncovered and were put on public display. This option did not suit users for aesthetic and operational reasons. The solution to the existing problem was found in the consignment note for the genital area. Such a simple fixture was fastened at the waist with laces.

codpiece what is it

Codpiece - what is it? This tells the Dutch linguists. In their native language, the word means a special pocket on the pants for the penis. His role was clear - to keep close to the body, to cover and decorate manhood.

Had a flashback and secondary importance. By the pocket, fastened to the belt, it was possible to estimate the size of the penis. For many ladies, a piece of clothing was a measure of a man’s love for them. If this area of ​​the pants was sticking out (the member was excited), it means that the feelings of the admirer were sincere.

Codpiece evolution

Who knew for sure what a codpiece is, it is the English king Henry VII. In the collection of the ruler there were many items of clothing of different sizes and styles. Particularly proud of the monarch inlaid with precious stones and quilted model. All of them emphasized the impressive size of the dignity with which nature rewarded him.

codpiece on pants

The subjects took the example of the king. Gulphica artisans and farmers were less expensive, but effectively emphasized the penis and visually increased its size.

Codpiece in knight armor

There was a place cap and knight ammunition.Rescuing a reproductive organ from an enemy strike was vital. Initially, the men's codpiece had the appearance of a metal bag and was made on the principle of chain mail. Later he was forged from a solid metal sheet and was called “tapule” - “shameless capsule” in German. At the end of the era, the element of protection was transformed into an iron cap attached to the armor with special rivets. In order to attract the attention of the ladies, the knights decorated the metal tip with carvings and jewels.

male fly

The times far from the wars of men tried to add to the size of the sexual organ a couple of extra centimeters. Codpiece - what is it for them? The way of self-realization, increasing self-esteem. In shape and size, such products resembled an erect member.

Resourceful men used the trouser attribute and as a pocket. The void inside was filled with money and jewels.

In the XVIII century the codpiece on the pants has changed. The breeches that were popular at the time were equipped with a wide button-closure flap.

Modern ideas about men's pants

In the 21st century, modesty and convenience of daily use are valued.Today, the role of the codpiece took on the sewn strip of fabric in the very center of the trousers. Special linings in the form of a dense piece of material are used by representatives of the world of active sports - hockey players, etc.

female fly

In jeans or trousers, it is fastened with buttons or a zipper; in shorts, its function is performed by an elastic insert that supports the genitals.

Recommendations for creating one of the most important details of trousers

Today the codpiece lightning is a permanent attribute of clothing. This is its central part, always attracting attention. It is important that the clasp looks beautiful and neat, and at the crucial moment it did not happen to have an incident in the form of a jammed turn.

It may seem that to sew a zipper in his pants - it is difficult. But in the process of sewing it will become clear, this process will be fully accomplished even by a seamstress without a specialized education.

First you need to apply the pattern of the future garment on a transparent film. Apply the latter to the fabric and separate the main elements of the future trousers.

codpiece processing

From the pattern, transfer the center line line. You should get two symmetrical parts - for the left and right leg. Prepare the right part, glue interlining or dublerinom a place where lightning will be attached. The center line of the codpiece is marked on each of the parts of the trousers with chalk, soap or pencil.Flush with a thread of a contrasting color.

In work on the creation of the modern form of the codpiece

Sew the middle seam to the point of the beginning of the future fastener. Carefully iron. On the right leg, the previously glued codpiece is folded to the wrong side along the prosetted line, ironed. On the left side, the same piece of fabric is cut off, leaving 1.5–2 centimeters of allowance from the prometanized center line. Fold the flywheel, departing from the marked line 4 millimeters, wrap the rest on the wrong side. Smooth. Tack or pin with needles a zipper to the edge of the fold.

How to sew a codpiece so that it looks beautiful in a closed form? Between the retainer on the fastener and the place where the stock begins, there must be a distance of 3 millimeters.

How to perform a cut?

Cut a section 2 cm longer than the fly from the main piece of fabric, not counting the allowances. Fold in half, stitch the lower slice on the typewriter and trim the stock. There should be 5 mm of loose tissue. Use scissors to leave a row of notches. Such a manipulation allows the inverted slope not to puff up below. To iron To sweep to the left side of the leg, putting under the zipper. Now the needles can be removed.

Sewing machine operations

The codpiece processing is carried out close to the edge; a special foot for sewing zippers is used for this. Both parts of the fastener dock as closely as it should appear on the finished product. Prick or pinch in contrasting color threads. Turn inside out, sew the second part of the zipper on the glued right side of the codpiece. Sew on a typewriter in maximum proximity to the links.

how to sew a codpiece

It will become noticeable that the lightning at the top will not fall flat, it will move 3 millimeters to the side. Leveling is not necessary, when closing it will not "pull".

On the front side, tack on a decorative fly line. Depending on the model of trousers, you can leave a sharp seam angle or round off.

Sew on the side of the fold of the buckle at a distance of 1 mm from the edge. For reliability, it is recommended to sew stitching into the stitch twice. Trim the zipper on the wrong side to hide it in the allowances of the slope. Zigzag or overlock cuts.

The woman's codpiece is sewn according to a similar principle for classic trousers, jeans, and some models of skirts. Today, women use it on a par with men, not thinking about the true purpose and a centuries-old fascinating history.

On the way of its formation, the central part of the pants has undergone many changes. From a modest bag on a thread and a metal cap with jewels to a neat piece of fabric with an invisible zipper. The original purpose of the codpiece remained unchanged - reliable protection of the genitals.

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